Best Apex Legends Mobile 2 Fingers Grip HUD Layout

Apex Legends is in its early testing phase and the content releasing constantly is fueling the hype for the full release. This battle royale has already made its name in the shooter genre and now it’s going to grace the mobile paradigm. So get your fingers ready to swipe like crazy once this launches.

To play mobile shooters at a pro-level it’s highly advised that you customize those controls according to how these professionals play. And with practice, you would surely be winning tournaments one day. Here we will discuss the best HUD layout for 2 fingers players for Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile 2 Finger HUD Layout

Right now Apex Legends Mobile is in limited countries and players are having a lot of fun from the look of the content that’s available online. The players with swift fingers and instincts are really taking advantage of the fast movement of this game, able to pull off the same kind of gameplays and moves that a keyboard/mouse player can perform.

If you want to compete with these kinds of experts you have to rise to their status and the first step is to make that HUD more efficient to your 2 finger playstyle. The better your button placement and HUD layout will be to your thumbs the better you will be able to compete with these kinds of players.

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If you are like us and only use your thumbs to play these FPS then you are in the right place. We can not bend our fingers like rubber to play this we need that comfortable 2 finger grip. Just relax only your thumbs on the screen and follow along this guide to a more streamlined 2 finger HUD layout.

image 64

The best layout for 2 fingers in Apex Legends Mobile is as follows:

  • Left Side: this portion of the screen is exclusively for your movement, that is your movement stick and dash/sprint button.
  • Right Side: Considering this game’s emphasis on fast movement and acrobatic maneuverability jump and slide button should be in the most convenient location hence on the bottom of this side. Then aim and fire are in the middle for grouped gunplay controls. While the abilities and ultimate on top of them

Mix the button combination according to your preference and comfort if you don’t find this helpful. But this whole setup is ideal for people playing with just 2 fingers.

Is this HUD layout helping you out? How many kills are your best? Comment below and let us know.

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Wasay Hasan

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