Horizon Forbidden West Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds

Horizon Forbidden West has just been out for a couple of months now, and with several updates and patches released, the developers are working hard to make the game very stable for all the players. HFW does have a fair share of bugs, crashes, and issues that the developers have been made aware of. Just recently we discovered a number of players reported the spear is not working for them, or the melee attack not working or disabled. Thankfully, the devs are hard at work to fix all of these issues.

While there seems to be no set date, the issues are noted by the devs and they are working hard to fix them. If you want to take a look at a list of all the errors and issues that are going to be fixed in the coming updates, you can find them down below. In case you missed it, we have covered the beginner’s guide to the game, along with how to contact HFW customer support.

Horizon Forbidden West: Known Issues and Workarounds

Here’s a list of all the official known issues currently present in the game. If you are facing any other bug or crashing in Horizon Forbidden West, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it here! Hopefully, it’ll be picked up by the developers and fixed.

UPDATE – April 20: Patch 1.12 includes fixes several progression issues reported by the community, datapoints not unlocking and more. This should fix a number of issues with the game for you.

UPDATE – April 6: Patch 1.10 / Patch 1.11 is now finally out with a long list of bug fixes. The patch introduces tons of bug fixes and balance changes, it also brings a few performance and stability improvements for people experiencing unstable performance in some areas of the game. Is the spear not working for you? Or the melee attack not working in the game? Report back after installing this update.

UPDATE – March 30: Patch 1.09 was just released.

UPDATE – March 16: Patch 1.08 is now out. This update fixes a bunch of known issues and makes improvements to the main quests. The game should feel a lot smoother now and your progress won’t get hindered due to various quest glitches.

UPDATE – March 9: Patch 1.07 was just deployed and it fixes a bunch of known issues that were plaguing the game since release. The biggest issue resolved in this patch is the blurry textures around the vegetation in Performance mode. There are tons of other fixes as well so make sure to go through the patch notes.

UPDATE – March 2: Patch 1.06 was just deployed, so you can expect a number of new bug fixes now. A lot of you have been commenting below regarding all the issues in the game, so hopefully, this patch should fix much of them.

UPDATE – February 23: Patch 1.05 is now out that fixes a number of bugs and issues faced by the players. The developers have also acknowledged a few more issues that they are currently working on right now, and will eventually get fixed in a future update.

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.12

Here is a list of those known issues:

  • The team continues to make tweaks to the game’s content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering.
  • Players have reported an issue in Side Quest “Lofty Ambitions”. After Abadund’s dialogue has taken place, the player will temporarily not be able to trade with Abadund due to no prompt appearing.
  • Players have reported an issue in Side Quest “A Soldier’s March” where after defeating the Frostclaw, the mission objective does not complete.
  • Players have reported an issue in Handa’s Contract “Ancient Relics”, where the mission progression will be stuck on “2/3 Gather Ancient Relics”, or “Go to the Northern Ancient Machine Site” if the player leaves the area.
  • Players have reported that the Apex Grimhorn does not spawn in game outside of quests, potentially preventing players from obtaining 100% game completion.
  • Outfits may appear to be covered by dark shadows in inventory.

Fidelity Mode Bad Visuals

Some players have reported that the visuals look weird in the Fidelity mode. According to a user, the screen saturation changes depending on if the camera is moving or static. This can make the screen look washed out. What’s weird is that this issue does not happen if you switch to performance mode. Surprisingly, this issue is persistent and happens every time you start the game. The devs have taken note of it and are now working to fix it.

Photo Mode Showing Blurred Textures

While not the most common issue, some users have reported that the photo mode was showing blurred textures. This only happens if you change the portrait pose for Aloy in the photo mode. After that, you will notice that Aloy has a blur effect alongside Aloy’s hair and body. We are not sure what causes this issue but it has been noted by the devs.

Shimmering Textures

This bug seems to be extremely rare but users have faced it. Regardless of the resolution, players have complained that the anti-aliasing doesn’t work well. They can see a lot of shimmering in the vegetation and buildings. This happens on both the performance and resolution modes.

