Clash Royale Redeem Codes (2022)

If you are an avid player of Clash Royale then you will know how important it is to utilize every resource available. Clash Royale adds new codes to the game in almost every major event and there are ways to claim them. While most of these codes are hidden under some sort of event, we have made the task easier by sorting them into one easy-to-read list for you.

The lists in this guide will include both active and expired codes. The codes in this guide have been tested working by the time of writing. If you encounter a dead code then make sure to let us know so we can update it. While expired codes can be annoying, there is no need to worry since there are enough codes available for you to use. With that said, let’s jump right in!

Clash Royale 2022 Redeem Codes

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Here are all the codes available for Clash Royale. Do note that some of these have a usage limit therefore if they don’t work then they might be over that limit if not expired. Some of these codes can be used as many times as possible however they are still limited to the once per user rule.

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With that said, here are all the active codes for Clash Royale 2022:

  • CLASHROYALEGEMS100 – Redeem: Gems
  • C5LLASHROYALEGEMS860 – Redeem: Gems
  • CLASHROYALEGEMS500 – Redeem: Gems
  • C5FLASHROYALEGEMS8F50 – Redeem: Gems
  • CLASHROYALEGEMS1092 – Redeem: Gems
  • 9FSCLASHROYALEGEMS160 – Redeem: Gems
  • 556CLASHROYALEGEMS – Redeem: Gems
  • 6856CLASHROYALEGEMS – Redeem: Gems
  • 5SD56CLASHROYALFEGEMS – Redeem: Gems
  • 8WWBKC9LIJ – Redeem: Gems
  • HNBSWLBBHU – Redeem: Gems
  • F4S4UDFC6P – Redeem: Gems
  • MBR9DGQ3ZP – Redeem: Gems
  • 45EYLM1FFA – Redeem: Gems
  • YJUQ9J7LU3 – Redeem: Gems
  • 8FXV5U1GYW – Redeem: Gems
  • AGT6WEEMGX – Redeem: Gems
  • HBLKSMQ00V – Redeem: Gems
  • OHMR7D8E2X – Redeem: Gems

How to Redeem Clash Royale Codes

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If you have no idea where to claim these codes then fear not! We have mentioned a step-by-step procedure for claiming these codes down below. Make sure to redeem as many codes as possible before the timer runs out! The process is fairly simple and shouldn’t take you more than 30 seconds. Here is how it works:

  • Open the game
  • Go to Shops menu
  • Click on any item and try to purchase
  • Click on Continue
  • Select Redeem Codes option
  • Enter the above codes
  • Click on Redeem
  • Confirm to claim your free rewards

If the above steps seem confusing, you can watch this detailed video below:

YouTube video

Expired Clash Royale Codes

This list contains all the expired codes for Clash Royale. These codes have been tested and are labeled as no longer working. Some of these have expired due to time while others have run out of claimable turns. Here is the list for all of these codes:

  • FIV98BOIE2
  • XU212C04JU
  • SH7FSJ491C
  • GLMQQ93X5C
  • 9G9DTMHD0M
  • 5Z0D1LAANO
  • R8O90ZMODV
  • 2D8D6VDJ7V
  • 0M32UB7CV0
  • C3335ZII1C
  • LUQ9Q4LDB8
  • 61TZQ940OC
  • 6GB03WRV59

Those are all the active and expired codes available to be claimed in Clash Royale. As aforementioned, we will update this list so make sure to keep an eye out for new codes. Let us know in the comments which code you used and what did you get.

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