Lost Ark Tier List: Best Classes for PvE + PvP (September 2022)

Lost Ark features unique and diverse classes to choose from. However, having this big of a choice can also make it difficult to differentiate the good characters from the bad ones. Therefore this guide will be taking a look at the Lost Ark tier list, featuring the best classes for PvE and PvP in a beginner-friendly manner.

It is to be noted that all the classes in Lost Ark are viable. It mostly comes down to how you use them. Players can even use non-meta builds/classes to get the desired results. Whether you are a DPS mainTank lover, or a Healer; there will be classes for each and every one of you. With that said, here is the ultimate Lost Ark PvE and PvP tier list for September 2022.

Understanding Classes and Character Creation In Lost Ark

If you are a new player and want to figure out which class to choose before we head on to our tier list, worry not because we will show you what each class does. On top of that, we will tell you about the stats and other basic mechanics of Lost Ark. With that said, let’s get started.

Character Slots

By default, you can have six character slots in your account in Lost Ark. Using all six slots is essential as it will help you level up your main character even faster. This will also allow you to try out all the classes without making a new account each time.

If you want to make more characters, you will have to purchase the Character Slot Tokens for 900 Royal Crystals each. Use your character slots wisely and make a character of each class. Choosing the correct sub-class can be tricky but don’t worry; we have a detailed guide below.

Basic Stats

Unlike most MMOs, Lost Ark has a predefined set of basic stats for each class. You cannot adjust them whatsoever. However, using quality gear and weapons will increase the stats accordingly. Choosing the correct equipment is essential in Lost Ark. Here are the five stats that you need to be aware of:

  • Attack Power
  • Dexterity
  • Defense
  • Support
  • Area of Effect

Each class excels in specific stats while others lack in some. You can decide which class you want to choose depending on their stats. Now that we have discussed the basic character creation stuff let’s look at the classes themselves.

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There are five main classes in Lost Ark. However; there are tons of sub-classes within each class. If you want to know more about the classes, look no further. The following section will discuss each class and its sub-classes as well. If you are a new player, this will be extremely helpful for you.


Lost Ark All Classes and Character Creation Guide

Assassins are fast beings that use rogue-like attacks. They can destroy the enemy within seconds but are incredibly squishy. If you plan to fight head-on, then don’t pick this class. The two sub-classes are Deathblade and Shadowhunter.

Advanced ClassDescription
DeathbladeThese are chaos users that use three blades. Deathblades are extremely fast, and their primary weapons are light dual swords. Alongside that, they also have a longsword to overpower enemies.
ShadowhunterShadowhunters can shapeshift into demonic beings to unleash their chaotic power. This sub-class has increased health and movespeed.


Lost Ark All Classes and Character Creation Guide

Players that prefer a ranged character will love the Gunner class. These units use technologically advanced weapons that deal tons of damage from afar. There are four sub-classes in this class, and all of them have their playstyle. Find out more below!

Advanced ClassDescription
ArtilleristAs the name suggests, this sub-class excels in using high firepower. These units are not the most agile, but they hit extremely hard. Plus, their armor is super strong!
DeadeyeDeadeyes have a flexible playstyle. Their rough and tough nature keeps the enemy guessing. The primary weapon of choice from Deadeye is the double handgun, shotgun, and rifle.
GunslingerIf you want to swap weapons on the go, this is the best sub-class for you. Gunslingers are swift on their feet, making them difficult to catch. Plus, their DPS is relatively high.
SharpshooterThis sub-class has the most range out of the other assassin sub-classes. The primary weapon of choice is mechanical bows that use special arrows. Sharpshooters are stealthy, have high survivability, and have good damage.


Lost Ark All Classes and Character Creation Guide

Mages can be divided into two categories. The Bard deals low damage but heals its team a lot. In contrast, the Sorceress can use elemental skills to deal area damage to foes. Mages are the most fragile class, so you will have to keep your distance from the action.

Advanced ClassDescription
BardBards are one of the best support units in Lost Ark. You can use their abilities to heal your team and keep them in fighting shape. Their damage is low, but you shouldn’t pick the Bard to deal damage.
SorceressThe Sorceress uses three types of elements to deal magic damage. This unit excels in dealing area damage and taking out many enemies at once.

Martial Artist

Lost Ark All Classes and Character Creation Guide

Martial Artists like to fight the enemy head-on. They use various skills and attacks to deal an insane amount of damage to all enemies in their way. This is the brawler class that you can find in other MMOs. There are four sub-classes, so choose the one that suits your style best.

