Apex Legends Mobile Characters Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile is out on both Android and iOS and gamers are getting in on the fun and enjoying the game’s launch and all of its Characters. With each character/Legend having its set of distinct abilities, players are wondering which ones are the best.

Each Legend serves a purpose in the team composition. The best combination of a team that compliments each other’s abilities and skills usually finds its way to the winner screen. We will be compiling all the Legends in tiers considering the benefits to the team. To know how to set up your HUD in Apex Mobile, take a look at our detailed guide!

Apex Legends Mobile Characters Tier List

The following list features all the characters available right now in Apex Legends Mobile. We will be ranking these legends based on their practicality and usage and also talk about an all-new exclusive legend; Fade. We will be covering his abilities in detail and placing him within our tier list at a suitable spot as well.

Apex Legends mobile Characters

D Tier

These Legends just function, to say the least. Their abilities are very underpowered and need a buff ASAP to become a viable part of the team.


apex legends mobile character guide8

Mirage just doesn’t do enough for the team, his power set is very selfish and could have been beneficial if there was a solo game type. His clones are useless and don’t serve a purpose other than the occasional surprise element. His ultimate is fine but it’s very easy to spot the real Mirage. Going invisible while reviving is strong but that too can be easily detected by a vigilant opponent team. This character needs to be buffed severely.

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These are average Legends that are helpful at times but need some sort of a buff to increase their effectiveness.


apex legends mobile character guide4

Lifeline’s care package ability does provide some significant upgrades but it takes ages to drop and it signals the whole map of your location. Her ability to revive with a drone is great. Though her drone healing tactical makes you stationary till your health is filling, essentially making you sitting ducks if it could have followed you while healing, this character would be exceptional at support. Her care package ultimate needs to have more utility like a respawn point built in it.

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B- Tier

These characters are good for what they are; they provide some benefit to the team and are useful in some specific situations; they can be buffed for extra utility.


apex legends mobile character guide2

His jump pad ultimate has been nerfed to make more noise alerting enemies of your location and actions, removing all elements of surprise. His speed boost takes a lot of health from him and takes time to recover. Though this is one of the best mobility characters in Apex Legends. Players are expected to play with him very smartly to truly take advantage of his abilities.


apex legends mobile character guide1

Her smoke screen ability disrupts the flow of the fight and can be used both offensively and defensively. She can run faster when someone starts shooting at her for her to get out of trouble quickly. Her ultimate can only be launched when outdoors and from the moment they drop to when they detonate a vigilant enemy has enough time to get out of the vicinity. If your team is using Bloodhound then they can take advantage of her smoke ability.


Pathfinder - Apex Legends Mobile

This legend is severely affected by his useless passive. His ultimate is great for zip-lining the whole team to advantageous positions. His tactical ability can be utilized in some crazy acrobatic plays. But that passive is just lacking to say the least, players can make a run for the next circle quite easily so pre-knowledge of that is just unnecessary, especially considering that can be replaced with actual useful ability.


These characters are very useful in skirmishes and if they are partnered with an S-tier Legend and played to their strengths they can become quite a force.


Caustic - Apex Legends Mobile

There is a saying in Apex that you can only takedown Caustic with a Caustic because of that insane gas ability. He is amazing at holding down rooms and making places inaccessible to enemies. The panic of his gas is enough to disperse fights. His ultimate can be deadly when used in the right circumstances. His gas barrels are hard to destroy and players can get fixated at taking them down, so you can surprise them.


Wraith - Apex Legends Mobile

A consistently great legend, this character’s abilities are top-notch. Her portal ability is amazing for exiting and entering fighting zones and can be played both offensively and defensively where the team can rotate in and out of the skirmish. Her invisibility tactical is great for getting out of combat and getting to safe grounds. And the whole team can benefit from the knowledge of her passive.


Fade - Apex Legends Mobile

Fade is the newest mobile-exclusive legend being introduced to Apex Legends Mobile. He is a super soldier coming into the Apex games from the Solace. He has a phase shift ability and an ultimate that can lock down enemies. Overall, Fade rewards an aggressive playstyle and can be used in team compositions instead of Bangalore or Octane.

He has a passive that allows him to gain a small speed boost and leave trails behind him to confuse enemies. Fade’s tactical ability allows him to teleport back to his previous location (up to 60 meters). Based on these abilities and how unique and aggressive his playstyle is, we have placed him in the A Tier.

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There needs to be one of these Legends in your team, a must-pick, you can say. Sometimes they are too powerful, and you see most players rocking these characters.


apex legends mobile character guide

My main Legend. This guy’s scan ability is the best in-game, and knowing where your enemy is is the name of the game. He can constantly ping enemy locations and you and your team can react accordingly. He can even spot the actions players have performed in a location and track them easily if they have slipped away. His ultimate makes him super fast and spot enemies easily even through gases or smokes, perfect for that Predator feeling.


apex legends mobile character guide3

Gibby! This guy’s effectiveness lies in that dome shield tactical, that can be placed anywhere at any time for unrivaled protection within which you can revive teammates faster, perfect for those tense endgame circle teammate down situations. Emergency healing, teammate down, and bad position can all be tackled by placing the shield dome, very useful in every situation. His arm shield can protect him from some pesky bullets, and his ultimate is a fast-acting rain of fire, a true damage dealer.

Which Legend is your favorite? What tier list do you have in mind? Comment below and let us know. And for more Apex Legends Mobile content, visit our Guides section.

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