How to Backup Worlds in Valheim on Google Drive / Dropbox

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If you’ve been trekking around the world of Valheim like us, you might have known about a pesky bug that a lot of users are facing nowadays. Sometimes, your Valheim world does not save properly and ends up being corrupted. This leaves you with a completely barren world, with all your progress in that world seemingly being lost. To avoid these bugs taking over your world here’s how you can backup worlds in Valheim on Google Drive or Dropbox quickly and efficiently.

While there are other ways to store your world and to save them from being corrupt, we here at BRGeeks feel like going for a cloud solution makes the most sense as other players in your server can also download the world and host it in moments where the primary host can’t. They can then replace the existing backup with the new one if any new progress has been made.

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Download and Enable Steam Cloud Saves | PC Guide

Cloud saving is an integral part of any platform’s eco-system. Some consoles like the PS5 and Xbox have required purchasing additional memberships to activate cloud saving for all games. However, Steam has always stood out by letting players save their game data on the cloud for free with no additional cost or terms and conditions. Today, we are going to be showing you how you can download Steam Cloud Saves for local usage.

Cloud Saves have been an absolute life-saver for a lot of people. They give you a sense of security when it comes to being met with unfortunate corrupt save files and also let you easily switch PCs without going through the trouble of manually transferring save files from one place to the other. If you ever wish to retrieve your Cloud Saves from Steam and download them to your PC, there’s a very simple way on how you can do it.

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How to Unlock AK117 Outcast For Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) | Free Redeem Code

Call of Duty: Mobile G

COD: Mobile Garena is a version of the popular mobile first-person shooter developed for users living in South East Asian countries. The game has some differences in terms of cosmetics and available items in contrast to the Global version. However, the developers aim to fix this discrepancy by introducing exclusive new skins such as the new Outcast skin for the AK117.

The AK117 is an extremely powerful AR that shares characteristics from the infamous AK-47 but offers a lower DPS rate in exchange for higher mobility in versatility. The gun has risen in popularity in the meta, especially after professional players in recent matches have favored mobility. So, the Outcast skin for the AK117 could not have come at a better time!

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How to Unlock Ashengod Phoenix Skin in Godfall | Free SHiFT Code


Here is a free SHiFT redeem code you can use to unlock and claim Ashengod Phoenix Skin in Godfall. In a gaming world where customization items like cosmetics and skins can cost up to $15 a piece, it is always great to have free rewards and skins. You can now grab this absolutely free Godfall skin called Ashengod Phoenix Skin and make Phoenix look cool.

The most recent update for Godfall arrived just a few days back, and it is called Primal. Probably as part of that promotion, the developers are kind enough to offer a free redeem code for all the players to grab this free skin.

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How to Fix the “Incompatible Version Error” in Valheim?

If you have tried joining a Community Server recently in Valheim, you might get the Incompatible Version Error as soon as you try to connect. You might end up getting this error ever so often. Since the game is based on P2P hosting, there’s a high chance this is due to an incompatibility issue on the host’s end. In any case, here’s how you can fix this error quickly.

Valheim’s quick rise to fame has led to an explosion in its player base. Consequently, there are thousands of active dedicated community servers in the game at any given point. Therefore, you might not be able to join a few due to this particular error. Here’s how you can fix it on your end in Valheim.

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How to Check League Of Legends Server Status

League of Legends 11.1 Patch Notes

League of Legends is a MOBA that solely relies on your internet connection. Just like any other server on the internet, the game can suffer from connection failures and issues. If you suddenly are suffering from packet loss, have high ping, or cannot log in to the client properly. You can now use the official Riot website alongside other third-party independent tools to get an idea of the matter at hand.

League is known to have some trouble, especially when the game is updated and on the weekends. Therefore, it makes sense that the developers have amped up their server maintenance speeds and are improving their server status page simultaneously.

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Best Graphics Settings for Valheim | 60 FPS+ on PC

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Valheim is an open-world multiplayer exploration game developed by Iron Gate AB. The game explores Norse Mythology in a procedural generated world. Even though the game is still in Early Access on Steam, the game has crossed over 400,000 concurrent players in a concise amount of time. Since the game is quite new, you might experience some lag and stuttering now and again. Here are the best graphics settings for Valheim on PC so you can hit that 60 FPS sweet spot.

Taking inspiration from games like Minecraft and Zelda, the game lets you build, craft, and hunt down mobs in an intense PvE environment with frequent content updates being promised by the developers. Currently, the game includes 8 biomes and 5 bosses for you to plow through. Due to the open-world Sandbox nature of the game, it packs tons of hours of content even though it’s only 800 MB in size.

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What’s the Difference Between Save the World and Battle Royale in Fortnite

fortnite battle royale save the world

Fortnite is known for its Battle Royale game mode. After PUBG, it is perhaps the most played free BR game out there. However, the game does not just have one game mode. It also has a Save the World game mode which is quite different. Rather than shooting down players, Save the World is a purely PvE based game.

Both game modes have their own avid fans. However, it is quite clear that the developers have been putting a lot more time and effort into the Battle Royale genre due to its immense popularity and appeal. But, Save the World is still getting frequent updates and is unique in its own right.

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How to Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon GO | Daily Income

pokemon go coin earn

Pokecoins have been the stable currency for Pokemon Go’s item shop for a very long time. Almost all the items in the shop require some amount of Pokecoins for you to choose. While this currency can be obtained by paying for it, you can also get Pokecoins for free in the game as well. While the method ofcourse is not particularly efficient, you can comfortably play the game as a free to play player with a little more grind.

Currently, the Gym is the only way for you to earn Pokecoins for free in Pokemon GO. Gyms are physical locations found within the World that are controlled by either Team Valor, Mystic or Valor. In any case, you will need to find a Gym that is controlled by an opposing team in order to earn Pokecoins from it. Keep reading to learn about all the details.

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How to Check Mobile Legends Server Status at Moonton

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Here’s everything you need to know about how you can check the status of Mobile Legends and ensure that everything is working properly on the server’s end. Just like any other online game, Mobile Legends operates on servers that are located throughout the world. So, there is a high chance that you might be experiencing some downtime at a particular point throughout your day. Since the game has gotten a large influx of players recently, it’s only obvious that the servers do get crowded sometimes which may lead to them going down. Here’s how you can check the server status of Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is quite a popular MOBA game. Sadly, there still is no official way from the developers to check if the servers are down or not. However, players have come up with certain websites and ways for you to get an idea if your internet bothering you or if it’s the server itself.

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