Disney Dreamlight Valley Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds | PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch

You can find the list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley known issues, bugs and glitches that have been acknowledged by the developers at Gameloft. Set in the world of Disney and Pixar heroes and villains, Dreamlight Valley is a new life-sim adventure game where you explore the world, discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood. In case you missed it, we have a very comprehensive DVV Cooking and recipes guide!

As we know the game has just launched in Early Access, that means you can expect a fair amount of bugs in the game. But this is the entire purpose of it, that developers can iron out all the quirks before the big launch of Disney Dreamlight Valley (DVV) on all supported platforms. It is available right now on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. There is a Mac version in development, which will launch at a later date.

Update 1 (Scar’s Kingdom Update): This free content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about bug fixes, optimizations and overall improvements to the game along with some new game content. Read the full Scar’s Kingdom Update patch notes here.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Known Issues and Bugs

Disney Dreamlight Valley Known Issues and Bugs
Disney Dreamlight Valley

The current list we’ve concocted so far is a culmination of user reports alongside an official list as well. This list has been updated as of September 12, 2022. If you are going through an issue other than these, please let us know in the comment and we’ll surely add them!

Here’s a list of all the current bugs and issues currently present in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Steam Deck issue; is Disney Dreamlight Valley playable on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is not officially supported, so stay tuned.

While you may technically be able to play Disney Dreamlight Valley on Steam Deck, this platform is not officially supported yet. You might encounter issues that will be solved in later updates.

I am in Australia or New Zealand and get “Error #7” on game launch.

There is a fix coming soon!

Some players situated in New Zealand and in some states of Australia may experience a game stuck on loading if they quit the game while having the “Well Fed” active buff. This buff appears when you eat a lot of cooked meals and you get the “Golden energy bar” on top of your normal energy bar.

This bug will be fixed in upcoming update.

Online Desynchronization issue

This will be fixed soon.

Due to some temporary online issues at launch, profiles desynching between game and platforms may occur. Few players may encounter weird behavior (for Founder Pack and Star Path) and be under the impression that:

– They cannot claim a Founder’s Pack.
– They received an additional Founder’s Pack.
– They do not have the right amount of Moonstones displayed in the Star Path menu.
– The Star Path menu behaves oddly (ie. Something does not unlock).

All these problems are visual temporary problems and not “real back end problems” caused by the game being synched with another temporary account. They can usually be resolved by rebooting of the game (fully closing the game and launching it from the console/pc launcher).

There are not enough Dream shards in the Valley for me to finish a quest.

Not enough Dream shards, eh?

Players can gather Dream shards from:

– Removing Night Thorn (10 new Night thorns appear every day)
– Feeding small critters their favorite things (Warning: you can feed a critter only once a day)

Despite this, some player may be unlucky and feel they do not collect Dreamshard quickly enough. We are working on this. Dream shards drop rates will be increased in an upcoming update. In the meantime, a little gift of 40 Dream shards were sent to everybody in your mailbox. We advise keeping them cautiously for requests! 🙂

PlayStation users cannot port their Avatar via Avatar Code.

PlayStation users will be able to port avatar at a later date.

While PlayStation users cannot currently use their Avatar Code, they will be able to port their avatar at a later date. Even if you create your avatar now and import your avatar later, you will be able to import your outfit/touch of magic creation. At this stage, you will also receive the unique Jersey that comes with Avatar importation.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clothing clipping with other clothing.

You may run into some issues with clothing clipping through others (most notably skirts with pants or shorts worn underneath). This is a minor cosmetic issue that has no effect on gameplay. Throughout early access we will continue to refine the game to address any issues such as this as they appear, while still offering our fans and Disney Dreamlight Valley players a wide-reaching list of fun customizable items for their avatars as we continuously better the game through player feedback.

Memory shard stuck in Merlin’s Home/Cave

We are aware of an issues that causes the Memory Shard in Merlin’s home (Peaceful Meadow) to get stuck in the wall, as well as another in the Cave system. We are looking for a resolution for this asap.

Cloud Save issues

There are some Cloud Save issues going on.

At this time, due to many players moving to Disney Dreamlight Valley at once, players may need to retry several times to create a Cloud Save account. We realize this isn’t ideal, and are working our magic behind the scenes to make this process smoother as soon as possible! We ask for your patience in the meanwhile, and will update when we have more details to share.

Cannot change clothing

Valid bug!

While we don’t have a fix for this immediately, a work-around is to jump into your Wardrobe and switch each item for all/most clothing slots (ie. head, neckwear, pants…) something else in your Wardrobe.

This bug will be properly addressed in an upcoming hotfix! A huge thank you to all that reported this.

Crashes on Nintendo Switch

Expect an update for Switch very soon.

Our team is working to improve stability as a top priority, and you can expect updates to be pushed over the next few days.

Switch – Claiming Blue Chests

Users cannot claim all Blue Chests. We are working to fix certain issues with online connectivity. The current workaround for this issue is rebooting the game. When you reboot you will NOT lose access to the chest, it will be in the same location it used to be.

Steam Deck issue; is Disney Dreamlight Valley playable on Steam Deck?

A workaround for the Steam Deck issue:

While you may technically be able to play Disney Dreamlight Valley on Steam Deck, this platform is not officially supported yet. You might encounter issues that will be solved in later updates.

At this time, we recommend that Steam Deck users do the following:

– Right click the game in your Steam Library
– Select Properties
– Select Compatibility
– Choose Enable
– Select “Proton Experimental”

NOTE: This is an updating post, we’ll be adding more issues and fixes as soon as they arise. Thank you for your support!

These are some of the most common issues currently occurring in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as found on the official DVV Discord and Support Center. As mentioned earlier, we’ll be updating this post as soon as we get our hands on more reports!

We would appreciate if you help us expand this post by mentioning the issue that you are facing in the comments below.

