Football Manager 2021 Mobile for Android and iOS Released

Football Manager 2021 Mobile released for android and iOS

Did you ever dream of managing a football team of your own and taking home the trophies? Well, here’s some great news for you. Football Manager 2021 Mobile has been released by SEGA for both Android and iOS platforms. No other manager game would offer all the experience and features Football Manager 2021 Mobile offers.

It has a ton of new stuff which you won’t find elsewhere. You can lead your team to glory with your tactics, strategy and training. You’ll see your tactics and preparations being unfold on the pitch right in front of you. Let’s take a brief look at all the mechanics on which the game works.

Many Official Leagues and Teams Available

Football Manager 2021 Mobile official leagues and teams

When we say there are many leagues and teams to choose from in the game, we mean there are a whooping 60 leagues from a total of 24 football playing nations around the world. You can literally manage the Premier League champions Liverpool, or an underdog like Wolverhampton Wanderers. It’s all up to you.

From world’s top players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, to prodigies including Kylian Mbappe, Ansu Fati or Erling Haaland, you can manage them all. Doesn’t that sound excititng?

Three New Nations

Not interested in the English Premier League and La Liga? Not wanting to manage a team from Italy or France? Well, how about a club from Mexico, Argentina or Canada? The football leagues of these three nations have been officially added in the game to make it more diverse and interesting.

Tactical Advancements

Football Manager 2021 Mobile tactics and strategies

New and fresh tactical templates have been introduced in the game. You can now make your strategy on the new tactical boards and see your team perform according to that in the matches. Not only that, you can also assign roles to new players and improve the set-piece options to take your team above everyone else.

Improved Team Chemistry

Football Manager 2021 Mobile team chemistry

The new dynamics system of Football Manager 2021 Mobile will let you know even the small details about the team, and will help out a lot in improving the team chemistry. You will be having a direct contact link with the Captain of the team to make your messages more clear in the dressing room.

Motivate your Team to Victory

Everyone needs motivation, so does the players of your team. Encourage your team throughout the games to make them play more passionately. Keep in mind, you will be dealing with the media and stuff after reaching the top. Everything matters, choose your words wisely.

Feeder Clubs

FM Feeder clubs

A great manager turns a good player into a great one, and a great one into a world beater. Guarantee your prodigies that they will get some playtime in the first team. For that however, you will have to set up your own Feeder clubs. With that, you can keep in check the overall performance and the progress your young guns make throughout the season.

Pre-Season Preparations

FM pre-season friendlies

A team needs practice before stepping up in the official leagues. A much needed feature has been added into the game which allows you to arrange some friendlies for your club to practice before the actual tournament begins. You will be able to see where your team stands in terms of the competition and if you need to make any changes to the team or your tactics.

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If you are looking for a Football manager game, then the Football Manager 2021 Mobile is the number one choice right now. It’s smooth, user friendly, advanced and offers a lot to the table. Start playing and you will be addicted to the game. So what are you waiting for? Lead your team to victory!

You can purchase the Football Manager 2021 Mobile from Google Play Store for $8.99 USD.

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