How to Find the Ringed Finger in Elden Ring

One can argue that Elden Ring has the best collection of weapons in any melee-based game. Players have been discovering new and exciting tools of destruction and building characters around them. Then comes along these otherworldy weapons that just demand attention even if you don’t end up playing with them.

From Software games have always featured such grotesque and unusual weaponry, I’m looking at Kos Parasite weapon from Bloodborne. In BB the theme was cosmic horror and the weapon reflected that here the theme is very much into fingers so this weapon portrays that. So let’s find out where can we find the Ringed Finger in Elden Ring.

Finding The Ringed Finger In Elden Ring

elden ring ringed finger gelmir

Is this a meme? Cause that’s a huge finger that guy is carrying. Though it looks weird, this weapon is a hard-hitter. This is garnering a cult following of purple characters called the Ringed Finger Squad which invades others and fights with this weapon only.

image 75

This weapon doesn’t require much stats to wield and cannot be equipped with any Ash of War as it has a unique skill that makes it ginormous and flicks the enemy, funny and brutal. For people who are always on the look out to experiment this weapon is the ultimate possession.

Where to find Ringed Finger in Elden Ring?

image 77

First, make your way to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave in the Altus Plateau region, marked on the map above. Make your way inside, go down the elevator and light the Grace Site. Keep moving forward until you reach a room with lava on both sides and a chariot trap going up and down.

image 78
image 79

Look out for openings in the sidewalls, and be aware of the skeletons that are in here, to get out of the way of the trap otherwise, it will one-shot you. Slowly and carefully dodging the trap make your way down until you reach the end of the path and it just lava ahead. Now the painful part begins, you have to walk on the lava down to the left where there is a room. We advise you to use the Quickstep Ash of war to swiftly tread the lava otherwise it slows you down, and equip a lot of HP flasks to recover health being burned away.

image 80

Inside this room will be a chest that will have the Ringed Finger in it. Open and enjoy!

Did you get the Ringed Finger? Was this guide helpful? Do you like to use this weapon or dumped it in your storage box? Tell us everything in the comments below. And for more Elden Ring guides and news check out our Elden Ring section.

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