How to Report Bugs for Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are several ways how you can make sure your bug reports and findings make their way to the developers at Gameloft. You can report by the following methods:

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Support Center
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam Discussions

Disney Dreamlight Valley Updates / Patch Notes

Here is a list of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley updates and patch notes released so far to keep up with all the changes and adjustments. For now, the latest most update available to download is the following:

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now out in Early Access for the PC via Steam / Windows Store / Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. Even after spending the requisite dreamlight to unlock the beach and watching the thorns go away, the beach was still inaccessible. Leaving and returning revealed that the thorns are still there, but now there is no way to interact with the thorns or refund the spent dreamlight, completely barring off the entire biome.

    • The same thing just happened to me! Im so upset, I spent a lot of shards unlocking it. And now I can’t continue the cursed cave quest. I almost gave up completely cause of how unfair it seemed. Im relieved to hear I’m not the only one, I hope they fix this issue soon it has thrown my whole day off.

      • Same thing here. Kind of annoyed. I did read somewhere that you can move the wells though and that’ll give you access to blocked areas. I unlocked another area and am hoping it’ll allow me to move it so I can access the beach until the bug gets fixed.

    • This really isn’t a reply but I don’t know how to leave my own comment. There is a rare bug that happen to me that is locking me out of earning anymore pixar fest rewards. It’s acting like I didn’t already purchase the rewards even though I had. Now I can’t even Re-collect them cause it’s telling me it’s having a problem with the transition. All I can do is collect more pixar points and hope they can fix it before they end of the event.

      • I purchased the incredible squirrel and it’s not showing up to where I can use him as a companion. Also, some of my quests that I’ve completed is saying I need to complete them. I’m so frustrated. I’ve got the sunstone that I completed and it’s saying to cook it , and I already have

    • Xbox Series X
      Ok so I’m hearing a lot of issues are happening right now which is not a good sign. I’m still stuck with the same issue as I had last night. The Pixar fest event doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I bought the moon points and the item above it along with the archway. The next day it was acting like I didn’t buy the moon points or the item above it instead it was saying I only got the archway. So I bought the Premium with the 2500 moon points and I unlocked all the other tier one items and took a break for the night. This time I woke up to find out is dismay that not only was all the tier 1 items reset “Accept the archway” but the tier 2 I unlocked is now locked up again. I can’t do anything with the even until there is a fix. 🙁 Thank you to everyone who has suffered thru the worst bugs and gave all of us fellow gamers the kind warning of what is ahead. I tip my hat to you all 🙂

    • I had the same problem in sunlit I unlocked the thorns but couldn’t go in the area and then the thorns came back with no way to clear them again. I also have a memory shard stuck by scrooges desk. Like it’s half in the desk half out so I can’t reach it.

  2. I wanted to test out the lounge option on the new bed I placed in my home, all buttons stopped working except the camera turning. I couldn’t exit out or anything so after a while of not being able to figure out what just happened I had to restart the game. I play on the Xbox one. I just started playing today, Sept 11, I’ll be sure to comment anymore issues I run into.

  3. Hello, I have a bug when I added a room to my house it deleted a chest that was it front of it. Its not in my furniture inventory and it had quest items in it to progress.

  4. I am currently playing on ps5, when trying to open any of my pouches my game freezes and I can’t do anything! I have tried to reboot the game and start it back up but problem continues.

  5. Hi, I finished a quest with Ursula where you give her the magic scroll and ink kit. She then gives me some fish but the screen was blank and I have no fish in my inventory.

    • I have the same problem. Full inventory and couldn’t get the fish from her. Have you solved the problem? Do I need to restart the whole game because of this? I’ve come pretty far :((

  6. When trying to do the mission for Wall-E. I can’t pick up the lightbulb in his house, it won’t show text “pick up” or anything (A friendly exchange)

  7. On the quest ‘The spirits of nature’ i made the stone soup before putting orageno and basil in my inventory and cooked from my stored ingredients. The quest did not fast forward and now having collected the spices it asks me to cook the meal which is in my inventory but i dont have enough craggy rocks to make a second and so the whole quest line is stuck

  8. Xbox one x
    I can’t add rooms to my house. Every time I try the screen opens up allowing me to choose a size and name the room but clicking does notning and I can’t exit out of the screen at all, I have to force close the game itself.

    Also my game crashes at least once every hour or so, seemingly at random.

    • My game crashes literally ALL the time. I find myself saving constantly. I play on the Nintendo Switch and currently, my fishing rod won’t deploy even after rebooting.

      • tbh thats what u get for having the weaker system of the switfh which is way behind on modern technology and processesing power the devs should stop appeasing nintendo players cause u chose the worst powered console you should not be suppported at all honestly. Nintendo needs to get with the times or stop making consoles period

        • Who hurt you? It’s a console that’s not this person’s fault. The devs decided to support switch so now they have to fix these issues, and everything is glitchy, buggy, in every platform. Don’t act superior, try to help

    • I don’t know how to add my own comment sorry so leaving here.
      Fish in forest of valor aren’t respawning, I can’t collect herbs and crops are left half grown, I basically have all the issues related to time travel but I haven’t done that. Also as of today 14th of September the game just completely freezes multiple times making it almost unplayable and very un enjoyable. Thankfully I haven’t needed any herbs for my current quest but it’s starting to bother me as I know soon I will.

      • Hi Bree,
        I have the same issue. Nothing is respawning in the Valley no herbs, flowers, fish, thorns, rocks. And my carrots are all stuck half-way. I’ve tried time travelling to fix it- not worked.

        • I’ve read on another forum that time traveling actually causes more issues in the game than fixing anything. Try uninstalling and reinstalling.

          • I’ve tried this. Nothing works. It’s been days now! It’s making me not want to play anymore. I did start the time travel quest but I never finished it because all flowers won’t respawn. Literally none. I’m completely stuck. I’ve tried this moving the wells thing, nope. Uninstalling, nope. Doing as many quests as I can where flowers aren’t involved, nope! What do I do??

