God Of War PC Save File Location (Steam Cloud)

God Of War is releasing on PC (Steam) and as a single-player game, finding its save file can be extremely helpful if you want to back it up or send it off to a friend. In any case, since it’s a Steam game, you’ll be able to find the save game quite easily with little to no effort.

While the developers have not confirmed how unlocked the saves might be, we are anticipating that you’ll be able to download a 100% completed save game file or send your progress to a friend and will be able to use them interchangeably. This might also help make sure you don’t lose precious data if you were having performance issues with the game.

Where is God of War PC Save File Location?

God of War PC will be following the same nomenclature and overall way of saving as the recently released Steam Cloud Save game, Monster Hunter Rise. You won’t be able to find the save file in App Data or My Documents as the saves are also backed up to Steam’s servers as well.

With that said, here’s how you can access the save file.

C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\Saved Games\God of War\NUMBERS

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100% Completed Save Game File

Sadly, we don’t have the completed 100% save game file for the game just yet. However, we’ll be updating this space as soon as we get our hands on them. As we play the game, we might even upload the partial save files for you to pick up the game from which ever stage you want to.

Do let us know in the comments below if you want us to upload the save game file.

Were you able to find the save file location for God of War PC? If for any reason you run into any problems or are not able to locate the exact directory for the save files – drop us a comment and we will try to help you out.

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  1. If u could upload a save after beating the bridge of the damned guard id love u long time cuz my game just crashed there and wiped my progress >:(

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