League Of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0 Patch Notes | Lee Sin, Champion Previews, Rewards

These are the official League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes that will be coming out to players next week. In an announcement yesterday, Riot Games will be launching a regional open beta for the Wild Rift later this month. And now before more regions join in, the team has launched a whole bunch of new stuff.

We have covered the full list of patch notes below. Wild Rift is finally getting Lee Sin, one of the most popular champions. It was teased earlier this month at the iPhone 12 launch event. The team is also adding six new champions in the game that will be free to play next week.

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Valorant v1.10 Patch Notes | New Agent Release Date

Valorant is a competitive tactical first-person shooter that has taken the world by storm due to its fresh take on the aim-heavy tactical shooters. It features a variety of characters who have specific skills they can use to gain an edge in combat. The latest update; version 1.10 brings a myriad of new features. Check them out in the patch notes down below.

In addition to the updates listed down below, expect to have a Agent coming up soon as well. The new map however, Icebox is finally here while the release date for the new Agent is going to be the 27th of October.

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PUBG Mobile (Featured)

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta Patch Notes | Metro Royale, Winter Festival, New Maps

Here are the PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta patch notes in detail, so you know what is coming up next on the game. Now that the huge New Era update is out for everyone, the team at PUBG Mobile is already working on the next update to launch with some changes and a new mode!

The beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.1 allows you test upcoming new features before they are out on the global version of the game. This next update will bring a new mode called Metro Royale, snow-themed Winter Festival and two new maps. We will have more details on these new features in the coming days as this update goes live or another beta version is out.

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Clash of Clans (Featured)

Clash of Clans Autumn 2020 Update Patch Notes

Clash of Clans is now receiving the much anticipated Autumn 2020 update and here are all the patch notes you should know about. Like every new update, there have been lots of new features, adjustments and new troops added to the game. This entire update is mostly about the two new Super Troops, Town Hall 13 new levels for villages and updates to Supercell ID.

The new Super Troops added to the game are Super Valkyrie and Super Minion. As for the Town Hall 13 content, Supercell has added more Building and Troop levels as these new levels provide more upgrade opportunities for maxed players. You can read more about these upgrades in the Autumn 2020 update patch notes below.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary

COD Mobile: Season 11 Buffs and Nerfs | AK-47, QQ9, FHJ-18, SMRS

Here is a detailed look at all the COD Mobile Season 11 nerfs and buffs happening in the upcoming up! Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest Season 11 update is almost upon us with the new Anniversary Update having heaps of changes and new features. We thought it made sense for us to talk about all the new weapon, class and perk nerfs and buffs in detail and give you our thoughts about it.

Just like every new season update in COD Mobile, the team adjusts different weapons and classes on how effective they should be or which ones to reduce. These buffs and nerfs have been done in light of community feedback given to the developers. In Season 11, they have implemented these changes in quite a drastic fashion where some weapons like the AK-47 has been nerfed quite heavily.

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Call of Duty: Mobile | Crossfire Map (Featured)

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes | Anniversary Update

COD Mobile has finally released its patch notes for Season 11. This is a special Anniversary Update for the game which includes an enormous amount of events, features and updates. The developers have particularly listened to community feedback this time around and have made a lot of changes keeping that in mind.

The new season of COD Mobile includes a new ranked mode, new events an updated Battle Pass, an updated gamemode, new maps, attachments and much more. We’ll be covering all of these updates in detail down below. So, get reading!

Note: The Update will be released on the 12th of October while the Battle Pass will be released on the 15th of October

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Fall Guys (Featured)

Fall Guys 1.09 Patch Notes | Season 2 Medieval Update

Fall Guys Season 2 update is now out and here you can find the patch notes of this medieval themed update (v1.09). Fall Guys is the newest gaming sensation that has taken the world by storm. It has drastically increased in popularity with famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing the game everyday. The game was …

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COD Mobile Season 10 - The Hunt

COD Mobile Season 10 (The Hunt) Patch Notes

The all-new COD Mobile Season 10 (The Hunt) is now available! It launched yesterday with the new maps, updates and lots of characters. Here we have a comprehensive list of the patch notes and all the new features that have been included as part of the Season 10 in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Every month we see a new set of challenges and tasks with each new Battle Pass. Similarly, there are several new items to unlock and win in each event. The new gun that you can unlock with the Battle Pass is a shotgun called ‘Echo’. One of the major updates this season is the addition to the popular ‘Terminal’ map in the Multiplayer mode. This map has been an ever popular choice for the Team Deathmatch mode since it first launched with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mission “No Russian”.

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