Elden Ring: Bloodhound Claws Location

Elden Ring has one of the most extensive and wide-ranging collections of weapons. With so much variation that anyone will surely find that perfect Cinderella match to their desired playstyle. For all of you fast-moving tarnished out there who loves the Wolverine, the Bloodhound Claws suits your taste.

Though like many things in Elden Ring these claws are very well hidden in the game and would be missed by most, except for the keen-eyed warriors. We are here to make things easy for you so follow along with this article to get these deadly armaments. For more weapons list check this guide for best strength weapons.

Bloodhound Claws Location in Elden Ring

If you have defeated the Bloodhounds in Elden Ring you would surely appreciate this weapon. The Bloodhound Claws are perfect for dealing Bleed damage and the swiftness of the attacks accelerate the filling of the bleed meter. Their skill, the Bloodhound Step, is another cherry on top of the deadly cake, which makes the user teleport dash around to confuse the opponent and to easily traverse dangerous grounds like lava.

bloodhound claws

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These claws are acquired by looting a specific Bloodhound located in Volcano Manor in the Altus Plateau.

Elden Ring Bloodhound Claws Map 850x478 1
Volcano Manor

Once you are here go to the room seen in the picture below. and in the corner, there will be a bookcase that is a cleverly disguised illusory wall, another thing to confuse is that this area is combat free denoted by that golden circle on the left side. But apparently, you can swing your weapon at the book shelf to reveal a hidden area.

image 56
Volcano Manor Room
image 57
Bookshelf removed

Keep following the now revealed hidden area, do keep a torch or lantern with you as it’s super dark inside. Keep making your way forward until you come across a room with a Bloodhound, fight this enemy, and defeating him will reward you the Bloodhound Claws.

image 58

Do you like the Bloodhound Claws in Elden Ring? What build are you rocking for your character? Comment below and let us know. And for more Elden Ring content and guides check out our site.

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