  9. Xbox one:

    I’ve played for a few days now, and today has been the most glitchy so far.

    Donald Duck’s A House Fit for a Duck quest: supposed to clean up items around Donald’s house boat, but a book spawned under his coffee table and it is unreachable

    Elsa’s What Home Feels Like quest: before I moved on to this portion of the quest line, I was fishing in the Glade during the rain, and caught a Glittering Herron. I didn’t have a use for it yet, but it had a little pink star quest icon on it, so I saved it. Once I completed my current task for Elsa, she asked me to then catch that fish while it was raining to make a recipe. I already have the fish, so it won’t respawn, but it won’t recognize I have it. It cannot be sold and I can’t progress without that task recognized as finished.

    Having a lot of issues with Ariel today. She disappears from each spot too quickly, as I approach her she swims away. I *finally* found Ariel and Wall-E together in the ocean to witness their collection exchange (I tried several times to get them in the same place together, prompting Wall-E to continue the conversation, with no success). But I still cannot talk with her to continue her search to find Eric in The Missing Prince quest line. She has a blue star above her head but each time I “talk” it just bounces me right back out of it.

    Having lots of issues with items in my bag getting stuck. I cannot drop, split, transfer, eat, or sell them. It happened first with a stack of cod fish, then a flower, and a stack of softwood. Each have been in different slots in my bag. The cod happened first, then after a while it just as mysteriously became unstuck. I dropped that, then gathered other things and had the flower and softwood become stuck just the same.

    Also, I have noticed a lot of problems with items (specifically hardwood and mushrooms) spawning in the other side of the Glade that was blocked off by the big mushrooms. There’s a quest line with Merlin to upgrade your watering can to get rid of them, but to progress you need a large amount of both those items. I did find a work-around for that (though I don’t know if that messes anything else up!)— going into your furniture mode and moving your fountain into the blocked area, then fast traveling to that side. Once I gathered all the necessary items and was able to get rid of the mushrooms, the spawn rate evened out throughout the whole significantly. I went two days with no hardwood or mushrooms spawning on the accessible side at all, so I don’t think I could’ve progressed without that work-around.

    I *think* this is everything I’ve encountered so far! It’s been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing how they add on and continue to improve the game!

  10. I have two issues one being a puzzle piece at the bottom if the cave stuck between two objects and I can not claim it. Another being that I didnt get a drop for a shiny object to complete the Fixing the boat quest.

  11. I just got the Quest to get the ingredients to upgrade my pickaxe so I can remove the ice for Elsa so she can get into her cave. Once I got the portion, Elsa was IN that cave with no way to get to her. Anna has completely disappeared from my Valley.

    I can’t use the blue stove that you get from Remy. I get the prompt to check it, but it backs out immediately.

  12. Hello! Playing on Xbox. Sometimes when trying to look at the map, or if trying to tab past the map, it will get stuck and freeze with no way to change tabs or exit. Only way to fix is to force close the game from the Xbox home screen.

    Oh, also, the home stove you get from getting Remy to friendship level 2 cannot be used. When you click to cook, it changes to the screen showing the cooking pot and then instantly zooms back out to the regular screen.

  13. I cannot pick up the lightbulb in the “A friendly exchange” quest and Elsa is stuck inside the cave. I cannot give her the potion in “Breaking the Ice”

  14. Every single quest I’ve done has had a bug. Mickeys Foodception, he never gives me the stove. So when I got a stove from Remy I thought I was in the clear. Well when I put the stove in my house. Won’t let me cook. With Remy and the Restaurant Makeover, Remy isn’t even in the restaurant to talk to. And in Scrooge McDuck’s grand re opening he doesn’t recognize I made the flower pots. Now I have no pots to make more and I can’t get enough shards to open a land with clay. argh I’m so annoyed. I’m playing on the switch. Please I hope they fix it soon.

  15. X Box XS:
    I’m having an issue with the Restoring the Sunstone quest. I buried the Dusk Fragment on the Forgotten Lands like requested and watered it, within 24 hrs nothing has happened and the quest is telling me to take it back to Mother Gothel. Other than that the game is awesome, I’m having trouble putting it down.

    • I’m having an issue on the same Quest but with the ‘Gleaming’ Dawn fragment recipe. I didn’t bother collecting the ingredients in my inventory (to complete the first stage of the quest) before starting the recipe. Just relied on the fact that the cooking pot can access my storage from anywhere, and I had all the ingredients in storage.

      So now I have a gleaming Dawn fragment, but the quest log thinks I still need to craft one. I can’t cook it again because I need a regular (non-gleaming) Dawn fragment for the recipe.

    • I am having the exact same problem! It is telling me to return the Gleaming Dusk Fragment to Mother Gothel but I can’t dig it back up with the Shovel. I can dig all around it but not the actual spot itself. So I won’t be able to finish her Friendship quest line until they fix it.

      • Xbox

        This is only ACTUAL game breaking bug that seems to happen for everyone. Ive scoured the internet and it seems no one has finished this quest.

        The game glitches as soon as you plant the shard. You are supposed to tend to the shard for a full day like a plant but the quest skips a step and goes straight to delivering the shard, which locks out the quest.

        It seems all of the other bugs vary from system to system or by chance. But is the only one where I cannot find someone actually getting to the end of this quest line.

          • Yeah same here, planted it and watered it and now it’s stuck. It’s definitely been completed because I clicked on a walk-through in case I was missing something and theirs didn’t bug out 🙁 mine has been in the ground for 24hrs now with no change!

