How to Respec in Elden Ring? (Detailed Guide)

With so many stats having such a huge impact on the build of your character in Elden Ring and with progression finding new and exciting spells and weapons that you can not use because of your current stat distribution, players are wondering how can they respec in Elden Ring to recreate their character essentially.

There are just so many options for approaching each encounter and so many ways of doing things that it’ll boggle your mind. Here we will try to put your mind at ease regarding the character respec.

Why to Respec in Elden Ring?

Previously in From Software games, the players had quite an extensive choice to build the character they wanted, but there was always that one area that felt weak in the grand scheme of the game like magic or faith. This time around in Elden Ring the choice dial is turned up to 11!

As soon as you start acquiring all these various things mentioned above, one of these items will grab your attention, you’ll be tempted to use it but your current spec sheet doesn’t allow you to make that call. Like if you come across a spell that sounds and looks amazing will not go with your strength build.

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This is quite a dilemma as you will be bypassing a whole new way of playing the game. But worry not Elden Ring does allow its players to change their stats multiple times so you can experiment to your heart’s content.

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How to Respec in Elden Ring?

Respec in Elden requires specific items that are available in very particular locations and scenarios. The key items necessary for this are:

  1. Great Rune of the Unborn: rewarded by defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, the second major boss and demigod in Elden Ring.
  2. Larval Tear: There are quite a few of these items in the game just have to find them or buy them from some merchants. Some are even available very early on in the game.

Great Rune of the Unborn

This item is related to a boss that is located in this major dungeon i.e. Academy of Raya Lucaria. Make your way through the dungeon to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library which houses Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, after you have defeated her the Grace will be unlocked and you can fast travel here anytime you want, this is where you will respec each time you want essentially.

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image 470
image 469

Larval Tear

The easiest and earliest Larval Tear you can acquire is located in the Village of the Albinaurics. This village will be accessible from the marsh surrounding the location. As soon as you approach the hill in the picture below, keep moving forward up the hill and soon you will reach the place with a well and a house, you will see a purple item, marked in the 3rd picture underneath, this is your Larval Tear.

image 471
image 472
Village entrance
image 474
First Larval Tear Location

Did you find the guide helpful? Which build did you respec to using this? Comment below and let us know.

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