Valheim Update 0.202.19 Patch Notes | Hearth & Home Hotfix

Iron Gate has just deployed Valheim Update 0.202.19 and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The new update is a hotfix for the recently released Hearth & Home update fixing some bugs found in the update including HP and Stamina rebalances.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download on the Steam Client. You can take a look at all relevant information for Valheim Patch Notes: Update 0.202.19 down below. The file size for the update is a few MBs.

Valheim Patch Notes: Update 0.202.19

Here are the complete patch notes for Valheim Update 0.202.19:

* Rebalanced hp/stamina on most foods ( more stamina on hp foods and more hp on stamina foods etc )
* Fixed tar-pit not spawning on dedicated-server worlds
* Slightly lower hp on Fulings & Fuling shamans
* Slightly easier to stagger Fulings
* Fixed issue with pressing I in server list while trying to filter servers
* Lower bow stamina use
* Cage wall 1×1 physics fix ( Already placed pieces will probably need to be repositioned )
* Boars now also eat blueberries, raspberries & mushrooms
* Chinese translation fix

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