Download Free Fire Glitch File (2021): Get All Skins, Emotes for Free

You can download the latest Free Fire glitch file here, updated in September 2021. Getting all the cosmetics and emotes in Garena Free Fire can be an absolute pain and require long hours of grind. Some of these are locked behind a paywall, while many are timed exclusives which you can’t get anymore. As such, we now have a Free Fire glitch file that lets you get all the cosmetics and skins in the game for absolutely free!

This method is a basic modification to your game files that lets you access skins and emotes present in the game alongside ones that aren’t. Getting the modification set up on your phone or emulator is relatively simple and does not take a lot of time.

Free Fire Glitch File / Mod Download

free fire glitch file

The glitch file allows you to access all the skins and emotes you want. However, do note that you will be the only person who can see those skins. i.e., your appearance will look normal to players around you.

Here’s how you can get free Free Fire skins and emotes on your Android / Emulator:

  • Download ZAchiever or any other Rar Extractor
  • Download the Free Fire Glitch File. If asked for a password, enter SUBSCRIBE
  • Once extracted, copy the com.dts.freefireth folder you extracted to the following path – Android -> Data
  • When asked to replace the existing folder, choose Yes
  • The mod should now be installed, open Garena to check it out!

How to Use Free Fire Glitch File / Mod

After you’ve got the mod installed, open the Store and choose whatever bundle you like. After doing so, quit the store. Your character should automatically now be wearing whatever bundle you tapped on and you can keep it without any issues whatsoever.

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Can I Get Banned for Using This Mod?

Since you will be modifying your game files, there’s a slight chance you might be banned. However, it is extremely unlikely as the modification does not affect the game’s servers in any way or form and carries no malicious intent.

What cosmetics are you going to be dawning on now that you can wear every single one of them? Let us know in the comments down below!

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