Clash Royale All Cards Tier List (2022)

Clash Royale is an extremely popular game that is somewhat of a successor to Clash of Clans by Supercell. In it, players have to build their decks and use those cards to defeat the opponent. While you might think there is no strategy involved, there are a lot of things you need to keep an eye on. If you are new to the game or a veteran, this guide will help you find out the Clash Royale tier list for 2022.

There are tons of cards in Clash Royale so keeping track of all of them can be quite difficult. Plus, if you are just starting out, you won’t have access to all of the cards. However, if you get a new card, you’ll be able to know if it’s good or not by going through this Clash Royale all cards tier list.

Clash Royale: All Cards Tier List

Like our other tier lists, we will divide it into various tiers – six tiers to be exact. Each tier will be properly explained and the reason why the card is placed there will also be given. While I know that you won’t agree with all of our picks – since everyone has a different experience and opinion – these cards are usually seen this way by the community.

Plus, I would love to hear your tier lists as well in the comments below! With that said, let’s get started with our all cards Clash Royale tier list.


The cards added in the S-Tier are useful in all situations, no matter the circumstance. They have the best stats in the game. Not only that but some of the cards can be obtained easily, even if you are a new player.

Archer QueenDespite being nerfed, this is possibly the best card in Clash Royale. If you take a look at the top players’ decks, almost all of them will have the Archer Queen in there.
Cannon CartThis is something that most players will not agree on. However, this unit deals a lot of damage and has good mobility as well.
SkeletonsHear me out, this card can be used in a lot of situations. They are ideal for distractions, offense, and defense.
TornadoThis card is ideal to deal with strong enemies. It pulls in the units and makes them vulnerable to further attacks.
Skeleton KingAfter being considered the weakest champion, he is now extremely powerful. His win rates are amazing after the nerf to a few other units.
Electro SpiritThis card deals a good amount of damage and can chain it to damage all the enemies on the field. Plus, it is extremely elixir efficient.
Spear GoblinsThese units are extremely strong and can deal a lot of damage really quickly.
TombstoneThis is probably the best building in Clash Royale. It has a swift spawn timer that can make it difficult to deal with if it does not get destroyed.

A+ Tier

Cards in the A+ tier have pretty valuable stats in certain situations. They are good in some cases but may lack behind in others. However, these cards are close to the S-tier ones but are behind due to a few flaws in their kit.

