SnowRunner Update 1.22 Patch Notes | Season 4: New Frontiers

Focus Home Interactive had pushed out SnowRunner Update 1.22 yesterday on May 18 and we have the full list of patch notes for those who want to read. This update is all about the game launching on Steam along with Season 4 content called New Frontiers. Season 4 DLC brings over so many new features like the a new region called Amur Oblast with 4 new maps.

We do not have a file size of this SnowRunner Update 1.22 yet, but will update this post once we do. For now, you can now download and install this patch live on all your platforms.

SnowRunner Update 1.22 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the SnowRunner Update 1.22 that is now rolling out to all supported platforms:

New Content
[DLC] New Region Amur Oblast with 4 maps in it:

  • Urska River
  • Cosmodrome
  • Northern Aegis Installation
  • Chernokamensk

[DLC] New trucks:

  • ZiKZ 605-R
  • Khan 317 Sentinel

[DLC] New skins for:

  • ZiKZ 5368
  • TUZ 420 “Tatarin”
  • Azov 64131

New trials:

  • Escape from Tretyakov
  • The Slope
  • Tumannaya Pass
  • Aftermath

5 new hood ornaments

New game mode: Hard mode

  • Disabled ability to sell trailers (utilize only)
  • Disabled “Skip Time” option
  • Selling trucks for 50% of their cost
  • Paid vehicle recovery
  • Paid vehicle deploy
  • Paid repair in the garage
  • Paid auto cargo loading
  • Paid refuel on refuel stations
  • Implemented search areas for objective on a minimap instead of direct markers
  • Contests become unavailable after 3rd attempt


  • Added warning message box for a situation where a player has a lot of cargo in the trailer and some of it maybe be removed on cargo packing
  • Improved distance display in miles in missions that involve Seismic vibrator
  • Added an option to display only modded trucks in the ‘Truck Storage’ and ‘Truck Store’
  • Added an option to turn on/off the engine of the towed vehicle
  • Disabled ability to host public co-op sessions with mods
  • Supported permanent disabling of crane hints via the settings menu
  • Improved descriptions and UI behavior in the HUD settings menu
  • Dev tools are now hidden if the hide HUD option is enabled


  • Added metal detector functionality in the game editor
  • Added crafting zones
  • Added generator zones
  • Added logging zones
  • Added zones for manual-only cargo unload
  • Supported custom mutators and brushes
  • Added an ability to set DLC requirements in truck mod files, which allows tweaks for DLC trucks
  • Supported custom cargo

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Semi-Trailers were not attached properly to the truck’s saddle in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the client received an unlimited amount of cargo when unloading cargo onto the loading platform in the ‘Framing’ zone
  • Fixed a bug where the truck engine automatically turned on after it has been stalled without any player input
  • Fixed a bug in co-op where the value in counter for created cargo in “Сargo crafting” window increased by 2 points for a single created cargo and decreased after that to the correct value
  • Fixed overlapping text in unloading pop-up in the contract Paper Factory, Section C in Wisconsin
  • Reduced transparency for “Total fuel” line in generator popup
  • Fixed a bug where Log-loader crane grab rotation controls were reversed
  • Fixed a bug in co-op where the sound of anchors looped for another player if the player returns from a long distance
  • Fixed a bug in co-op where the amount of ‘Fuel in the generator’ was not immediately updated in the crafting menu
  • Fixed a bug where a player lost all unpacked logs in single-player after loading logs in co-op
  • Fixed a bug where the client lost the ability to load cargo after trying to simultaneously load cargo with the host
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to load medium logs from Central Log Station in Drowned Lands
  • Fixed a bug when in some cases mods were stuck in a queue on PC or were not downloaded due to an unknown error
  • Fixed a bug where Oil Rig Drill did not respawn with the restart of the Derrick Delivery task
  • Fixed controls issues with Logitech G923 wheel
  • Fixed a bug where crane restored automatically after opening cargo management menu
  • Fixed a bug where the list of mods the player needs to download to join a game was not full in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where upgrade ‘engageable’ of Differential Lock on International Paystar 5600 TS was available for purchase before finding it on the map ‘Grainwoods * River’, Wisconsin


  • Improved camera set up in customization screen for ‘Caterpillar CT680’
  • Fixed a bug where the frame of Azov 42-20 Antarctic and Caterpillar 745C stayed in the same position as it was while entering the garage
  • Fixed a bug where mudflaps of Azov 42-20 Antarctic were stretched to the side after exiting the garage and had no collision
  • Tweaked steering knuckles on the Western Star 49X front wheels
  • Improved suspension for CAT CT680

SnowRunner is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Windows Store. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Steam

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