Harvestella Cooking Guide: How to Unlock, Recipes

What would you call an anime-infused, RPG game that also has a hint of Farming Simulator? Yeap, that’s right. We will call it Harvestella. Harvestella is the newest addition to Square Enix family and we are here for it.

Harvestella has lots to offer and one of the things that it features is Cooking. Like every other RPG game, you will, at some point have to replenish your energy and this is where cooking will come in. This guide will discuss everything about cooking in Harvestella.

Cooking in Harvestella

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Cooking is one the most important skill in Harvestella since the number of tasks you can perform in a day depends on your energy level. If your energy is depleted and you don’t have a way by which you can replenish your energy then you are doomed because you will be rendered useless.

There are several ways by which you can get food. The first one is that you can eat raw vegetables that you grow on your farm. The second one is that you can buy pre-cooked meals from the general store. The third is that you wait for chez to send you a sandwich which happens periodically.

All of these methods are fine, they work but they are not very efficient and they are not cost-effective as well. The best way to refill your energy bar is by eating meals that you cook yourself in the kitchen.

So rather than spending money on pre-cooked meals, be an adult, buy groceries and cook your own food.

How to Unlock Cooking in Harvestella

Now that we have established the fact that cooking is the best way to top up your energy meter, let’s get into how we can unlock cooking in Harvestella.

Cooking is not unlocked by default and we have to take a few extra steps to unlock cooking. This is how you can unlock Cooking.

  1. Your kitchen needs some work done so for that, head to the “Renovator” (shop with hammer sign) in the southwest region of Lethe Village. Enter the village and take a hard left. It will be the leftmost building.
Renovator Location
  1. Once you are inside, talk to the renovator and buy the Kitchen Counter Renovation for 2000 Grilla.
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It will take 1 day for the renovation to be completed and once they are complete, the renovator will explain to you everything about how you can cook. He will also give you a “Mountain Stir Fry” recipe to start with.

All Recipies in Harvestella

Recipes are an essential part of cooking in Harvestella since you cannot cook without a recipe so it is necessary to get recipes if you want to start cooking.

A recipe will be used to cook the food. All the ingredients and the quantity that you need will be listed inside the recipe. To cook, just go to your kitchen, select the recipe, and if you have all the necessary ingredients you can cook the dish.

There are a few ways by which you can get recipes. The first one is by completing challenges and missions. Some challenges will reward you in form of recipes.

The second way by which you can get recipes is by going to the General Store and buying the recipe books. There are three recipe books that you can buy.

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  • Homely Lethe Recipes
  • Selected Recipes
  • Lethe Dessert Recipes

All three books will have different recipes that you can cook and eat. Below we have given all the recipes in Harvestella.

DishIngredientsHow to Get
Mountain Fry1x Wild Leaves
1x Little Mushroom
Build the Kitchen Counter
Picnic Sandwich1x Dress Lettuce
1x Flour
Buy Homely Lethe Recipe Book
Lethe Hamburger and Egg2x Meat
1x Egg
2x Little Mushroom
Buy Homely Lethe Recipe Book
Lethe Vegetable Salad1x Dress Lettuce
1x Carrop
1x Uniononion
Buy Homely Lethe Recipe Book
Lethe Breakfast1x Flour
1x Egg
1x Dress Lettuce
Buy Homely Lethe Recipe Book
BBQ Churrasco2x Meat
2x Carrop
2x Cucumble
2x Little Mushroom
Buy Selected Recipe Book
Cucumble & Mince Sandwiches1x Cucumble
1x Meat
Buy Selected Recipe Book
Lantern Pumpkin GratinBuy Selected Recipe Book
Chilled Corn SoupBuy Selected Recipe Book
King Cake1x Rainbow Bean
2x Sugar
2x Flour; 2x Egg
2x Milk
Buy Lethe Dessert Recipe Book
Mont BlancBuy Lethe Dessert Recipe Book
Vegetable MuffinBuy Lethe Dessert Recipe Book
TacosSubmit 3x Cooking Recipes at Lethe Village Inn
Bean Curry SoupSubmit 6x Cooking Recipes at Lethe Village Inn
Cheese & Tomato Caprese1x Nemean Tomato
1x Cheese
1x Cool Leaf
Get Intro To Nemea Recipe Book
Eggs Benedict1x Egg
1x Flour
1x Meat
Get Intro To Nemea Recipe Book
Tomato & Eggplant Cheese BakeGet Intro To Nemea Recipe Book
Nemea Meat Pizza1x Nemean Tomato
1x Meat
1x Flour
1x Cheese
Get Authentic Nemean Recipe Book
Nemea Bolognese1x Nemean Tomato
1x Uniononion
1x Meat
1x Flour
Get Authentic Nemean Recipe Book
Cherry Salmon MarinadeGet Authentic Nemean Recipe Book
Strawberry ShortcakeGet Spring Sweet Recipe Book
Peach Rose MousseGet Spring Sweet Recipe Book
Meaty Antipasto
Submit 3x Recipes in Nemea Village Delivery Bar
Cup of TeaComplete “Two Secrets” challenge in Nemea Village.

This was all about cooking in Harvestella. If you like it, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know if we have missed something.

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  1. Having a lot of fun with Harvestella, haven’t hardly stopped playing. The cooking kinda reminds me of Story of Seasons 😺

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