    • On PC just encountered this bug. Im guessing it grows instantly but we arent able to see/harvest it. Idk. I just wanted to finish all the quests

  16. Mickeys Food emotion Quest

    I had Mickey give me his first quest! Got the wheat, recipe for fruit salad and crackers. He stood in the garden for me to plant the wheat. I tried to read the recipes and I could not get it done. After I read it it would show in my back pack. After much frustration I changed the quest and followed Merlín to the entrance of the castle and did Remys quest. Completed, house in place and all done.

    I saved the game turned back on and I found bananas in place of the recipes, my chest was in Merlin’s garden and Mickey is still in the garden telling me how to plant seeds! This is day 2 of the game. And even after I changed the quest back to Foodception nothing has happened! I even cooked the recipes in Mickeys Kitchen hoping it would help him move on but no luck !

  17. In “the spirits of nature” quest, if you cook the soup before physically have the items in your bag (but have them in your chest) it won’t register that you made the soup. Then when you get the two other ingredients it still doesn’t register and it won’t let you pick up anymore craggy rocks to make the soup again

  18. On Switch

    Having the same issue with the Feels like home quest. Already caught the fish but not being recognized nor will spawn again.

    Watering can not strong enough to clear the mushrooms to go across the bridges though that is what Merlin said it would do.

    When getting the special harvest, items disappear before timer music ends so can not collect them all.

  19. The first quest after placing Donald’s house is to help him clean up. One of the items spawned between his couch and coffee table and is inaccessible. No way to progress with that quest without it. I also have a problem where Ariel is always far out in the ocean or in an inaccessible part of a location when the game is telling me to talk to her. Sometimes I can’t talk to her even when she is in her home.

  20. Okay I’ve been playing for a few days now and want to note the bugs and workarounds that I’ve found.

    1. Emeralds literally never spawn. I know they spawn specifically in Glade and the swamp place, and I’m mining every single black Rock around the map, but I’ve only had one emerald in the entire time I’ve played. Seems like a low spawn rate for something that is required to progress friend quests.

    2. Ursula. This may be a feature, but the only way I can talk to her is by fishing the ocean until she randomly pops up next to me. She’s never home or swimming around anymore. This happened after I built her house.

    3. Infinite load glitch. When exiting furniture placement outdoors, it shows the loading symbol and flashes my screen repeatedly. I am unable to leave this screen and can see the game continuing around me.

    4. Dreamlight shards are like the rarest things in the game, which is odd for a game that is completely based around needing them. I didn’t get any bonus shards in the mail either. Waiting an entire 24 hours for 10 thorns to spawn and for all of them to drop seeds or coins is absolutely unacceptable.

    1. Accessing blocked areas. Go into furniture mode and move your fast travel wells to the blocked areas.

    2. Fruit trees/bushes. Again, furniture mode and grab the bushes or trees and place them in a group somewhere near your foraging friend. I used Scrooge for mine.

  21. I received the stove and hood. When I try to cook with it the game does nothing but kick me out of cooking but I still need to press b several times before I can interact with anything. I think the game thinks I am still in cook mode. Only happens with the stove and hood combo. Xbox One X

    • This also happened to me. Built another room on my house, put the stove and hood in it, when i try to cook, the camera spins to the back of the stove/hood, then immediately spins back to me. But then i have to leave my house before i can access inventory, tool wheel, etc. had to go to remy’s restaurant to cook anything. This is on a PS5.

      • Same exact thing happens to me on the Switch.

        I also havean issue with zero wood spawning in the forest for several days and very little in the glade

  22. Remy never asks for the furniture kit and won’t go to the restaurant unless I want to buy something or cook. He stays in his house. Can’t progress this story line.

    • I had this issue and then, after completing the level 6 quest for Kristoff, Remy suddenly appeared in Kristoff’s house and the glitch had disappeared. I went to the restaurant and he was there!!

  23. Quest *Spoiler Alert*

    I am stuck on Elsa’s quest The Ice Cavern Mystery, I have the quest items in my backpack inventory. But they will not mark as having them on the quest progress tracker. It won’t allow me to place the items like the game doesn’t recognize I have them even though they are there.

    • Same issue, however I have placed all items except the Arendellian Extra-Pickled Herring. The item is marked as a quest item in my inventory, but it’s grayed out like non-quest items when I try placing it. It won’t allow me, and I’ve tried removing it from inventory to house storage, quitting and entering the game, etc.

  24. I picked up the fishing rod, game crashed and now fishing rod is not on ground or in inventory 🥲. Idk if I have to restart now or not

  25. Elsa is stuck in her house. The “breaking the ice quest” part where you are supposed to give her the vial of warmth of summer. I went in my house to craft it and all that. When I exsited she was already in her home so I can’t get to her and give it to her because of the ice.
    And maui’s quest is glitched because in “demigod of the wind and sun” ‘fish where the island used to be’ it is so close to the boat when I try to fish there it blocks it like a wall. I can’t complete it.
    This is infuriating. I have already restarted once because of the shard problem. And I didn’t even use the shards the first time they disappeared out of my chest after moving things around my house and it crashing the game. It crashes every 2 hours. And that isn’t included how often I restart it myself because a quest doesn’t want to register and prompt characters. I had to restart it 3 times when doing mickeys quest where he is supposed to go to the picnic to progress with Minnie.

    • I had the same issue with Maui’s quest, I had actually unlocked everyone but Eric at this point. I thought I locked out my game. But I did find a solution, or got extremely lucky.

      The golden spot was right under the boat and even if you catch it all the way on the left edge, I still get a head shake. However, I jumped on the boat, that takes me to where I found Ariel, and came back. I did this 3-4 times and somehow the golden spot moved to where I could fish it out. Hopefully this works for you

      • thank you much… I was so frustrated with this quest because I couldn’t fish in the circle due to the boat.. I was about to give up when I decided to look up if anyone else had this issue and saw your response. Muchly appreciated with this quest completed thanks to you.

    • Not sure if it’ll work for you, but I was able to fish the Demigod of the Wind and Sun spot after embarking on the boat and returning. The spot seemed to move over a little afterwards.

