Neverwinter Update 9.73 Patch Notes

Cryptic Studios has just announced Update 9.73 for Neverwinter and we have prepared the complete patch notes for you. This update resolves some of the known issues such as character art visuals and items.

If you have been looking for the patch notes of Neverwinter Update 9.73, you’ve come to the right place. The update has been rolled out on all supported platforms and players can get it downloaded on their preferred platforms. Unfortunately, the size of the update is still unknown but we will post them as soon as we find out.

Neverwinter Patch Notes: Update 9.73

Here are the official patch notes for Neverwinter Update 9.73, available on all supported platforms:


  • Due to an issue where Artifact Modifications were reset, players who logged in to Neverwinter before December 16, 2021 can claim 220 Augment Cubes, once per account, from the Reward Claims Agent. This will be available until March 7th, 2022.

Known Issues – Resolved

Character Art Visuals

  • Serene Boots of the Dragon Hunter, on female characters, no longer partially override the Trousers visuals.
  • The new seal armor is now visible on characters of all races and genders.


  • The Lich companion from the Skeletal Lockbox can now properly be added to the player’s companions list when the player has an Invisible Stalker companion.
  • The Repurposed Phylactery artifact can now properly be equipped while the Jewel of the North artifact is equipped.

Refinement and Enchantments

  • Butterfly Bilethorn Enchantment no longer continuously plays audio instead of just playing audio when initially equipped.
    • Note: Testing on this fix is inconclusive, so please let us know if this continues for you.
  • Enchantments can now properly be equipped when dragging them on top of existing enchantments.
  • Stacks of enchantments can no longer incorrectly be equipped on the same slot. (This would not provide additional stats, but would effectively hide the stacked enchantments.)
    • Any enchantment stacks currently equipped this way will be added back to the inventory once this update is released.

Known Issues – Remaining

Character Art Visuals

  • Ancient Scalebreaker’s Barbute is incorrectly invisible on male dragonborn characters.

Refinement and Enchantments

  • The new enchantments currently cannot be donated to the Gems category of the Stronghold Coffer. While this is correct for reclaimable versions of these enchantments, we plan to allow donation of enchantments earned through gameplay or purchase.

Combat and Powers


  • The Lich companion’s player bonus, Undying Overlord, now properly reduces incoming damage.

Items and Economy

Dungeon Keys

  • Old dungeon keys can now be exchanged in bulk for Skeleton Keys.

User Interface


  • Item comparison tooltips no longer incorrectly appear while viewing enchantment tooltips.


  • Random Queues no longer occasionally show an incorrect seal icon.

Refinement -> Item Upgrade

  • The Mote slot now has a tooltip when empty, which includes current ways to acquire Motes.
    • Known issue: This tooltip has not yet been localized.
  • Various minor cosmetic improvements have been added to the item upgrading UI.


  • Attempting to sell an equippable item that your character can’t equip, by double-clicking from the inventory while at a merchant, now properly sells the item.



  • Several unlocalized or outdated lines of text have been addressed.

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