Issues Redeeming Codes

Surprisingly, there are quite a few people that have complained that their codes didn’t redeem when they tried to use them. Keep in mind that this issue was faced by players yesterday and has been fixed since then. This issue was due to the time region difference. As soon as the game officially came out, players can use their codes freely. However, if you are still facing this problem, kindly contact the devs.

Aloy Doesn’t Interact With Machine Remains

This is another common issue that many players have reported. At first, this was only a problem on the PS4 Pro but PS5 players have also confirmed that they are facing this bug. When you reach the first machine’s remains, Aloy will not interact with it no matter what. This causes your progress to be hindered. This issue happens if your companion gets left behind if you get to the machine too quickly. To fix this, restart the game or reload your save file and walk slowly alongside your companion.

Are you facing any issues in Horizon Forbidden West that the developers are not aware of? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. Guerilla forget to implement the Mouse and Keyboard Support.
    Other Games like AC Valhalla have it, why not Horizon 🙁
    A lot of PC Users buy the consoles only for the exclusiv Games and want to play with Mous and keyboard.

  2. Tutorial in the ‘Machine Strike’ mini-game appears to not allow progress for me when attempting to attack the opponent’s piece for the first time. It won’t accept any button press on any tile to continue.

  3. awareness indicator broken, won’t turn off even though there are no enemies or machines nearby. cant fast travel or do anything else and the dramatic fight music just keeps playing.

    • Are there chargers nearby? Sometimes when I’m trashing baddies I’ll notice the issue you’re saying – then I’ll look just over a ridge out of my sight and see a bunch of chargers on alert acting like complete fools. I, of course, murder all of them and poof! No more alert!

    • I’m stuck in a the outside section of the repair cauldron quest because there is only one path to take and she won’t go up climbing. I have literally tried this 51 times. If she won’t go up, she can’t make the jump to the next rock. They need a ‘okay, you’ve tried this too many times, let’s just move you past it’.

      • i think i know what you’re talking about. the first repair cauldron right? in my game whenever i try to jump up the pillars with the rotating gears, it just pushed me through the pillar and i fall all the way to the beginning of the puzzle. i’m also on ps4

  4. I’m noticing markedly slow fps in resolution mode on my ps5. I’ve not seen this with any other game in resolution / fidelity mode that I own. It’s currently unplayable (IMO) in this setting as it’s quite choppy, which is a bit of a bummer as I’ve heard the difference in resolution between fidelity and performance is truly notable. Has anyone else experienced this so far?

  5. Hi,

    I play forbidden west on a ps4 and I find it very annoying that the loading time for the items on the map(quest, campfire etc.) takes a few seconds sometimes when I open it. So you need to wait quite a bit. Also just had a glitch that everything stuttered and reacted almost slowmotion so I needed to restart the game.

    • I’m having trouble with pullcaster at the door?it’s funny it works fine at other locations but not here. What can I do?

  6. Black screen when trying to do something on the training ground. I can hear sound of wind and some of villagers, but nothing happen at all

    • I also have this problem. Playing digital on PS4 (nonpro). Everytime I try to load something for chainscrape pit master it stays black. I can enter the pause menu to camera mode quit etc. The screen just stays black and will not load. I left it for 5 min just to see, still nothing.

      • Yeah I started experiencing this the last couple of days, can fire bows but spear is disabled which is quite annoying, thought it wa something to do with crawling through small tunnels so it thought I was still crouched but happened on an open mountain, I also had a complete freeze where everything else moved but not me, once I got knocked over it was fine.

      • This glitch is still in game. I was doing the combat move where you can jump off the opponent and shoot an arrow, but I didn’t have bow equipped, so before doing the jump I used weapon wheel to equip bow. After the jump and arrow shot, spear attacks were disabled until I loaded up a save file.

    • Same here, after defeating the Enduring my spear wouldn’t respond. Can charge up holding R1 for Half Moon strike but releasing does nothing. R2 does nothing at all either.

