Best Apex Legends Mobile HUD Layout: 4 Fingers Claw Grip

In case you haven’t heard yet, Apex Legends Mobile is now finally out today for Android and iOS devices after a long beta testing since several months. With an already established name in the battle royale circle, mobile players are dying to get their hands on this one and we are here to tell you how to exactly put your hands on this game/screen.

To play mobile shooters at a pro-level it’s highly advised that you customize those controls according to how these professionals play. And with practice, you would surely be winning tournaments one day. Here we will discuss the best HUD layout for Apex Legends Mobile along with the control settings you should go for.

Best Apex Legends Mobile HUD Layout

Right now, Apex Legends Mobile is slowly rolling out today to all the players all around the world. You can download it from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or the direct APK from here. The players with fast fingers and reflexes are really taking advantage of the unique movement of this game, being able to replicate the same kind of gameplays and moves that a keyboard / mouse player or someone with a controller can execute.

For you to compete with these kinds of pros you have to rise to their level and the first step is to make that HUD clutter more efficient. The better your button placement and HUD layout will be the better you will be able to go toe to toe with these kinds of players.

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The first thing you should practice is to start using and playing shooter games with a 4 Finger Claw. It’s when you use your index and thumb of both hands to hit multiple buttons and broaden your control potential. See the exact placement of your fingers in the picture above.

maxresdefault 3 edited
4 Fingers Claw

After you are acquainted with the claw, for Apex Legend Mobile you should place all the HUD buttons according to this playstyle. The best advice is that you should group frequently used buttons close to each other within a comfortable reach of the finger. Place the buttons according to your preference. The best way for us proved to be this:

  • Top Left Side: Aiming at the top, crouching in the bottom right, and ability in the bottom left.
  • Bottom Left Side: Movement stick and dash/sprint on top to keep all mobility at one corner.
  • Top Right Side: Jump and Ultimate ability side by side, while firing button next to jump.
  • Bottom Right: Reload, door opening, melee, and looting buttons are all here.
image 55
HUD Layout

Mix the button combination according to your preference and comfort, the most important advice was the 4 Finger Claw.

Is this HUD layout helping you out? How many kills are your best? Comment below and let us know. And for more gaming content check out our website.

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