Elden Ring Astrologer Class: Sorcerer Supreme Build

With so many ways of playing Elden Ring, you would surely end up scratching your head when you are presented with the initial class selection screen. Select your perfect class by consulting our class guide article. For those of you who have selected the Astrologer class or are interested in playing a strong magic build, we have got you covered right here.

This build will be specifically for those who prefer magic staff over any kind of weapon and more often than not stay at range from their targets. So if this rocks your boat than let’s get down to it, sharpen your staff my fellow mages! If you are confused with what build guide to go with in Elden Ring, we have a complete ranked tier list for the best builds.

Astrologer Class Guide: Sorcerer Supreme Build

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The Astrologer class is the perfect choice for this specific kind of build style. This class will start you off with a good kit combination that compliments the whole mage image. The spell specific items you get with this are:

  • Glintstone Pebble: a magical projectile to take out one-off enemies at range, a very reliable spell that you can carry throughout your adventure.
  • Glintstone Arc: a wide projectile that moves through enemies, perfect for lined up and multiple enemies making their way towards you.

You might be wondering that Prisoner class is another magic inclined class, so why not choose this for the build? The Prisoner is a hybrid hence its forte isn’t just sorcery, it’s mixed with melee too. And the fact that this class’s starting spells won’t be as useful as Astrologer’s. It will take some time for Prisoner to accumulate the spells perfect for this build.

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And as for the Keepsake always choose Golden Seed to give yourself another HP/FP charge. In this case, another Cerulean or FP flask will make all the difference considering its usage for casting spells, giving you further incentive to use more magic.

Upgrade Preference

The stats that you should focus on while building this class are:

  • Intelligence: This is your primary magic stat, so give preference to this the most as it further boosts your spells’ capabilities and even complements any magic scaling Ashes of War.
  • Endurance: As you stay behind and cast away you will be consuming stamina as well, so upgrade this stat to give yourself enough stamina to deal magic and dodge away when danger is near. 15 to 20 levels are more than enough.
  • Vigor: Level this enough so that you can take a major hit or two especially one-shot attacks, again your goal is staying out of enemy range so more health will ultimately be wasted levels as you won’t be needing it.
  • Mind: This will increase your FP bar, giving you more resources to cast spells and consume flasks efficiently.
  • Dexterity: This stat should be leveled up on and off as more dex will lead to lesser casting speeds.

Equipment And Spells


First things first you would want to switch to a better performing staff than your default one. There is one in Weeping Peninsula, acquired by killing a mini-boss called the Demi-Human Queen Staff, this staff will have much better Intelligence scaling than your original one. Upgrade this staff even further on smiting table to enhance output.

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Demi-Human Queen Staff Location


To start things off you must first get acquainted with more types of spells. As soon as you are roaming about exploring the world and have completed the starting bunch of activities, make your way to the Waypoint Ruin location and inside a cellar, there will be a boss, take him down to proceed. After the boss, you will open a door and behind it will be Sorceress Sellen, she is your spell merchant.

She will have many basic spells at the start and you can grow her collection early on too by getting the Royal House Scroll from a nearby location just south of the waypoint ruins, marked in the picture below. Give this item to Sellen to expand her inventory.

The spell you should consider using the most is Glintstone Pebble. The benefits of this spell are mentioned before and should not be underestimated considering the FP cost, the damage it deals with, and the casting speed is tremendous. Buy any other spell from the spell merchant and use it to your heart’s desire. Do always consider the damage you are inflicting and the FP cost to single out the best cost to performance spells in your arsenal. Some spells have hold-down or rapid tapping bonuses, holding or tap L2/LT, that either chain more attacks or do a charged attack that deals much greater damage.

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Memory Slots will let you equip or memorize more spells so you can broaden your magic arsenal. The more you explore this world the more chances of coming across memory slots so just play along and sooner or later you will come in contact with these.

How to Play Sorcerer Supreme

For this Sorcerer Supreme build one thing you should keep in mind is that it demands that you stay at range and pummel your enemies with all sorts of ranged spells, and maintain the FP resource accordingly. The use of melee or close combat is highly discouraged. To support this type of playstyle you should allocate your flask appropriately, giving this build motivation to be a caster primarily. A 90:10 FP/HP ratio respectively is advised for flask allocation.

The goal here is to never approach a fight at melee range, you just have to sit back and let the enemies do all the hard work of coming towards you. Considering the weak health and armor of this build it’s very likely that you’ll be defeated swiftly by enemies, so stay out of it. And if you are not getting hit that often then there is another good reason not to carry around more HP flasks than necessary. Also, the fact that defeated mobs of enemies reward you with the flasks back is another rationale to keep your focus on FP flasks.

How are you liking this build? What builds are you guys rocking in Elden Ring? Comment below and let us know. And for everything Elden Ring related visit, our Elden Ring section.

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