  26. PS4

    Started playing a few days ago and everything was fine until yesterday. My character glitches out when I try to run forward (any other direction is okay) and my quest with Minnie “The Language of Flowers”. My pockets were full when I went to start this quest, so when she handed me the pot, my inventory said it was full and I never received the pot. Now i’m stuck on this friendship quest, where it won’t acknowledge that I have NOT received the pot from Minnie 🙁

  27. Xbox one.

    I can’t pick any herbs, fish are not spawning and my crops are stuck at a halfway grown stage.
    I’ve tried quitting the game entirely and loading back up but this hasn’t helped.
    It’s been since unlocking the sunlit plateau 🙁

  28. Playstation 5.
    Multiple bugs here.
    1: All dresses are bugged. Legs gets deformed or disappears beneath them. And other dresses like the one from Ariel’s rank 10 quest doesn’t show at all, instead it makes my character’s torso invisible.
    2: Minnie’s rank 10 quest isn’t appearing on either the quest screen or above her head outside.
    3: Various items from treassure chests fell straight into rocks, trees, etc. in the overworld and disspeared.
    Multiple other issues, but they are already acknowledged.

  29. Hi!

    So for some reason, my apples trees and raspberry bushes won’t spawn more fruits 🙁 there are some crops that I planted and I am also unable to harvest them. I don’t have night thorns spawning everyday either. And I have been able to feed the squirrels for days 🙁 is there any way to fix it, I would hate to start a new game.

  30. I’m so annoyed by these bugs I’ve noticed a few glitches and such but the one that is messing with me bad is the cavern one where you have to plant the tomatoes, carrot and wheat I did that went to the next part broke the rocks got the recipe read the stone cooked my ingredients there in my inventory but the door won’t open at all I’ve tried it 2x made all the ingredients still won’t open. Now I can’t get tomatoes any where to replant. At this point I’m stuck I can’t do anything else.

  31. On switch:
    The workaround for claiming blue chests by doing a complete reboot doesn’t work at all for me. I haven’t been able to open a single one.

    • So I was having the same issue.. still am.. kind of. Here is what happened, when I got the game, I couldn’t log into cloud account. It kept telling me I was logged in as : and then it would give me a crazy sequence number. I noticed my switch date was wrong. I had a future date set on the switch as 9/20(because of animal crossing) anywho.. I changed it to current date and that fixed the cloud issue. I was able to log on via cloud save but then my fruits werent spawning. I needed raspberries for Remy and I was stuck. So I changed my date from switch to a future date again 9/25 but the cloud wouldn’t work again, I still logged in to play and noticed all trees and bushes had fruit again! I changed the date back to current date.. and voila, I log into the cloud save account again and play “online” but my tress and bushes are empty again!!! Looks like I am going to have to be teleporting to the future to get some ingredients… sucks but at least I got my raspberries lmao.

  32. I’m encountering an issue with the quest The missing Prince . I placed prince erics statue and nothing is popping up, no memory has come out after I placed it. So I’m stuck on that and no way to progress the quest line without that memory orb 🤦‍♀️ I’ve tried restarting the Game, take the statue out and putting it back and still nothing 🤷‍♀️

  33. Over the past 36 hours I plant crops in one biome, water them, go plant in another one and the first ones are needing watering every time I change to a different biome it’s like im just hopping from one site to the next, it’s taken all day for me to

  34. All the spices (ex. Basil, mint, mushrooms and ect.) that show up for each biome are stuck and not able to be picked up. They appear but I can’t pick them or move them. My fishing spots have not respawned in the marsh since yesterday. Not sure what that is about.

  35. So I’ve maxed out Mickey and I ‘should’ have his reward but it’s not anywhere to be seen. And I can’t buy it from Scrooge as the item isn’t there. Shame cos it’s a really good fountain too and I wanna see what it’d look like in the plaza

    • I thought this happened for me too when I maxed out multiple in of my characters, including Mickey merlin and goofy, but I think they actually give you the reward after you complete certain quests for them, not instantly as you get them to level ten like the other rewards.

  36. I know that stuck objects has been reported, but just to make sure this specific instance gets reported- a memory shard from collecting the vegetables grown at the second riddle in the cave got stuck in the coral for me.

  37. I’m playing on series x, and when I was in Moanas world trying to sail to the different areas to find the lamp to clear the mist, every area I went to had trees and bushes all over the sky, going out into the distance, it didn’t affect play, but I haven’t seen that very noticable bug mentioned anywhere else.

  38. PC
    The objects in Donald’s house for his quest are stuck and I can’t get it. I’ve tried going in and out of the house as well as restarting my game but the pot is still stuck under the coffee table.

    I searched hardwood spawns and it says Forest of Valor but my forest isn’t spawning in any at all as well.

    • Try going between the bookshelves keep spinning while mashing a (or whatever button on PC picks things up) o did that and was able to get the item under the table at Donald’s house. Goodluck

  39. I have a issue where I attempted to change the location of Maui’s house one day after placing it. His house completely disappeared. It isn’t in my Furniture inventory or anywhere else for that matter. I hope in the future there’s a way to get his house back. Fortunately Maui is still in the game. Also the cursed tree in The Curse quest is non-existent as far as I can tell. And I read that upon reaching level 8 friendship with Merlin he is supposed to give me a quest to improve my watering can but that isn’t happening. Thanks.

  40. I’m playing on the ps4, and my quest for Remy to find his 3 missing recipe books is glitched. I have found the second and third book no problem but the first book is not spawning where it should at the beach. I’ve seen the exact same location work for other people but mine is bugged so I can’t complete my quest for Remy now.