  7. This wasn’t so bad when there are alternate paths to climbing but when there is only one path, you are just stuck. I have tried everything. Changing sensitivity of the controls. It’s the main quest, repair cauldron and I’m stuck outside because she can’t reach the next climbing area because she won’t climb up to make the jump.

  8. I’m trying to climb the spire and it won’t let me grab the crane with the pull caster. I’ve reloaded a bunch of times but it won’t grab the crane no matter what!

  9. she literally will not wall jump for me. ive watched all available walkthroughs to make sure im not just doing it wrong. ive been trying to wall jump on the twilight path quest for thirty minutes now and she literally just wont do it.

    • I can confirm this issue.
      In fact I now believe the wall jumping ability is just a figment of my imagination, and I’m now going to pop outside with the game disc, inform it that I am quite upset with its lack of sportsmanship, and demand satisfaction.

  10. The sound cuts out occasionally. I also started having the issue with the game being choppy/skipping frames on occasion upon getting to Chainscrape. Have to reload the game to get this to stop. Map items are slow to load to the point of annoyance.

  11. When playing Strike, at the beginning of the game, before the opponent even moves, I’ll suddenly lose 1-3 pieces. They will get the points, *then* do their first move, and I’m gimped for the rest of the match.

  12. On Cinnabar Sands where you get the power source. It won’t let me drop down to collect the power source no matter what button I press. Can’t climb up any other way. Really infuriating.

  13. I just got to lvl 14 and I have a few saves qnd I always clean up my saves my keeping the 5 or 6 qnd delete the rest. Well I woke up this morning February 20th to play on ps4. I load my home screen and my system shows multiple save files and yet it won’t let me continue says new game only . Now I’m mad because I spent over 10 hours playing and I got to the forbidden west part of the story and I lost all that time I accumulated. I tried restarting my system like pa5 issues said qnd nothing yet the saves are clearly there . I love this game I don’t know if I should restart qnd just keep my old saves incase it’s fixed which I probably will do . I usually don’t encounter these issues except for cyberpunk which was broken . But yeah fix this Guerilla your q great company qnd make amazing games . Please so I don’t have to do all that work all over again.

    • Same thing happened to me. I hope you find a fix for it. I lost 10 hours. If you do find a solution please let me know.

  14. Im stuck trying to climb the spire because she wont jump upwards.. Ive tried at least 50 times and she wont do it.. Reload multiple save points and her jump animation is not happening how it should.. Definitely cant play or progress further into the game until this is fixed 🥲

  15. I left a earlier post about my save file not showing up on the in-game menu. I found q solution and wanted to post what I did to fix this if it were to happen to someone else. The solution for me was I started a new after I previously saved my save files to my online cloud and reloaded it back and the issue wasn’t resolved . The solution I found was I started a new game and when you get to where Aloy hugs Emily puase your game choose reload save file and reload the auto save I didn’t choose manual save and it took me back to my previous save . Hope this helps and I’m also not sure if this is a bug/glitch but I wanted to leave the comment just incase someone else comes across this. Good luck and enjoy the game as I am.


    Unable to load any of the options from the Melee Pit: Chainscrape. When I choose any option the music plays but, it’s always a blank screen. I’ve tried restarting my system and closing and reopening the game.

    • I’m having the same problems in the melee pit and arena my screen goes black can’t load in the game it’s driving me crazy.

  17. I have completed the objectives for the lost supplies quest for Runda.

    Talk to Runda.
    Go to the bristleback site.
    Override a bristleback.
    Find Rundas rations.
    Return to Runda : is not working. I go to tell her I’ve found the rations and it doesn’t let me give them to her or tell her. It just goes into her talking sequence of letting me trade.

    I have tried fast traveling away and coming back, I’ve quit the game and come back in, I’ve tried completing another quest, I’ve tried passing time, and nothing works to let me turn in the quest

    I’m on the PS5

  18. If you have frame rate drops or it’s choppy, a few makeshift trouble shooting techniques migght help. Try not using a dynamic theme with background music, they cann cause frame rate drops and/or pixel dots.
    Try clearing the web browser cashe and cookies, do a hard re. Doing a hard reset will force any suspended applications to shut like Netflix, Hulu etc etc.
    Power Cycling is also helpful oftentimes, because it helps clear the internal RAM.