Advanced ClassDescription
ScrapperScrappers are excellent in both attacking and defending. This unit has a good amount of speed and is a balanced character all around.
SoulfistSoulfist can switch between a ranged and a melee weapon for users who prefer to keep enemies on their toes. They use Adamance energy which gives them good sustain during fights.
StrikerAs the name suggests, Strikers are powerful units that are great at attacking the enemy head-on. You can use fast combos and continuous movements to catch the enemy off guard.
WardancerWardancers combine elemental power with martial arts. They are solid and can use devastating attacks.
GlaivierGlaivier is the latest advanced class to come to Lost Ark. This sub-class uses a lance and has skills that can take out surrounding enemies thanks to her area of effect damage.


Lost Ark All Classes and Character Creation Guide

Finally, the Warriors are the tank of Lost Ark. They can absorb the most damage and have high HP. While their damage is decent, they are not the most agile class. The Warrior class consists of three sub-classes with their advantages and flaws.

Advanced ClassDescription
BerserkerThis is probably the best class for new players. The Berserker can deal high damage and have a great defense. When you enter the rage mode, the Berserker will also have tons of movespeed.
GunlancerYou can use the Gunlancer in one of two ways. Firstly, you can use their Gunlance to deal good damage. However, the best way to play them is to absorb incoming damage for your team.
PaladinPaladins provide buffs to their team and debuffs to the enemy. They have an equal amount of attack and defense. They provide great value, whether you use their sword for damage or their magic for buffing your team.

Lost Ark Best Class Tier List (PvE and PvP)

If you’ve been playing Lost Ark for a while, you’ll know that picking the right class matters a lot. Whether you are a PvE player or a PvP one, having the right class can make it easy for you to defeat your enemies – such as the mighty Tytalos.

Since the game gets constant updates, the classes get swapped here and there. That’s why we’ve made this 2022 tier list for both the PvE and PvP classes, and it will be constantly updated each month to reflect the new classes and changes. With that said, let’s get started.

PvE Tier List

Lost Ark PvE and PvP April 2022 Tier List (NA / EU Ranked)

The classes mentioned in this list are ideal for PvE. Keep in mind that you might get varying results if you use these classes for PvP combat. If you want a brief version of what class falls in which category, here’s a table for you:

S-tierBard, Gunlancer (Warlord), Paladin (Holy Knight), Sorceress
A-tierGunslinger, Striker, Wardancer (Battle Master), Artillerist (Blaster), Berserker, Scrapper (Infighter)
B-tierSoulfist (Soul Master), Sharpshooter (Hawkeye), Deathblade (Blade), Shadow Hunter (Demonic), Glaivier
C-tierDeadeye (Devil Hunter)

While you might not agree with all of our picks, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let us know which class you think belonged in the S-tier. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a detailed look at what these classes have to offer.


BardMageAnother month and Bard is still in the S-tier. This is thanks to their huge AOE damage and all the amazing buffs they provide for their team in PvE. On top of that, their healing is extremely strong. No other class can match the healing powers of the Bard.
The reason why this class is considered the best is because of how good it can be in the hands of beginners. Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran, you cannot go wrong with the Bard.
GunlancerGunnerIf you’re looking for the tankiest class in Lost Ark, then look no further than the Gunlancer. Not only are they tanky, but they also deal tons of damage. Their high damage and tons of health give them a lot of versatility. If you want to properly use this class, you will stagger the enemy, shield your team, and buff them all at the same time.
PaladinWarriorPaladins are extremely strong characters that are ideal when it comes to group DPS. Using their cleanse shield, you can ensure that your team does not get CC’d and always have an uptime. Plus, their counter damage is pretty decent considering they are mainly a support class. If you want to pick a class with minimum decision-making, the Paladin is the way to go.
SorceressMage Players are most familiar with the Sorceress as this class is a traditional mage class from other MMO or RPGs. Just like other mages, you can use various spells to either focus on single targets or deal with tons of enemies thanks to your AOE damage. On top of that, you also have spells that boost your mobility. Apart from the steep learning curve, this character is extremely strong, hence why it moved from A-tier to the S-tier.


