PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Redeem Codes | March 2021

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PUBG Mobile has just released two new exclusive 3rd Anniversary redeem codes for its global audience this month (March 2021)! Following the game’s third anniversary, you can now join in on the celebration by getting a hold of these particular codes. Make sure that you get them as quickly as possible since they’re only available for a limited time!

Sadly, the two new codes are limited-time codes which means they won’t be existing in your inventory permanently. However, they still are cool items for even if you will be able to use them for a short amount of time. If you want to claim these exclusive rewards, read on!

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PUBG Mobile: October 2020 Redeem Codes

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PUBG Mobile has grown to offer a large variety of cosmetic customization options. These options range from weapon skins, outfits, vehicle skins, and much more. While some of these skins can be unlocked by completing various challenges, some also need to be bought using UC points (the virtual currency of PUBG Mobile.) However, PUBG also presents players with a third alternative, “redeem codes.” Today, we’ll give you redeem codes released in October 2020 for PUBG Mobile.

Redeem codes and coupon codes have been extensively covered by us over here. The article in question gives you info on how you can redeem PUBG voucher and coupon codes. Today, we’ll be giving you 5 free coupon codes you can redeem on PUBG Mobile right now in October 2020.

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How to Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game filled with fun and quirky cosmetics that you can apply to your character. Some, you can buy, some; you have to redeem and unlock through codes. Today, we’re going to show you stepbystep on how to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile.

Tencent, the makers of PUBG Mobile, partner up with organizations and brands all the time. These sponsorship deals often include giving away promotional codes for custom skins, cosmetics, weapon camos, etc. to lucky players.

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