Fall Guys Update 1.28 Patch Notes | Season 5.FUN

Mediatonic just revealed they have releasing Fall Guys Update 1.28 today and here are the complete list of patch notes for you. This patch is being called “Season 5.FUN” because it brings several new updates to the game, just like a mid-season update. However, we are no where near the middle of the season, hence, the fun new update name for this patch.

The developers have just pushed out this Fall Guys Update 1.28 and you should be able to download and install it in a couple of hours – as it goes live in all the regions. Everything you need to know regarding this patch will be added in the release notes below.

Fall Guys Update 1.28 Patch Notes

Unfortunately, the full list of official patch notes are not yet available for the Fall Guys Update 1.28. However, there are have been several early reports from those who are in the game with a list of changes and updates included in this release.

Once the release notes are made available online by the developers, we will add them here as soon as possible. So make sure you check back in a few hours time!

We’re dropping an update today

It’s very similar to previous mid-season updates…

But obviously it’s not the middle of the Season yet…

So instead of 5.5…

This one is called 5 . fun

The FUN is compulsory

Please, have fun 🥺👉👈

Or pay the fines


UPDATE: Official Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Fall Guys Update 1.28 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

+ New Round! Introduing ‘Sum Fruit’ – a new logic Round! We’ll post a video soon

+ Round variations – We’ve added variations to lots of existing rounds, including plenty into our Season 1 Rounds

Variations include:

  • Fall Mountain – Anti-gravity zones and flippers added
  • Gate Crash and Door Dash – Numerous conveyor belts and obstacles added
  • Slime Climb – Expanding balloons added to ending sequence
  • Bubble Trouble – Look out for KING FROGUS!
  • Treetop Tumble – Get super floaty with an anti-gravity variant
  • Door Dash – New ending variant with water and expanding balloons
  • Loads more!

Fixes and improvements Beetle

[Hoarders] Fall Guys will no longer be knocked down by the balls

[Lost Temple] Improvements to issues grabbing crown

[Royal Fumble] Fixed exploit with invisible wall

[Costumes] Improvements to clipping around waist on various costumes

[Menus] Newsfeed no longer pops-up with already-viewed messages

[Menus] Fixed blank Show Selector if a new show is added while player is in-game

[Lost Temple] Fixed Fall Guy clipping through checkerboard floor

[Lily Leapers] Fixed some instances of players falling through the platforms

[Rhino Rampage] Various improvements to rhino behaviour

[Settings – Audio] Reset button added to Audio Options

[Fall Guy] Improved Fall Guy’s recovery time to a standing position after diving on a conveyor belt

[Squads] Nameplates will now display in correct order on victory screen

[Rounds] Various improvements to textures on PS4

[In-Game UI] Fixed 3-second black screen after exiting during the loading screen of an in-progress game

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Mediatonic

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