Lost Ark Dead Eye Class Guide PvP + PvE (September 2022)

Deadeye is one of the many gunners Lost Ark has on hand. Some of these prefer bows while some go for cannons or even snipers. Deadeye, however, is a professional demon slayer that can be the main carry for your team in times of need. Mastering Deadeye can be hard due to his strict mechanical and strategic requirements.

Worry not! since we have made the perfect Deadeye guide so you can get all the know-how needed to succeed with him. This guide will be covering all the abilities and unique skills you can use to gain success with him. With that said, here is the Lost Ark ultimate Deadeye guide.

Lost Ark Deadeye Guide

Lost Ark Deadeye

In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at what you can expect from playing Deadeye and how to play him better. The main aspect of his kit revolves around the number of attacks he can weave in before he needs to get out. This also means that you will be much more susceptible to damage than other ranged DPS classes. With that said, here are the different aspects of his kit as well as how to play it.

Basic Movements

Every class in Lost Ark has a movement pattern unique to themselves. For Deadeye, you get a skill named tumbling that lets you leap a fairly big distance towards a specific direction. This can be used to dodge many PVP and PVE skills but keep in mind that this has an 8 seconds cooldown so use it wisely.

Basic Attacks

Deadeye’s basic attack is dependent on his equipped weapon. He mainly uses a gun that has a decent attack speed compared to other classes. Most classes only use these attacks for min/maxing their abilities. However, Deadeye’s identity enables him to use three different weapons with really strong auto attacks that he can leverage in-between his abilities to deal massive damage.

Ability Equip

Similar to Gunslinger, Deadeye has three different weapons instead of an ability that lets him go past the usual ability count that most classes have. Each of these weapons has a different set of abilities that players can learn and use. While normal classes can only equip 8 abilities, Deadeye can have a total of 16, here is how it works:

WeaponAbility Count

Deadeye and Gunslinger: Main Differences

Lost Ark - Deadeye/Devil Hunter vs Gunslinger, Playstyle Differences -  Stream Highlight - YouTube

The Deadeye is often considered as the male counterpart to Gunslinger. The Deadeye and the Gunslinger have the same identity and almost the same weapons. What makes them different, however, is the fact that the Deadeye tends to lean a lot more towards the shotgun while the Gunslinger leans more towards the rifle. This also means that the Deadeye is played at a closer range than the Gunslinger.

Deadeye Skills and Tripods

Deadeye is heavily reliant on his skills to succeed in a fight which makes it crucial to understand how all these skills work. To make sure everything is concise and easy to understand, we have made a list of the skills that Deadeye uses.

Skill NameDescription
Spiral TrackerThrow a pistol at the location that shoots enemies nearby.
Enforce ExecutionCombo skill that offers a 5-meter dash and kicks the first target in the Deadeye’s path in the air. Those kicked in the air are shot again for more damage and punched away.
Quick StepSlide 6 meters and fire the weapon along the way.
Plasma BulletFires a slow-moving plasma round that deals damage to those it passes through.
Meteor StreamFire several rounds in the air that later crash to an area you chose.
SomersaultDash forward ten meters and deal damage along the way.
EquilibriumFires your handgun around you hitting multiple targets.
AT02 GrenadeThrow a grenade at the target area for AOE damage.
Dexterous ShotSlide and shoot your guns. It can be cast twice.
Cruel Tracker Fire six pistol shots with the seventh round doing bonus damage.
Death FireHold down and shoot your pistols for 3 seconds dealing damage, hit the perfect shot again to leap and deal damage.
Focus ShotFires three sniper rounds back to back with the third hitting the most damage.
CatastropheFire a claymore at the area that blows up and knocks enemies in the air.
Perfect ShotFires a sniper round that has a perfect shot mechanic. Land that to deal even more damage and knockdown foes hit.
Sign of the ApocalypseFires your shotgun twice that deals double damage to point-blank enemies.
Last RequestFires an explosive shotgun round that deals damages and knocks foes up.
Shotgun DominatorFires two shotguns with a third shot that knocks enemies up and deals bonus damage. Those in the point-blank range take 2x damage.
Shotgun Rapid FireShoot your shotgun three times. Those in the point-blank range take 2x damage.

Deadeye Awakenings

Lost Ark: Deadeye Class Guide

The Deadeye class gives you two awakenings which are also called ultimate abilities in general terms. These awakenings are useable in both PVP and PVE. You will need to slot one of these as your primary awakening. The cooldown for this is 5 minutes long therefore try to use it at pivotal points in the fights.

Here are the Awakenings for Deadeye in Lost Ark:

Clay BombingDrops and detonates bombs in 360 range
Busting FlareShoots three rifle shots in a wide spread

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Engravings for Deadeye

Unlike normal engravings that are available for every class, there are two main engravings that are unique to the Deadeye class. These can define your character design and builds so make sure you use them wisely.

here are the engravings for Deadeye.

Hand GunnerDeadeye can only use PistolsBig buffs to the Pistols and Skills
Enhanced WeaponNeed to constantly switchBursts of crit on every weapon switch

Those are all the controls in Lost Ark PC. Let us know what you think of the game so far. We would love to know what graphic settings you are using in the comments below.

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