Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List (Ranked)

While it is often a good idea to pick whatever gun you come across as soon as you land on your preferred spot in Apex Legends Mobile, its always a good idea to have knowledge about the weapons available and which guns are better for which situation.

This is why we’ve compiled this weapons tier list for players who want to know how each weapon works and why it is better than the rest of the pack in Apex Legends Mobile. This tier list has been ranked from the best weapons to not-so-good ones. For those who missed out, we have also covered the 4-finger claw and 2-fingers layout setups.

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Ranked (2022)

Following are all of the guns in Apex ranked from best to worst, we have divided this list into 4 tiers, from S to C. So without further ado, let’s get to it:


Peacekeeper - Apex Legends Mobile
Peacekeeper – Apex Legends Mobile

These are some of the best weapons in the game, the cream of the crop. The workhorse weapons that can carry you through the entire match if you’re good enough.

Weapons Description
PeacekeeperMy favorite weapon in Apex, a powerhouse shotgun that massacres opponents at close to medium range with a decent firing rate.
Triple TakeA fantastic weapon that absolutely shreds any opponent foolish enough to target you. The Triple Take excels at all ranges and can do huge damage.
R-301Possibly the best submachine gun in the entire game, the R-301 is a super fast assault rifle that beam down any opponent from 100-0 provided you land every shot. Its considered one of the most popular weapons in the game and for very good reason.
FlatlineProbably the best heavy weapon currently in the game, the Flatline is a beast that excels at medium-close range with high damage and good rate-of-fire.


Wingman - Apex Legends Mobile
Wingman – Apex Legends Mobile

They might not be the absolute best weapons in the entire game, but they still slap and can bring in serious numbers if you’re good enough with them.

Weapons Description
WingmanAnother personal favorite of mine, the Wingman is a sharpshooting revolver that can deal serious damage provided your aim is true. The only reason that the Wingman is on A-tier is its high aim requirement to actually win engagements with it.
MastiffThe second best shotgun in Apex, the Mastiff is a powerful shotgun that can splat opponents at close range, coupled with a good enough long-medium range weapon, the Mastiff can easily be a force to be reckoned with.
EVA-8 AutoStarting to see a pattern here? The Eva-8 is a semi-automatic shotgun that excels at close-medium ranges.
Volt The Volt SMG is an energy weapon with superb versatility at all ranges, that coupled with its high rate-of-fire and good damage makes it a top tier weapon
RampageThe Rampage LMG can be a beast in the right hands, a weapon that absolutely shreds opponents at most ranges.
Havoc Rifle A great energy rifle that’s made one of the very best with the right attachments.
SentinelThe Sentinel is a solid sniper rifle with very high damage and can be further improved if you charge the weapon with your shield cells.
L-STARAnother brilliant energy weapon, this LMG boasts very high damage and can also
fire indefinitely until you run out of ammo.

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While not extremely good at what they do, these guns are great options to fall back on if you don’t find anything else or have a C-tier weapon.

BocekWhile not as loved by many, I have a soft spot for bow weapons in most shooters. Its not nearly as satisfying as say, the bows in Destiny 2, but the Bocek is still a good weapon that can do great damage provided your aim is good enough. It requires more skill than the Wingman due to the charge time for each arrow and its ammo is hard to come by, but the Bocek can be fantastic at the hands of a good player.
Longbow DMRThe Longbow is a DMR weapon that can pick targets off at long-medium ranges. Its not as effective as a proper sniper but still a good weapon to fall back on for long-range engagements.
R-99While one of the better SMGs in the game, its lower range and small magazine size holds it back from the best of the best.
C-A-R SMGSomewhat like the R-99 the C-A-R is a better alternative for a few reasons. It offers versatility as you can switch ammo types for it and also does higher damage per shot at the cost of lower accuracy.
DevotionOne of the better LMGs in the game, the Devotion is a solid weapon that can go high into A-tier with the right attachments.
30-30 RepeaterIt has a super cool design and its a western inspired rifle that can turn into a shotgun. What more do you want?

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P2020 in Apex Legends Mobile

Try not to keep these around for too long:

ProwlerThe Prowler is a burst SMG that can do some serious damage at close range, but at anything other than close range the Prowler is outdone and outgunned by the other SMGs.
HemlokThe Hemlok is a decent AR that is once again outclassed by most other weapons.
RE-45A one handed SMG, this fledgling SMG is outclassed by all other SMGs in the game because of its low accuracy, still has good damage but there are way better weapons you can use.
Charge RifleA decent sniper rifle with great damage that is held back by its long charge up times.
MozambiqueThe worst shotgun in the game, the Mozambique is a very mediocre weapon that is mostly only good at situations where you’re using the P2020. And speaking of the P2020….
P2020The absolute weakest weapon in the game, the only thing worse than using the P2020 is fighting with your fists or with harsh language.

So that’s it for all the weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, we excluded some of the Red rarity supply drop weapons as those are as rare as they can come. We hope this guide helped you out, for more on Apex Legends Mobile, keep an eye out for more content from our Guides Section!

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