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FireballAfter debating if I should put this in S-tier or not, I think this is a good spot for Fireball. It has high damage, good knockback, and you can never go wrong with it.
Barbarian BarrelThe Barbarian Barrel is a better version of the Goblin Barrel. It is quite effective and elixir efficient.
BatsThis card is great considering how little it costs. They also deal a lot of damage.
GraveyardThis card is superb right now with the current meta. Pair it up with a giant and you’ve got yourself a confirmed victory.
Royal GhostThis is a hidden overpowered card that deals a lot of damage and also has a good amount of HP.
Baby DragonYou cannot go wrong with this unit. He has high damage, a splash attack, it has tons of HP, and can fly.
Electro WizardThis is a great card to have since it is a better version of the normal wizard.
Inferno DragonThis unit is a beast – literally and figuratively. He is ideal to deal with heavy units and will always force a response from the enemy team.
SnowballJust like other spells, this is also a strong card. On top of that, the Snowball knockback enemies and slows them as well.
The LogThis is a great spell to have in your deck. It can clear out a swarm of enemies in an instant.
Elite BarbarianThe Elite Barbarian has a high damage output and can be quite punishing for the enemy team. He is great on both offense and defense.
MinerThe Miner is a good card that is in a good place right now.
Electro GiantThe Electro Giant is a great card to have in your deck. He deals a lot of damage and has tons of HP. However, if the enemy has any buildings in their decks, you’ll find that he gets distracted easily.
ArrowsThis is a solid card that can help you clear swarms of enemies by using less elixir. Its damage is decent, so you can easily clear out enemies if they get too close.
Fire SpiritWhile not as strong as the Electro Spirit, it still deals a good amount of damage and is worth using.
ZapAgain, this spell offers a lot of versatility and allows you to deal with a lot of damage quickly.
PoisonThis spell can deal a lot of damage to all types of units. This is a great way of dealing with swarming enemies.
GiantThis big boy recently received a buff that increases his HP by 4%. His HP was already quite high so this is strange to see but it further puts him in the A+ tier. A solid pick to have.
Dark PrinceThe Dark Prince is an amazing card that is a must-have for most decks.
ValkyrieShe is extremely strong that can be considered S-tier in most cases, in my opinion.
GuardsThis is a solid card as it offers great distraction alongside amazing damage. However, due to a lack of HP, it isn’t ranked higher.
Dart GoblinThe Dart Goblin is a solid card to have in your deck due to its versatility.
FishermanHe is a great card that can deal tons of damage really quickly. I highly suggest trying him out to see what he is capable of.
BowlerMuch like the Fisherman, the Bowler can deal a lot of damage and has a decent amount of HP as well. His movespeed isn’t the best but that’s fine!
KnightConsidering its cost, the Knight is a great card that will always deliver.
BanditThe Bandit is a good card that will be good in any deck. She has high damage and good movespeed as well.
Lava HoundMuch like the Knight, this unit also is great in terms of elixir efficiency. Plus, it has good damage too!
ZappiesA solid pick for any deck, the Zappies deal consistent damage alongside having decent HP.
Mega KnightThis unit hits like a truck and even has a lot of HP as well.
Magic ArcherHe is a solid card that deals a lot of damage to almost all types of units.
MortarThe Mortar is a good card to have in your deck since it deals great damage and has amazing range as well.
MusketeerThis card has amazing damage, especially after the damage boost. If you do not have the Archer Queen, spam this unit to get the same results.
Ram RiderThe Ram Rider is an ideal card against heavy units like Golems due to his slowing abilities.


The cards in this tier are pretty good but they can be challenging to use effectively for some newer players. However, we suggest that you give them a chance to see how well they suit your playstyle since these cards are not bad by any means.

Royal GiantThis is a strong card that is a good option to have in your deck. If it receives a little buff or someone else gets nerfed, he will rise up to the A+ tier.
Royal HogsMuch like the Royal Giant, these hogs are ideal in almost any situation.
These units deal a lot of damage. However, they have low HP which puts them in A-tier and not A+.
Wall BreakersThis card is extraordinary and deals a lot of damage. However, it can be difficult to use.
Lightning SpellIt is a solid spell that can deal a good amount of damage alongside knocking some of the enemies back. However, a fireball is much more effective than this.
Mega MinionThe Mega Minion is a well-balanced card that sits comfortably at the A-tier.
Flying MachineThis card deserves to be on the higher end of the A-tier. It has great speed, amazing damage, and good range. It only lacks HP which can be a problem.
BalloonEver since the card got nerfed, it isn’t as strong anymore. However, it is still a good card to have in your deck.
EarthquakeThis is a good spell that can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. However, there are better spells available than this, especially the Snowball or Fireball.
P.E.K.K.AThe P.E.K.K.A is a great card that has tons of HP and deals good damage as well.
PrinceThe Prince is a good card that is extremely efficient in the lower trophy matches.
Royal RecruitsThese are good units that can provide a good distraction. On top of that, they deal decent damage as well.
Skeleton BarrelThis is a great card that is not overpowered. It is in the perfect place right now and well-balanced as well.
Skeleton ArmyLike the Royal Recruits, they also provide a good distraction but do not have enough damage as them.
HunterAfter getting buffed a few times, the Hunter is back in the meta and is performing really well.
RascalsThe Rascals are a good card to have in your deck and can take on quite a lot of enemies.
Ice WizardThanks to the increased spawn damage, the Ice Wizard can deal with things like Graveyard easily.
Mini P.E.K.K.AThis card is great after the recent buffs. It has good damage and decent HP as well.
Ice GolemHe has great HP and a lot of damage. The only thing holding him back is his slow movement speed but that can be overlooked in most cases.
BomberThis is a great card that deals A LOT of damage. However, his HP isn’t the best, and rightfully so, if I may add. Otherwise, he would have been overpowered.
Goblin CageThe Goblin Cage is a great card that had a high win rate before. However, nowadays, the Goblin Cage doesn’t fit well with any meta decks.
LumberjackThis card has good HP and good movespeed as well.
Electro DragonThis card is quite good, especially considering the damage per second it deals. However, it can get countered relatively easily so that’s why it is in A-tier.
Royal DeliveryThe Royal Deliver is a good card that will take your enemy by surprise.
MinionsThe Minions are superb as they have a decent HP and are better to use instead of the Minion Horde.
Heal SpiritThe Heal Spirit is a good card that can help you sustain your team. However, it is extremely situational.
Golden KnightAfter being nerfed to the ground, this unit has fallen from the S-tier to the bottom of the A-tier.
SparkySparky is a good card that can deal a lot of damage if the enemy does not counter it.
TeslaAfter getting nerfed a bit, this card isn’t as good as it used to be. However, it still performs better than most.