GunslingerGunnerThe Gunslinger – in many ways – is a counterpart to the Deadeye. However, she has three weapons, giving her additional versatility. Whether you prefer to fight from a distance or get up close and personal, the Gunslinger can do it all. However, some new players might see this class as challenging but the increased flexibility of choosing your range is a great thing to have.
StrikerMartial ArtistThis class is extremely effective when it comes to consistency and great damage. In many ways, the Striker can be similar to the Wardancer. However, you have ample time to deal damage instead of a fixed window where you have to use all of your skills. This allows for a more relaxed playstyle. The more time you spend in this class, the better results you’ll get.
WardancerMartial ArtistThe Wardancer is one of the best classes when it comes to damage and being agile. You get a 6-second damage buff window where you can obliterate enemies in an instant. Holding your skills and using them within these 6-seconds is the difference between a good Wardancer and a great one. Beginners will waste their skills and will have no damage output when it matters most.
ArtilleristGunnerThis class has great stagger damage while having good defense as well. On top of that, you also have a decent range so you won’t be the main focus of the enemies. The only downside is that their primary damage can be a bit unreliable. That’s not to say that this class has bad damage. Since you are firing from afar, chances are that the boss will have moved from its location by the time your projectile gets there. Other than that, the Artillerist is great!
BerserkerWarriorThe Berserker deals an insane amount of damage, especially if you are going for the Mayhem Berserker build. Overall, this class is great for newcomers but the long animations and finding an optimal time to engage the enemy can be off-putting. If you get a good idea of when to attack and when to sit back, you’ll destroy your enemies in no time.
ScrapperMartial ArtistThis class has it all. Good damage, can easily stagger enemies, strong-weak point damage, and superb mobility. All of these things give the Scrapper a lot of versatility, allowing her to be useful in most situations. However, a new player might not fancy her and can have a tough time playing with this class.


SoulfistMartial ArtistThe Soulfist can use a special move that deals the most damage in the game. However, you have to charge up that move for about 5 seconds to use it. Those 5 seconds can either mean victory for your team or defeat. New players often miss this ability, making it pointless to even charge it up. Unlike other classes, you have to really learn how to play the Soulfist to properly use it.
SharpshooterGunnerThis class is the ideal ranged damage dealer. While this sounds good, it isn’t. The bosses in Lost Ark have mechanics that force the player to go near them for melee damage. On top of that, the main damage-dealing abilities of Sharpshooters force you to stand still. During that time, you are vulnerable and can easily die if the boss focuses on you.
DeathbladeAssassinOftentimes, players prefer using the Deathblade due to its efficiency in melee damage. Plus, if you use this class properly, you will have great synergy with other melee damage dealers. This class is extremely effective in the hands of the right person. However, if you are a new player, you might have difficulties using this class and will not be as good with it.
Shadow HunterAssassinThe Shadow Hunters have amazing damage and great sustain to stay in the fight. Even if you are using this class for the first time, you will still be useful and provide value to your team in raids or clearing out dungeons. While the class is easy to pick up, you need to properly plan out things if you wish to use them to their fullest.
GlaivierMartial ArtistThis is the latest sub-class in Lost Ark. She uses a lance to deal with surrounding enemies. On top of that, she also has decent AOE skills that can be quite useful in most situations. The reason she is ranked right in the middle is that she is new and there are no strong builds at the moment. Players are still getting familiar with her.


lost ark deadeye guide best pve build skill tripod engravings
DeadeyeAssassinThis is primarily a ranged class that can focus on dealing melee damage for additional effectiveness. While their damage is decent, it can be extremely difficult to utilize them properly. The same amount of effort will yield you much better results than any other class in the above tiers.

PvP Tier List

Lost Ark PvE and PvP April 2022 Tier List (NA / EU Ranked)

The classes mentioned in this list are ideal for PvP. These classes are meant to be used against other players in PvP battles. If you want a brief version of what class falls in which category, here’s a table for you:

S-tierPaladin, Wardancer, Deathblade, Bard
A-tierGunlancer, Shadow Hunter, Sorceress, Gunslinger
B-tierBerserker, Scrapper, Deadeye, Striker, Artillerist, Soulfist, Glaivier

While you might not agree with all of our picks, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let us know which class you think belonged in the S-tier. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a detailed look at what these classes have to offer.


PaladinWarriorThe Paladin is the most balanced and best subclass in PvP. The best part about this is that the Paladin can deal a good amount of damage while playing a supporting role for the team.
On top of that, this subclass is extremely tanky as well. In short, you have a lot of HP, deal tons of damage, and can support your team as well.
WardancerMartial ArtistThe Wardancer is a great class if you want to deal DPS damage at a close range. On top of being a great damage dealer, she is quite agile which makes it difficult for slower classes to keep up with her.
DeathbladeAssassinThis subclass is ideal if you want to focus on a melee team. The best part about Deathblade is that it synergizes extremely well with other melee classes.
BardMageThe Bard has been a great subclass to pick since the start of the game. Whether that’s PvP or PvE, the Bard can be used in both. Her healing and buffing abilities are unmatched as she can solely allow her team to be victorious.