    If you get an error when downloading on PlayStation try using Mode Check and Rebuild Database. The download might be corrupt.

  19. I died fighting the ravager and vezreh on the level 10 shadow in the west side quest, now the door won’t open for me to get back inside to fight him again and now the only music the will play throughout the rest of the game is the fight music that was playing when I fought him, over and over, I had to turn the music off cause I was sick of hearing it.

  20. In the ambush the shell walker mission, the shellwalker doesn’t fully render. All that renders is the part that creates the shield. None of the legs or the large transport case on top appear.

    • I don’t know if it’s the first cauldron but I’m having this issue with the cauldron with the grim horn. It’s literally just letting itself die but then the mission doesn’t reflect that its dead and I can’t leave the cauldron :/

  21. I have a bug in my Notebook section. I have investigated every collectable i Hit so far but there is still a ! showing besides collectibales.
    On ps5

  22. The first caludron was extremely laggy and low fps. This is on PS4. Was worried it was going to crash the system but I managed to get through it without that happening. A couple glitchy plants and bodies every once in awhile

  23. Am having weird audio problems with the machines. They sound like they are very close but in reality they are far away, and also some weird echo noices when Aloy is out in the open but it sounds like in a cave.

  24. Ozaram worker near Vista point tower is stuck in fight mode and won’t talk to me even though the multiple bristleback fight is over. Can’t proceed with quest.. grrrrr!

  25. My game crashes at any pitmaster site when I choose to end the training. Not all activated campfires are showing up on the map. I have no scorcher machine sites.

  26. Trying to recover omega clearance in Thebes. I activate the console interact and nothing happens. Just stuck in an empty room. Reset the game 10+ times and same thing every time.

  27. The black signal box a bit to the left of Plainsong (right next to a cliff I climbed down) was un grabbable- ie kinda stuck inside/next-to some wreckage. In general I will find some resources are kind of stuck inside foliage or elements of the terrain. Love the game tho!

  28. after dying in the vezreh boss fight. i was spawned outside of the room where the fight takes place. the door is red and locked and wont open. i cant progress and theres no reason why. wtf??? ive re loaded my file and restarted the game AND my ps4 and still nothing. wtf is this

  29. I start the game, I arrive at the menu, I select load a save, it begins to load (a quarter of the load bar) during like 10 seconds, then the PS5 crashes. I begin to worry a little…

  30. I am having massive lagging when I got halfway through the first cauldron. Boss fight was shoot and prey I hit something, got to end of fight and cut scene was lagging so bad they went through three sentences before the graphics even started showing them talking.

    Someone help solve this issue please. Love the game, but getting hard to play.

  31. At some point in the game the background music wouldn’t stop anymore. It only changes for battle music etc. but returns instantly afterwards. It’s the song “world on her shoulders”. After a while it gets really frustrating and annoying. Kind of ruins the atmosphere.

  32. So at one of the tallneck locations (First one you find) I climb the ladder to get up and phase through the ground and fall back down to the ground. Tried everything and I can’t get to the tallneck any other way.

  33. Sprint not working. Just stopped during the sea of sands quest, also the glider is just gliding me upwards constantly. I can take off from the ground and wind up in the sky just by opening the glider.

    • This happened to me, too. Manual save at a campfire, close the game, then reopen your game from that save file (so click load game instead of continue) That’s what fixed this for me.

    • Exact same issue, around the same time as well. I have a save from before I gathered machine parts for the special gear, and sprint/glide are fine. All saves after that, both are broken. Tried manual save/loading a later save but no dice. Really bummed if my only option is redoing the Poseidon mission

  34. On quest in the Hive, last thing remains to destroy weapon caches. I destroyed all 4 multiple times…. I keep reloading save and keep trying, but never completes quest. The MPC prisoner I freed there just stands at unlit campfire.