These cards aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not the most effective in the game. Their stats are highly dependent on the situation. On top of that, some of them have high elixir costs, making it almost impossible for new players to pick them up or use them effectively.

Goblin BarrelThis is one of the best B-tier cards in the game right now. It’s almost A-tier due to its effectiveness. However, since it’s quite balanced, it is sitting at the top of this tier.
Hog RiderThis is a good card that can make its way to the A-tier with a buff or two. Overall, it’s a solid card that is good to have in your deck.
Goblin DrillThe Goblin Drill is seeing an increase in win rate due to how good it is. After testing it out more, I am certain I’ll place it in the A-tier but for now, it rests here.
GolemThis is a decent card that can do well in almost all ranks. However, if you aren’t using a Golem deck, then don’t bother picking it up because there are better options out there.
BarbariansThis is a good card, especially in the lower ranks.
RocketThe Rocket deals a good amount of damage that is quite effective in the lower trophy matches.
PrincessOverall, a solid card which can be quite effective in the right hands.
Skeleton DragonsThe Skeleton Dragons are great but when compared to other dragons, they do not perform that well.
Mother WitchAfter getting nerfed recently, the Mother Witch does not perform as well as it did before.
Bomb TowerMuch like most other buildings, the Bomb Tower rests near the top of the B-tier.
Ice SpiritThe Ice Spirit is a good card but it is not worth picking over the other spirits right now.
Goblin GiantThe Goblin Giant is a solid card that can perform really well. However, after the buffs to the Giant’s HP, the Goblin Giant isn’t as good as it used to be due to the better options available.
Goblin GangIt’s not that the Goblin Gang is a bad card, there are just better options available for you to avail. However, if you have no other choice, then definitely go for it!
Battle RamAnother case of the card not being bad but having better alternatives available for the player.
Inferno TowerThis is exactly like the Inferno Dragon but without mobility. That is the only reason it’s ranked this low. Otherwise, it is a great card to have.
FreezeWhile the spell is quite good, it doesn’t offer versatility for most decks. The only deck it is useful with is the lumberjack ballon freeze deck.
ArcherThe Archer is a card where I have nothing good to say about and nothing bad either. It is literally an average card that doesn’t make a difference if you use it or not.
XbowIt sits comfortably in the B-tier since it gives decent usefulness but there are so many better options out there for you.
CloneThis is a great way to swarm the enemy and make them panic. However, to balance it out, the HP of all the clones is quite less, making them easy to take down.
FirecrackerUnfortunately, this card isn’t that good right now. It is extremely situational and even then, there are better alternatives available.
RageThis spell is decent but it is quite situational. There are better spells out there.


The cards in this bracket do not seem as strong as others. Most of them are currently being slept on. Some of them can be really fun if given a chance.