  41. Minnie’s Quest ; The Language of Flowers
    Require Minnie’s Special Flower Pot, inventory was full when she attempted to give it to me and it wouldn’t let me drop anything and now I have no way of getting the Pot and therefore can’t progress with Minnie in any way needs fixing desperately

  42. Moana remembering
    I had to talk to Maui, who is always in the shop. I talked to him and the orb never appeared and now I am stuck on that quest and cannot progress

    • I am playing on the computer and have had the exact same issue. Maui was on the bridge to the castle in my case, though. No orb appeared, and nothing else triggered except for the quest to say “Another piece of Moana’s memory! Investigate it”.

  43. My biggest concerns:

    Like others have said, the stove that you get from Remy is absolutely unusable, which is a real shame because it is very cute, and I would rather be using it than the default one, but when ever I interact with it, it backs me out, and me hud is completely blank. Sometimes leaving the room, or whole house, works, but when it doesn’t, I just have to restart the entire game.

    Second, the MAP menu is completely bugged out, but not always. Sometimes I’ll go to the map and it will be completely blanks, sans my avatar icon on the map. When this happens I am unable to click on anything, or even exit the menu, so I am left with no other option than to force quit the game, and reboot. This is the most inconvenient one for me, as it just happens at random, and it really disrupts the flow of gameplay.

    Sometimes items will fly out of chests and into unreachable places, but only by a tiny, tiny margin. Either expanding the radius in which we can “reach” to collect things, or perhaps just ensure those things fly into proper spaces, would do wonders. Which ever is less hell to code. Thankfully, items don’t despawn, that I’ve noticed, so it’s not the biggest loss, but still a little annoying when the item is right THERE.

    Also, sometimes while in the menus, pages appear to missing, and sometimes I’m not able to scroll through a page at all.

    For example, at a few points while trying to craft, the last page where you would find the recipes for pavements and such, was completely blank, meaning I was unable to craft anything under that category unless I restarted the game.

    Another time I was trying to put furniture in my house, and as I was scrolling down (I use a controller) My curser stopped mid row when there was clearly another half a page of things to look at.

    Theres a few minor things as well, like glitchy character movement, and some stuttering frames, but those don’t get in the way of my enjoyment or anything.

    This game is extremally fun, and I’m enjoying it immensely, but when the menus freeze and I have to restart it is incredibly frustrating.

    • One more thing I would like to mention:

      Since I play on the Steam version, but use a controller, if I need to tab out for any reason, or if i even accidently jiggle my mouse, too many times, the hud gets confused on whether or not it should be in keyboard or controller mode, and will refuse to let me use the controller controls properly. I try to not confuse it so much, but sometimes you just need to tab out for whatever reason.

      This one isn’t too bad lol but it would be nice to have a little more freedom of use on my computer.

  44. Playing on switch:

    Wood (soft and hard) not respawning, everything else is fine resource wise.

    Cannot harvest mushrooms to complete Merlin’s quest to get rid of the other mushrooms, as “pick up” is not even an option near them, and cannot dig them out as a work around

    Dream shards disappeared from my chest/inventory.

    Running/moving, game glitches and camera goes in every direction except where I need it too.

    Game force closes REGULARLY

  45. Nintendo switch platform, The game crashed right as I was claiming one of the rewards for the Pixar fest star path rewards, no that I’ve gotten all the rewards I went back to try and claim that last one it glitched on and it says “the requested transaction could not be completed” it is the last reward I need to claim before claiming the final reward of moontones.

  46. I play on PS5 and these are the only bugs I’ve experienced so far.

    The most annoying for me:
    – I have a bug where my characters leg either goes stick thin, or enlarge so much it sticks out of every outfit, even dresses. It only happens when my character walks. When the character is stationary their legs go back to normal size.

    Other small glitches I’ve noticed:
    – The plates in Remy’s restaurant sometimes float above the tables.
    – Donald often gets stuck in the wall next to his bed.
    – Characters pupils change sizes. It’s quite funny they look a bit dazed.
    – When harvesting my character tends to walk backwards and go slow after a while.

    These are the only bugs that I have experienced so far. 🙂

  47. I play on switch and the issue I’m having is that the mining node beside Merlin’s house whoever I have assigned for mining gets stuck over there when they give me extra drops and what I want to know is if it is possible to move that mining node to a different location

  48. I am doing WALL-E quest “a friendly exchange” and I have to collect the 3 items to give to Ariel only problem is the lightbulb has spawned in WALL-E ‘s house where there is no way to pick it up so I can’t complete the quest because I can’t collect the item.

  49. I play on switch

    My biggest issues that are seriously affecting game play are

    – I can’t play the Pixar event as not even an available option for me. My event tab says “No event currently available. Come back soon!”

    – flowers and wood not respawning in forest of Valor (I’m stuck on Minnie’s quest to pick 6 blue star lilies there)

    – REGULARLY force closes and having to redo things I’ve already done

    Other than that the same issues as others such as suck orbs, can’t open blue chests, multiple things not respawning etc

  50. I’m doing the wall E task the garden and I have made everything for him but when I go to give the items to him it’s not letting and I don’t have them in my bag

  51. Purchased the game, probably hold off before starting now that I’ve seen the bugs that others experience. Hopefully it’s nothing that can’t be patched. Was looking forward to starting this, hope the dev’s plan on keeping the game updated and fixing it besides just makeshift solutions.

  52. PS5

    Am I the only on having a big issue with Moana ??! Each time I go into the castle to her world, it crashes. I successfully fished on her boat, but she won’t come back to my island, the game crashes everytime. I read a lot of blog but can’t seem to find someone having the same issue.
    Btw I didn’t encounter any problems with Remy or Wall-E.

  53. In the Elsa and Anna realm, I made the recipe but the game doesn’t recognize the soup being made so that I can place it where it needs to be to continue. How can I fix this? Also, some of my mail in my mailbox will not let me accept and retrieve just says “something went wrong, please try later”.

