How to Fix Far Cry 6 FPS Issues: Lag and Stutters

Far Cry 6 has just dropped, leaving players complaining about terrible optimization in the game. Lags and stutters are a common forte for modern games like Far Cry 6, making the game exasperating to play. We have already covered the best graphics settings for Far Cry 6 that we thunk should work for most players. However, if you are still facing lag and FPS issues with the game, try changing the following given game settings.

Such issues however are mostly curable by adjusting some of the game’s settings according to your system and compromising on visual features for a bump in FPS. Adjusting these settings can be a tricky job to undertake as most players are unknown of the effects of a setting on your game’s performance.

Fix Far Cry 6 FPS Issues & Lag

Far Cry 6 has stepped up its game by introducing Ray Tracing for shadows and reflections which has consequently cost us valuable Frame Rates. Although the developers did try to cushion the blow by adding AMD’s FSR, however, it still doesn’t compensate for the low FPS. If you’re one of such players, you might need to tweak some in-game and system settings in order to enjoy a smooth Far Cry 6 experience.

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Best In-Game Settings for High FPS

The settings we have compiled affect your Frame Rates the most, making sure that you enjoy smooth gameplay along with some beautiful Far Cry 6 sunsets.

  • Texture Filtering: High
    • Apart from what most people think, cranking up this setting doesn’t provide any distinct rise in performance, delivering only an addition of 2 FPS when set on Medium.
  • Shadows: Medium
    • This is one of the most demanding settings available in the game and tests have shown that reducing shadows allows a performance boost of upto 10%. Try out the Low option incase of low Frame Rates.
  • Geometry Vegetation: Medium
    • The game featured alot of greenery and trees, so lowering these settings will take away a fair chunk of quality. However, it’s also noted that these settings provide a performance boost of upto 15%.
  • Environment: High
    • Contrary to popular belief, this setting doesn’nt provide any prominent boost in Frame Rates so it’s better to keep it maxed out to retain some visual flare.
  • Water: Low
    • Setting it to Low makes the water effects extremely unrealistic however it does make a noticable improvement in performance.
  • Terrain: Low
    • Option for the Low option guarantees a performance boost of about 5%. However, cranking it up isn’t as taxing as one would believe.
  • Volumetric Fog: High
    • Despite what people think, cranking this setting up has a nominal effect on the game’s performance.
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA
    • Although many preffer this to be set to either SMAA or Off but the visual cost in our opinion is far too greater than the performance boost.

Here are some visual samples according to these settings:

Far cry 6 medium settings sample

Apart from these basic settings, we would also advise you to not use the new Ray Tracing feature as it sucks about 15-20 Frame Rates in the game.

We would also recommend using Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) along with FSR which will help clear out any negative effects of setting Anti-Aliasing to TAA. FSR basically upsizes lower resolution images to a higher quality, improving the overall visual aspect of the game, all while keeping FPS intact.

These are the basic settings providing you a distinct rise in frame rates without taking away the gorgeous sunsets of Far Cry 6. Are you facing any bugs while running Far Cry 6? Tell us in the comments below!

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