What Happens if You Save Ranni the Witch in Elden Ring?

From Software games are chock-full of interesting and sometimes creepy characters. The game refrains from even hinting whether the NPC you come across is important or not. And sometimes, to many players’ dismay, these personalities have an overarching impact on the overall story of the game.

We treat these NPC’s cryptic quests just like any other character and occasionally lose out on huge chunks of hidden content in the game. One such NPC or quest in Elden Ring is Ranni, she has one of the most colossal impact on the world and should be given due attention. And if you are facing a problem beating a boss check out our Rennala boss guide.

Who is Ranni The Witch?

Elden Ring Ranni the Witch Rannis Rise Three Sisters

Just by looking at the picture, you must be wondering that’s not Ranni that is Renna, the witch that gives you the Spirit Calling Bell and Wolf summons at the Church of Elle location. Let me burst your bubble by saying they both are the same!

When you meet her the second time in Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes she will reveal her true identity i.e. Ranni and will ask you to complete a long-winded quest that involves teaming up with Blaidd the half-wolf NPC in the Mistwood as well. Check Blaidd’s quest here.

rannis rise full map elden ring wiki guide 600px edited
Ranni’s Rise Location

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What Happens If You Save Ranni the Witch?

After you have completed her whole quest involving Blaidd and many other characters you will have the Dark Moon Ring in your inventory and would have to locate Ranni’s actual body, which is in the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Upon interacting with the body Ranni will be freed from her inanimate existence and back to her living self.

Elden Ring Moonlight Altar Dark Moon Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Ranni 2

She will inform the player that she is now their partner or consort and will surely meet some other opportune time, also rewarding the player a Dark Moon Greatsword, the infamous From Software weapon. This future meeting is alluding to the new ending you can now unlock after this quest has been completed, the “Age of the Stars” at the end of the game.

Did you know about this ending? What ending did you get? Comment below and let us know. And for more Elden Ring content visit our dedicated section.

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