  54. Won’t let me build urselas house so I’m stuck on this quest also can complete Donald’s duck house clean bc I can’t reach the last jug

  55. Stuck on Mother Gothel: Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone.
    – Bring the Gleaming Dusk Fragment to Mother Gothel.
    It’s stuck in the ground? Can’t continue the quest.

    • Mother Gothel’s Village Project Restoring the Sunstone. The Gleaming Dusk Shard is stuck in the ground. I cannot progress the quest.

  56. I have hit a bug during Moana’s Peacemakers quest.

    Moana gave the oar to Maui but the Leader Shard never dropped after that & now I can not progress with this quest.

    I was in Scrooge’s shop when this occurred.

  57. I’m having a bug on my Switch where my fishing spots are not respawning. I need to catch shrimp for a certain quest and now I can’t do anything about it. It’s been 3 days with no new fishing spots.

  58. After placing Maui’s house in the ocean it won’t let my character interact with scrooges construction sign as it’s too far out in the water! Can’t progress now, anyone else have this problem?

  59. Having a frustrating glitch with Ursula. She was giving me the catfish but my inventory was full. So i dropped something, it said i couldnt because.. water.. so i tried again, showed she gave me the fish then i noticed i do not have it, my item is on the ground & the quest still says ask her for the catfish! i have restarted the game & nothing changed. I checked the ground for the fish but i dont see it. Ive already had to start fresh because of Elsas silly glitch with the cavern, i really dont want to have to do it again.

    • I can’t finish Anna’s quest. I have cleared the path with my shovel and pick axe but nothing happens and it just keeps telling me to clear the path.

  60. Currently playing on switch and I’m having problems with flowers, branches, herbs, fruit, and the vines spawning in. They haven’t spawned at all unless I open a new area and they still don’t spawn in the other areas

  61. I did the clock tower quest where you need 200 clay 100 hard wood and 150 iron ore to complete…I completed the quest and built the clock tower before speaking to Minnie and the game won’t recognize I completed the clock tower… so I now need to collect all of the items and remake the clock tower and hopefully the game will recognize it finally. I spent an entire day on this quest…hardwood needs to respond at a faster rate!!!

  62. Try going between the bookshelves keep spinning while mashing a (or whatever button on PC picks things up) o did that and was able to get the item under the table at Donald’s house. Goodluck

  63. I’m having an issue on The Missing Prince. I have put the statue down in the right place but haven’t had a memory or spawn to continue the quest. Anyone else having this issue?

  64. *breaking the ice*

    I have completed everything with this quest so far. I am supposed to follow Elsa to the ice cavern to explore and is isn’t going there. I had her “hang out” with me and even pushed her to the ledge where she is suppose to make the ice Bridge and nothing.

  65. Having a problem with wall-e ”a friendly exchange”. Can´t pick up the lightbulb and its in the Wrong place from what I have seen from otherˋs pictures of the Quest.

    • Same my light bulb is just inside the door next to a cone i should be able to loot it but no prompt. Dropped some veggies to see if i could get it to pop up, now there’s an eggplant stuck next to the bulb.

  66. Breaking the ice quest. I have warmth of summer potion but Elsa is stuck in her house and won’t come out. Can’t give her the potion to break the ice to get to we’re she is

  67. Fixing the Boat quest with Moana- fixed the boat. Got the “strange object appeared” I cannot find it anywhere. Apparently it’s supposed to be next to the wishing well but there is nothing here. Is there any way to make this appear ? Moana followed me into my house, so I finished the quest in my house. Boat got fixed. Now I can’t actually finish the quest because the object/crystal/dreamshard won’t spawn. Any help ? Restarted the game and everything.

  68. I’m having a glitch on ps4 with welcoming Elsa quest. It sais to return to dreamlight valley but when I go back nothing happens. Going back and forth and talking with Elsa does nothing

  69. Got a very fun Elsa glitch, just after getting all the ingredients for the warmth of summer potion, I tried to return to Elsa to turn it in when I get to where she should be. She’s already inside the ice cave and the ice is still there.. I don’t think she can get out. So she basically emoe’d herself into an ice coffin I guess…

  70. There’s no way to make dandelion syrup again cus that elsa mission tht was bugged screwed me cus I tried making pie before bug fix because I didn’t no now I recaught the fish but got no syrup please I do not want to start over im so far

  71. I have a glitch in the mystical cave. I planted tomatoes instead of all three items. two tomatoes bloomed. the third just wilts and I cant grow anything else. Is there a workaround?

  72. I’m having an issue in Peacemaker quest with Moana. as i understand if, she’s supposed to go to Maui to give the oar, but she never did. i’ve led them both to each other and they won’t talk to each other. it keeps just saying “Listen as Moana gives her gift to Maui” but nothing happens. I’m stuck on this quest. please help.

  73. I love this game soo much, but the glitches are horrible! I’ve ran into a few, right now I can’t fish with Moana I cast my line but it comes right back to me every time. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  74. I was playing ursulas quest ”the ritual” and placed the flower outside the wrong cave. it disappeared and now I can’t finish the quest.

  75. I can’t get anything from my inventory, can’t eat, can’t change clothes, I just started and it really sucks that I have to keep going to the house to get energy, I’m sure there’s more bugs but I haven’t been able to play long

  76. Bug report!

    When do Anna and Elsa’s story line in their realm, a memory orb is stuck under a bush and I cannot get close enough to pick it up.

  77. PS5:

    – When opening map, it’ll freeze and wont let me teleport to wells.

    – Fishing spots do not respawn once used.

    – Some foraged items wont let me pickup, they’re stuck there with no option to pickup.

  78. I thinkI just encountered a bug today. After completing Elsa’s level 8 quest, The Singing Ice, I went back to The Frozen Heights and saw a sparkle on the ground. It turned out to be the Vial of Freezing Water used in the quest. Without the quest there to get rid of it, it’s now stuck in my inventory/storage.

