Elden Ring Staff Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked (Update 1.05)

Elden Ring features one of the best collection of weapons, sorcery magic, etc. Every weapon is unique from its animations or move sets to the stat meta they have in the background. Many times we opt for these weapons out of just aesthetic preference and forget that there is much background information that if we are aware of we’d make a more effective choice.

In this list, we are going to educate you magic/Intelligence inclined folks to make that perfect decision when you are choosing your hand dandy Staff. Each staff has its particular purpose if you read its descriptions but some just outshine the rest of them. For an Intelligence, build check out our Warrior Mage build guide.

Update: This tier list has been updated to include the new balance changes from Elden Ring Patch 1.05. You can see through the new list below.

Best Intelligence Staves Tier List for Elden Ring

We have come to the conclusion here in this list after much research so do hear us out before you reject any of our picks. There are staves that you may like and some that serve a specific role exceptionally well but our concern is the best and most effective staff overall. Do tell us your picks in the comments below.

The list will be divided into three sections with S-tier being the greatest of them all in every general category like scaling and stats, while other tiers will give options that are role-specific and can be utilized depending on your preference. So let’s get down to it!

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Academy Glintstone Staff

This staff is your low-key winner of this competition. Found in the Raya Lucaria Academy this staff will have a humble beginning and most likely be disregarded by most players. But level this staff to +13 and +14 and you will realize it starts to surpass anything the game has to offer staff-wise. The base Intelligence and Sorcery Scaling is the best, compared to other base staves, and will only get better with each upgrade.

A perfect staff that you can carry throughout the game with each subsequent upgrade making it effective against those high-level baddies of the later game.

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Astrologer’s Staff

Another sleeper hit in this tier is the starting staff of the Astrologer class and can be underestimated very easily considering it a default weapon. But as you upgrade it, it will show you that in terms of sheer numbers and stats this staff is second to the Academy staff mentioned before. So pump this bad boy at the smiths and bask in the glory of this might humble staff.

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Meteorite Staff

Found in the Caelid Region, this staff is the best thing your mage can find early on, you can beeline to it right from the beginning of the game without any fight. It has the best Intelligence (S) and Sorcery Scaling (248) that you can get at the start of the game and can carry you through much of the journey. Also if you are fond of using gravity sorcery like Rock Sling then this staff can be in the S-tier for you.

Mind you this staff cannot be upgraded at any smith so there is a point where other staves will overtake this when they are upgraded enough. Though this staff can be your backup choice until you are collecting all the necessary resources to upgrade your main staff.

image 61

Lusat’s Glinstone Staff

Found after killing Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest boss. This staff is a weird one. The initial Intelligence requirement is huge and it is upgraded with Somber Stones. Also, it has another doozy, it costs 50% more FP to cast each spell with this staff on the contrary the damage output is greater too.

This staff is recommended for players that prefer to keep higher FP flasks and have massive Mind investment, or if you are rocking Cerulean Hidden Tear talisman that eliminates all FP consumption for some time to truly take advantage of that enhanced damage without the downside of the FP running out early.


image 62

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

Another early great staff you can find in the Weeping Peninsula that has good stat scaling for an early mage build. This staff can too carry you to the mid-game if you choose to not journey through the Caelids for the Meteorite staff. This staff will soon be underpowered when you start coming across better staves.

Which staff is your favorite? What kind of build are you playing with? Comment below and let us know. And for more Elden Ring content, news, and guides visit our dedicated section.

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