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WitchThis is a decent card but there are so many better options out there.
ExecutionerThe Executioner is good – really good. However, the reason why he’s at C-tier is that you can choose the other 5 elixir cards and they’ll perform better.
Night WitchAfter getting nerfed, the Night Witch is not where she used to be before. Maybe after a buff or two, she will rise back up the ranks.
Giant SkeletonThis card used to be extremely good but it got nerfed to the ground a few updates ago. Now, it doesn’t perform well at all and is barely worth using.
GoblinsIt’s not that this is a bad card, you are better off using other variations such as the spear goblins that will help you out more.
Goblin HutThe Goblin Hut used to be one of my favorite cards in the game. However, ever since Supercell changed all the spawners, this card hasn’t been that good for me.
FurnaceJust like the Goblin Hut, this used to be one of the strongest building cards in the game. However, after getting nerfed, it lost its HP and total duration.
CannonThis card isn’t that good to use in high trophy matches. If you are new to the game, then it’ll do you good but ditch it as soon as possible.
Minion HordeThis card is good in low trophies but it will fall off later on. Plus, using it effectively can be quite difficult.
WizardThis might be a controversial spot for the Wizard but hear me out. The higher you go in trophies, the worse he performs. There are better options available in the 5 elixir cards.
Battle HealerThe Battle Healer is an average card that doesn’t nearly do enough on the battlefield. There are tons of better options that you can choose instead of her.
Elixir GolemThis card – alongside the Battle Healer – has not been performing well for quite some time now. They sit comfortably at the end of the C-tier.


The only thing I can say about these cards is that you should absolutely avoid them whenever you can. If you want to try them out, go right ahead but they won’t do you any good.

Barbarian HutTo be honest, there are so many better options out there so it’s not worth getting this card.
MirrorThis is an extremely difficult card to pull off in high-level matches. I’ve seen it being used to troll people.
The PumpThis is the absolute worst card of the game if you do not know how to effectively use it. On top of that, it isn’t even easy to use anyways.

Best Cards

Now that we’ve taken a look at the tier list, let’s check out some of the best cards that you can get in the game. Keep in mind that not all S-tier cards will be included here as some other cards are also quite good to have in your deck. If you are looking to play in ranked mode, you should include some of these cards – if not every one of them, in your deck.


The Valkyrie is a good card to have in your deck due to its high HP and good damage. Plus, having her on your team means that you don’t have to worry about the Mega Knight since she counters him. If you have been playing Clash Royale for some time, you’ll know that people often spam the Mega Knight in mid ladder.


This is one of the best cards to clear out a bunch of enemies. It deals a good amount of damage – especially when you upgrade it. On top of that, the card only requires 3 elixirs to use which is amazing as you can constantly spam it without any worries.

Archer Queen

This is probably the best card in Clash Royale right now. If you have her, definitely make sure to put her in your deck. She deals a lot of damage and has a good amount of HP as well. On top of that, it is worth spending all that elixir on her.

How Much Do Tier Lists Matter in Clash Royale?

While you might think that using any card will yield equal results, that is not the case in Clash Royale. Some cards will perform much better than others simply due to the fact that they are stronger or have been buffed in a recent patch.

With that said, though, if a certain deck or card is working for you, then continue using it regardless of where it is placed on the tier list.

Also, Clash Royale is a diverse game that undergoes alterations almost all the time. With so many changes, some cards excel to the S-tier while others drop to the bottom. 

Conclusively, tier lists do matter for games like Clash Royale since they will help you perform better.

Why Trust Us?

Being a Clash Royale player myself, I only shared my opinion while being zero percent biased throughout curating the Clash Royale tier list. Meaning I did not inject my own bias into the results; instead, only utilized my experience to put forth the most authoritative and well-informed content for aspiring players. 

I understand that tier lists are always subjective, which is exactly why this ranking of the best Clash Royale cards may or may not always resemble your preferences. Therefore, I look forward to having constructive discussions in the comments down below! 

Clash Royale Tier List

Those are the best cards in Clash Royale. We would love to know what you think and do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below if you think that some other card should be in S-tier or which card should be lower.

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