  79. The second gate puzzle is glitched for me. I accidentally planted the wrong seeds and harvested them then tried to do the right ones and the option is not even there to plant them !!! I’ve restated the game and even waited till the next day and it’s still glitched out. I’m also seeing an issue with purchasing clothing from Scrooge Mcducks store and my clothing glitched out and is not showing up in my inventory!!!

    P.s. and also see the ghost of Mickey a lot. LOL. He’s usually one second by a lake and then in the same instant of seeing him ,he’s a silhouette lol … and of course I have the constant crashing on Nintendo switch occurring too.

  80. The second gate puzzle is glitched for me. I accidentally planted the wrong seeds and harvested them then tried to do the right ones and the option is not even there to plant them !!! I’ve restated the game and even waited till the next day and it’s still glitched out. I’m also seeing an issue with purchasing clothing from Scrooge Mcducks store and my clothing glitched out and is not showing up in my inventory!!!

    P.s. and also see the ghost of Mickey a lot. LOL. He’s usually one second by a lake and then in the same instant of seeing him ,he’s a silhouette lol … and of course I have the constant crashing on Nintendo switch occurring too.

  81. Here is my list:
    •Cannot scroll down in the menu past the first row of entrees. Screen locks and have to exit out of the entire menu.
    •On my character, one thigh is SUPER huge and clips through my clothing.
    •Music stops and sounds like a vinyl record that is skipping.

    We love it though!

  82. Hello in my Nintendo switch the Dreamlight valley in the frozen realm the little lizard with the purple light there no sparkles around for me to catch him with with Anna request please fix this problem thank you 😊

  83. Having a serious glitch with lost in the dark grove, I’ve mined 4 emeralds (only 2 are needed) but it’s not registering them at all

  84. Ursulas final quest at the start when you have to pick up the dark crystal the crystal doesn’t spawn on the pedestal. QUEST BREAKING BUG.

  85. Moana’s Remembering quest: Maui gave me the memory but it’s stuck under Scrooge McDuck’s counter/cash register. I can’t access it.

  86. Lost In the dark Grove. SO I have all the items to give to merlin, feather, plant, 2 emeralds and 4 dream shards. HOWEVER when the quest is tracked it says I only have 1 emerald and when speaking to merlin there is no option to turn anything to him for the enchanted feather. IT just says keep playing story for more options.. beyond frustrated.. help

  87. I am stuck on lost in dark grove. I got donalds feather, plant, 2 emeralds and 4 dream shards. HOWEVER, when I try and speak to merlin and the quest is being tracked it says I only have 1 emerald checked.. EVEN THOUGH ITS ALL SITTING IN MY INVENTORY. When trying to talk to merlin he doesnt let me turn anything in for the enchanted feather and it just says locked until I play more story. Super stuck.. Beyond frustrated.. Help.

  88. Playing on XBox because I originally bought the Switch version but it was crashing too much. My first issue was Ursula was MIA after I set her free. Eventually read that I needed to restart the game and look for her on the map. Found her after doing that, now I’m in the glade, cleared all of the thorns, walked up to the tree to see Mother Gothel and it doesn’t give me the option to enter so I can’t start that mission. I’ve finished all other missions except getting the ink and paper because I can’t go into Mickey’s house right now because he’s sleeping. I’m hoping an update will come through soon so I can continue the game.

  89. I’m on the missing prince quest for Ariel and after I place Eric’s statue where it says to, a memory is supposed to pop out and I have to open it. No memory has popped out so I can’t move forward with the quest which is kinda frustrating.

    • This happened to me too. But I was standing in the middle of the big stairs and it threw it down to the bottom left of the stairs. I walked around the island to render that area out then came back to it and saw it. I believe it was a purple orb

  90. Playing on steam…
    Demigod of the wind and sun quest…
    Can’t fish the island up as the bubbles are too close to the raft that’s there

  91. I have a problem with the main story with mickey the fruit salad recipe near remys restaurant never appeared. So now im stuck and ive done alot on my game so dont want to restart. Would be nice if you could have more then one save but you can’t even do that. Now I cant pick up light bulb for Wallie mission. Also have a thourn behind my house I cant get rid off. Also game crashes at least once.

  92. I’m doing the demigod of the wind and sun quest I’m supposed to fish for where the island used to be but the raft Is in the way and it will not let me fish there.

  93. I have an issue I can’t seem to get around not sure if the game or something I can do to fix it. But the curse happened before I placed Ursula’s home on the water but now I can build it due to the curse and cannot get around this.. can someone help on this because I cannot figure out what to do now

  94. Stuck on fish where the island used to be. My fishing bubbles are way to close to the boat to find Ariel. It won’t let me fish there I’ve tried everywhere. Is this a known glitch and is it being worked on? Thank you.

  95. On PC — There’s a squirrel who is stuck following me, and I can’t interact with other critters. Is anyone else having this issue?

  96. PlayStation 5-
    Mother Gothel – restoring the sunstone- I got all the ingredients, fixed the stone and she thinks I haven’t fixed it so wants me to show her all the ingredients.. except the shard no longer is broken so doesn’t register with her. So I cannot give her the fixed stone. Please help!

  97. I think im the only one having this issue, but whenever I try to work on the “important night at the restaurant quest” the dishes disappear. I will water them and they vanish, but I don’t get the credit for it. It’s stopping me from even getting Remy

  98. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue- but I’m on the quest for “The Enchanted Ring” and it asks me to get 3 red mushrooms from the large tree in the glade. I looked up videos on the 3 locations and I only have 3. The one on the back side of the house isn’t there. Has anyone run into this or know of a fix? I can’t proceed with this quest.

  99. I’m stuck on photo mode in Scrapbook Blitz and cannot do anything to get out of it. Over 80 hours of gameplay will be wasted if I can’t figure out how to get unstuck. I’ve tried literally everything. I saw it was a reported issue, but their reply was that they were aware of the situation…. 😩

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