Blaidd’s Quest and Locations in Elden Ring (Mistwood Wolf Man)

In true From Software fashion, Elden Ring doesn’t hold your hand when giving you the main story quest, so what hope can we have for all the NPC side quests dotted all over The Lands Between. The quests are many and clues are very cryptic to follow along. Here we will be looking at Blaidd’s Quest in Elden Ring, the Wolf Man of Mistwood.

As with any From Software side quest, you will be given vague information to follow and no proper waypoint or a map marker, you have to rely on the dialogue exchange with the respective NPC. Luckily we will be making things easier for you for Blaidd’s quests. And if you are wondering which class to pick up check out our class guide.

Blaidd’s Quest and Location in Elden Ring

Blaidd’s questline is available after you have visited the Mistwood forest location in East Limgrave. Once you have been here you will hear a faint wolf howl.

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Mistwood Forest

When you have heard this make your way back to Church of Elle and talk to Merchant Kale. There will be a new option to ask about the howling. Selecting this the merchant will tell you to locate the source of the howl and use the Finger Snap gesture that he will provide.

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Equip this gesture in your loadout and set off to Mistwood, specifically go to the Mistwood Ruins location. Standing near the tallest point of the ruin use the Snap Finger gesture and you will hear a loud growl and Blaidd, The Wolf Man will jump down in front of you. He will tell you that he is in search of someone named Darriwil and will give a reward if you locate him.

With this information in mind make your way southwest of this location and go to the Forlorn Hound Evergoal to trigger the boss fight with Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, the man Blaidd was looking for. Once you enter the evergoal and before actually starting the fight you can see a golden summon sign on the ground which can be used to bring Blaidd in this fight. Defeat the boss together and return back to the normal world and you will see Blaidd standing next to the arena. Here he will give you your reward a Somber Smithing stone [2]. Talk to him again and he will tell you of a Blacksmith on the Road to the Manor, and ask you to tell him “Blaidd has sent you”.

This will complete Blaidd’s quest but wait there is more. The continuation of his quest is linked with Renna or Ranni the Witch, whom you’ll locate at Ranni’s Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. She will instruct you to aid Blaidd in his quest.

Blaidd will be located at the Siofra River, the entrance to which is near Mistwood. Take the lift down to the Siofra River and make your way forward until you reach another lift that will take you to another section. The location of Blaidd is marked on the map below. Here he will ask you to accompany him to a tournament in Redmane Castle. All this is required for Renna’s quest too.

image 12
Siofra River Entrance

Make your way to Redmane Castle in the Caelid region. Here you have to fight a boss, Starscourge Radahn. Upon defeating him move to Mistwood to find a huge hole in the ground where you enter to continue Renna’s quest.

Once you have completed Renna’s quest go to Ranni’s Rise, and you will see Blaidd at the entrance. Going near him will trigger a fight with him as he is now a hostile NPC. Defeating him will reward you his sword and armor set. Talk to the aforementioned Blacksmith and you will be given the reason behind this sudden change of heart.

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