Elden Ring Samurai Class Guide: Bleed Dex Build

Elden Ring is a unique open-world title with tons of classes to choose from. Some of these classes are easy to build and execute while others can require you to play with the utmost precision. The sword-based classes are fairly simple to understand in this regard. However, even these need a clear direction to prosper.

If you are a beginner player or are unknown to the ways of the Samurai class then you are at the right place. This guide will be taking an in-depth look at the Samurai Class along with the best build path for him. If you are confused with what build guide to go with in Elden Ring, we have a complete ranked tier list for the best builds. With that said, let’s dive right in!

Elden Ring Samurai Build Guide

The Samurai is a very well-rounded character while remaining beginner-friendly and easy to understand. He uses a longbow and a katana with decent defense and mobility. His main kit aligns well with Dexterity.

This guide will be talking specifically about the katana Dex build for him so grab your observers’ glass as we break everything down for you!

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If you are starting fresh then it is highly recommended to go for a golden seed since it gives you some extra potions. This keepsake can be the difference-maker in the early portions of the game and can really set you up for success.

Switching Between Weapons

Make sure to use the bow whenever there is a significant amount of distance between your enemy and you. Otherwise, switch for your katana in order to deal the final blows. This can also be useful against bosses but make sure to gauge your distance before switching weapons.

Your katana has a decent charge attack that can deal a considerable amount of damage if used correctly. This can also be used to gain distance against boss attacks. The name for this ability is Unsheathe and it is the cornerstone of this build. Samurai is better played two-handed just because of this ability.

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Samurai Equipment

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There is not really much to swap out in the early parts of the game. Simply use what you gain. The katana and the bow work in perfect harmony with each other so focus more on your playstyle and you should be good to go.

Samurai Attributes

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There is not much difference in the early parts of the game between Strength and Dexterity built early on in the game. You are not gonna see a huge difference in damage however as the game heads to the later stages, building Dexterity will be that difference-maker.

You will also need to pump vigor early on since you are gonna be fighting melee most of the time. This means that you will be taking hits from different enemies and bosses. You will need enough vigor to be able to tank them without instantly dying.

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Mind is also a good stat to level up since you will be reliant on your abilities. It takes FP to use these skills therefore, you will have to invest a little in it or you will have a depleted bar right at the start of the fight.

How is your Elden Ring progression going so far? Have you found a class that you really like? Let us know in the comments below!

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