Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List (Ranked, Update 1.05)

Elden Ring is a humongous game both in terms of its size and scope, as well as in the number of ways it offers you in braving the dangers of the Lands Between. Whether it be a classic Warrior Knight or a warrior cleric who can conjure up dragon incantations, Elden Ring is filled with potential options for the players to experiment with.

These options are so vast that it can be a little confusing on what option to pick if you’re aiming for the most optimal build to go through the game’s content with as little headache as possible. In the following list players can find some of the best and most effective builds in Elden Ring to experiment with for a new playthrough or even their very first playthrough. So without further ado, lets talk about the best builds you can aim for in Elden Ring.

Below you’ll be able to find just some of the many build options that Elden Ring offers. From a bleed inflicting Samurai to a spell-casting Knight, the possibilities remain as endless as they are enticing. Below each Build is Ranked from Best (S-Tier) to the Weak (C-Tier). This tier list is subject to change as more information becomes available.

Update: This tier list has been updated to include the new balance changes from Elden Ring Patch 1.05. You can see through the new list below.

Here is a summary of the entire tier list as ranked in different tiers:

SArcane Samurai
AWarrior Mage
BEnchanted Knight


Arcane Samurai:

Arcane Samurai Build in Elden Ring

A lone warrior with a Katana that can harness the forbidden magical abilities of the blood arts, constantly empowering himself with the blood of his enemies. If that’s the kind of character that you’re aiming for that you can do little to to go wrong with our guide on the bes1t Bleed focused Arcane build in Elden Ring and embrace your inner edge lord. Bleed is currently the strongest status effect in Elden Ring, almost every enemy including some of the game’s hardest bosses are weak to it. This build will have you constantly proccing bleed on both bosses and mini-bosses and you will be capable of melting some of the strongest foes in the game in hardly a handful of hits.

This build will start off as the Samurai who starts off with the best Bleed Weapon for the early to mid-game.

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Samurai Starting Stats:

Dexterity 15


Warrior Mage:

Warrior Mage Build in Elden Ring

Do you fancy both melee AND ranged combat? You’re slightly interested in magic but are wondering whether you should go all in or not? Then the Warrior Mage is the perfect choice for you. This was also the build I went for in my first playthrough due to Elden Ring’s increased focus towards promoting a magic as a much more fun and engaging playstyle. While my own build was fairly different and pretty recklessly planned, our Elden Ring Warrior Mage Build guide is a thoroughly planned out guide to lead you towards the path of a Warrior Mage. Magic users also get access to some of the most fun weapons in Elden Ring like the Wing of Astel, Moonveil and the Darkmoon Greatsword.

For this build we actually recommend starting with the Vagabond as a lot of the very good magic weapons will be found later in the game. What’s good here is that the Vagabond starts with decent enough base stats in Intelligence so players can spec into it later once they find a weapon of their choosing.

Vagabond Starting Stats:



Enchanted Knight:

Enchanted Knight Build in Elden Ring

Have you ever thought while playing a Souls game. “I really wish I could become Vergil from the Devil May Cry series right now”. So the only option short of actually booting up DMC to play as Vergil is to channel your inner Vergil with this exciting Enchanted Knight build that lets you conjure up magic swords and projectiles. Our Enchanted Knight Build for Elden Ring is focused on using Carian Sword Sorcery to deal the brunt of your magic damage. Magic is already one of the most optimal ways to play through Elden Ring and This is a unique and specialized build that will require extensive use of your character’s FP gauge so players will have to forego points in Vigor in favor of FP.

We suggest starting off with the Prisoner for this class due to their high starting points in Intelligence and Dexterity.

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Prisoner Starting Stats:




Sorcerer Build in Elden Ring

Ever wanted to specialize into a Sorcerer capable of bringing the worst of calamity unto his enemies? Maybe you’re like me and are currently reading through the Lord of The Rings books and wonder “man I wish I could do all the cool s*** this old Wizard can do”. While our Sorcerer build won’t turn your real life 9-5 into a Hobbit adventure it will surely make your trek across the Lands between into a very exciting one. Not to mention magic users get access to some of the most powerful attacks in the entire game, capable of melting most bosses in the game within seconds. They also happen to have very low HP since the majority of their points are put in Mind and Intelligence, Magic users stay the hell away from close combat fights but that also makes them a very easy to kill target if their enemies manage to close in the gap on them.

For this build we recommend starting off as the Astrologer due to his pure focus on the Intelligence stats:

Astrologer Starting Stats:


And that concludes our tier list for the best builds in Elden Ring that players can try while they brave the harsh world of the Lands Between.

Elden Ring presents players with a vast array of options to play around with and our build guides only cover a fraction of the many options the players have in making their own personalized tarnished. Some would ditch the idea of a proper build altogether and use whatever seems the coolest or looks the best. Go full on fashion souls if you want, the possibilities are endless!

And these are all the best builds that we have discovered in our time with Elden Ring ranked for your convenience. We hope these helped you out, for more guides on Elden Ring, check out our Guides Section! We also have an extensive list of Elden Ring walkthrough guides you might be interested in.

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