Total War: Warhammer 3 Factions Tier List (September 2022)

Total War: Warhammer 3 has launched recently and looking at all the factions it has, new players do get confused about which to choose from. If you are new to the strategic genre then aesthetics will guide your choice but there is so much more to it in this game. Looking for the strongest factions out there? We have a tier list for Warhammer 3 strongest units available.

From the eight factions in the game, the list below is devised in a way that takes into account all the strengths and weaknesses of each faction. The tiers are separated according to their overall power level, so use the list to put some knowledge behind your choice.

Tier S



This race is like super power in the land of Warhammer 3. Their campaign mechanics are best in class, they can blow up settlements, spawn new armies, summon units in the middle of the battle, their tech tree is second to none. You can easily set up enemies to believe that you are weak and then summon really powerful units to surprise and obliterate them.

The lord of this faction, Skarbrand, is the single most reason for this factions top position. He gets progressively more powerful with each victory and gains speed. And if you use his abilities strategically and the portals at your disposal you can easily make your way around the campaign. They make less money through internal means but the loot can compensate any shortages. If played to their offensive nature then this faction can dominate all in its way.

Tier A



Kislev starts off the campaign with a disadvantage as the game will constantly challenge you in the beginning especially. They have really good heroes but their frost magic is on the weaker side, even if the magic is not utilized of these units their other abilities makes them really strong. Their overall economy system is satisfactory, though they do struggle with funds as the number of army needed for them is pretty high. Their doom stacks are competent.

Their campaign is harder to begin with but they have enough tools at their disposal to take care of any thing the game throws at them. Their armies are stonger and their lords are hard hitting. The bonuses they have faction wide are really robust and the ability to maintain public order is the cherry on top.

Ogre Kingdoms

TWWH3 OgreKingdoms Screenshot03 1024x576 1

The Ogres start off in the corner of the campaign map, so there are very few enemies in the surrounding. And with the right lord selected the Ogres becomes the richest faction in all of Total War. Their camps are build almost instantly and maintaining them is not costly. You can place 8 of these camps that can mint you a great sum of money through raiding nearby enemies.

These settlements are wall less they are super easy to defend from any attack, walls are somehow bad in this game defense wise. They are diplomatically the best as no faction have automatic animosity against you, though later on you might just have to make a choice to ally with the forces of order or chaos. One weakness can be their contracts but its not a big deal.



This faction suffers from major casualty replenishment rate and nothing in their inventory of systems can boost this. With this weakness out of the way the Tzeentch are the strongest army to have on the battlefield. Their barriers are the reason for this, it gives each unit higher survivability and the strategy where you can keep rotating broken barrier units with fresh barrier ones is OP.

With most units, lords being very strong this whole package gets even better. Their Changing of the Ways ability is very irritating to come up against as it stops enemies from making a move. Their teleport mechanics can create moments of surprises in the battlefield.

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Tier B

Grand Cathay

grand cathay

The Grand Cathay is your most basic average faction. They are pretty balanced when it comes to their economy, their caravan mechanic helps them make adequate wealth. In the campaign they do face a lot of enemies and they do have a nice army but there is nothing special about them, with weak heroes though they have strong legendary lords.

Their starting position do give them a strategic benefit but it is not viable through out the campaign. They could have benefitted from better global bonuses and a stronger tech tree. Alas, they are an average faction which is why they can be chosen to start things off but won’t blow your minds.

Tier C

Daemons of Chaos

daemons of chaos

Though this faction has been recommended by the developers for the first play through, they do get a disadvantage from their starting position, surrounded by all sorts of enemies. They have access to all the army units of the demonic race, which is an attractive proposition but these units won’t have any of the advanced abilities that they have in their respective faction. Their tech tree is tied to their Demonic Glory but it won’t result in any substantial power.

The Demon Prince suffers from some balancing as he’s very vulnerable to ranged attacks and lacks at close quarter fights, his magic is weaker than other heroes nor his health is large, he has a lot of capabilities but none are as strong than the rest. This faction have no major strength to dominate the overall game.



Slaanesh’s few mechanics like Celestia is quite worthy. Now their armies are weak, having no missile units and their magic is weak too, with a few exception like shadow magic. Their lord is shaky. Though their Exalted Keeper of Secrets are amazing and can be upgraded boosting their power immensely.

Their campaign mechanics are feeble with the whole Vassalize system sounding amazing but won’t have impactful result. The ground reality of Vassalizing is that it takes a lot of time and when you have vassalized an Order faction and you are an ally of a demonic race the demons will declare war on you as you are in cahoots with the order. With such an integral system broken, this faction suffers a lot. They have competent units for the battlefield but their campaign mechanics drag them down significantly.

Tier D


Total war warhammer 3 nurgle legendary lord

Nurgle weakness stems form the fact that they are a defensive faction. Their defensive buildings and capabilities help them maintain their strongholds but lack the aggressiveness to expand. Any fast and magic inclined army can bulldoze Nurgles. Nurgle’s economy can be spastic making a lot of money at one time and shifting to lower outputs later.

They churn out units instantly, which can be beneficial in times of emergency. Their Plague system can be quite devastating against players but against AI this system fails miserably, the plague’s impact on the army in itself is quite weak. The Nurgle’s can hold their ground quite well but when it comes to dishing out damage and war they are pathetic.

Hopefully, this list has helped you in selecting the Faction of your choice and if you are finding it hard to play the game here is a trainer to help you out.

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