GunlancerWarriorJust like in PvE fights, the Gunlancer is extremely strong thanks to the defense and offense stats. This is a good DPS class that won’t fail you in most battles.
Shadow HunterAssassinThe main reason why this class is ranked so high is thanks to its versatility. You can transform into its true form to fight against various enemies depending on what type of team you are up against.
SorceressMage Since the Sorceress is a classic mage-type character in Lost Ark, you cannot go wrong with her. Using her high DPS and magic spells, you can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. However, be careful as she is quite squishy and if you don’t position yourself correctly, you’ll die immediately.
Gunslinger GunnerThe Gunslinger is extremely good as you can attack while continuously moving away from your foe. This also allows you to take on their backline squishes without any issues.
The reason it’s ranked at the end of the A-tier is that new players will have a tough time playing as her initially.


BerserkerWarriorIf you’re looking for a good ol’ melee brawl, then the Berserker is your go-to subclass. However, since most long-range classes can reduce your HP a lot by the time you get to them, you’ll have a tough time in most battles.
ScrapperMartial ArtistOut of all the martial artists, the Scrapper is quite possibly the slowest. While it is a versatile subclass, you have to find the perfect matchup to use it.
DeadeyeGunnerDeadeye can perform great crowd control abilities from mid-long range. Once you get the hang of it, the Deadeye will be extremely strong in the right hands.
StrikerMartial ArtistThe Striker is a good subclass that can be useful in PvP only if you find good support. Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time in the majority of PvP fights.
ArtilleristGunnerThis subclass is useful from a distance and can deal tons of damage. However, since most of the classes are extremely mobile and agile, you’ll have a tough time landing your attacks on them; making you almost useless.
Soulfist Martial ArtistThe Soulfist has some strong burst attacks that can be quite scary to go up against. However, the cooldowns and charge time are quite long; making it difficult to constantly deal good damage in a PvP fight.
GlaivierMartial ArtistThe Glaivier has a few unique mechanics that makes her stand out from other classes in the game, for one her playstyle revolves around stance switching and dual meter. This makes it so that the Glaivier is capable of switching between two entirely different movesets. However, due to being a new class, we will have to wait and try out various builds before really ranking her.


Sharpshooter Lost Ark 1
SharpshooterGunnerThe Sharpshooter is a decent class to pick for PvP but only if you are experienced with it. Otherwise, a new player will have a difficult time properly using this subclass in PvP fights.

What Is The Best Class In Lost Ark?

With our tier list out of the way, its time to find out, once and for all, the best class (in our opinion) in Lost Ark!

Best PvE Class

What is the Best Class in Lost Ark

First of all, let’s talk about PvE. For those new to the game, PvE is when you team up with your friends or teammates and fight against AI-controlled enemies. For this category, the best class is the Bard. This is because the Bard can heal your entire team easily. On top of that, you can even provide buffs to the team to keep them going and face stronger enemies in dungeons. However, you will have to play carefully as you do not deal a lot of damage. Stay in the backlines and focus on healing and buffing your team.

The second-best class is the Berserker. Picking the Berserker means that you deal tons of DPS consistently. This class is easy to learn – especially for new players – and difficult to master. While he isn’t the tankiest class out there, the Berserker can deal tons of damage and back out of the fight to get healed.

Best PvP Class

What is the Best Class in Lost Ark

PvP is another important aspect of Lost Ark – or any MMO for that matter. In this mode, you will have to fight against other player-controlled characters. Whether you are dueling them 1v1 or fighting as a team, you will need to have a strong class to become the victor. For this, the Bard is once again our number one pick. Due to unparalleled healing, your team will not fall as long as you are standing. Plus, if you buff your DPS players, they will destroy the enemy team.

However, if you want to focus on damaging enemies, then we suggest picking the Deathblade. This class has insane mobility and you can deal a good chunk of damage as well. To fully utilize its potential, you must keep moving and attack your enemies when they least expect it.

That’s everything you need to know about our Lost Ark (PvE and PvP) Tier List, how you can create a character, and the best class out there! Keep in mind that this tier list is only for September 2022 and is subject to change when a new update rolls out. Till then, we would love to hear your thoughts about this list. Let us know which class you think deserves to be at the top.

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