    • Did you ever figure this one out? I came back to it to finish 100% and there arent any to destroy..that i can find anyway

  35. I’m playing on PS5 and the shuttle cable connector won’t explode and break. I have shot 40+ Aries at full strength and nothing. Also restarted the game. Same issue.

  36. I’m stuck at the “Sons of Prometheus Data”-errand.
    Examined the focus..but there was no recorded message so I have no supply drop coordinates.
    Can’t scan the focus again
    What are the coordinates?

    • I’ve got the exact same issue as you. Examined the focus, mission objective says “listen to the recorded message” I’ve listen to all my audio data points and still nothing.

  37. I am up to The point of the Lance on ps4 and trying to climb up the tower and as I get about half way Aloy just won’t jump high enough or far enough to reach the next grapple point so she just falls. I’ve tried doing to A LOT of times and so has my S/O. After closing the game then reloading it nothing changed I have restarted the game from the beginning and it just got worse and became a lot more frequent and I am now reinstalling it after I uninstalling it to see if this helps.

  38. Playing on PS4 digital download version with all the pre-order stuff. Having frequent graphics issue/ Aloy has gotten stuck walking in mid air after climbing. And the machine birds are getting stuck in the earth and are alerted to red
    Stops saving/fast travel at campfires. Unable to kill the machine either. Minor quest at Plainsong directional arrow doesn’t indicate for the quest with the girl who can’t get help from the Plainsong Chorus. It says that you are there but there isn’t anyone there… (I think I figured it out that they are up in the air on a balcony but there is nothing showing that they are up there and you can’t scan for them either.)

  39. I can’t seem to break a sunken barrier in the big lake east of Hades proving ground. The indicator will not show. Tried restarting the game and still won’t work. Anyone else have this issue?

  40. Am I the only one having an issue with Ted Faros omega Clearance when I interact with the console nothing happens it’s supposed to go into a cutscene but it doesn’t I’m just stuck in the room still able to move around but I can’t progress further into the game because of this I need help

  41. I have trouble with fast travel cos its not working and I cant get out of the base when I am inside it, or I cant get inside when I upload when I am outside. So now i cant do any mission until uou fix it.

    • Hey! Think I’ve had exactly the same one.

      Completed Cauldron IOTA but map is saying I need to kill Rollerback at this location. Annoyingly I can’t go back into this cauldron as it’s now blocked.

      I cant progress and unblock the mounted creature trophy and the Raintrace Clawstrider challenge as I can’t unlock the Clawstrider override.


  42. Bug fix – Lost supplies
    If you overide a bristleback it should allow you to complete the quest. I lost my initial bristleback and it would not let me complete the quest when talking to Runda. I then overided another and this let me complete it.
    Hope this helps

    • Your method alone didn’t work for me, but I found a method over on Reddit that did!

      for anyone who’s having this issue, you can go back to any site where the rations were (only one i remembered was the one next to a canister burrower site)

      basically override any mount that isn’t a bristleback to “reset”

      override and mount a bristleback east of the salvage place

      go to the burrower site and let the bristleback pick up anything and loot it

      ride back to runda (it completed for me this way)

  43. Your fucking quests are bugged nothing like trying to do speedy lancehorn contract only to find out it doesn’t update the fucking objectives. Honestly not worth the money I spent not the time to play if it is going to continue to happen in other quests. Like I can’t even get the rewards.

    • Yep, and the rest of the quest played it after a killed the lancehorns, but it still says o need to go to the site and i go back, kill more lancehorns, still no change and didn’t get the reward. Very frustrating. If this isnt fixed can’t ever get the special armor for doing the all the salvage contracts.

    • I understand your frustration, but please refrain from using such harsh words for a situation that not even the creators wanted you to go through. Hence why this website and many more exist so they can contact the creators and suggest solutions to evident problems such as this. Although I doubt your comment will attract business as it’s quite rude to not just the creators but the innocent people running this website. I honestly hope this problem is solved for you. Please be patient as the game has literally just been released.

  44. I can’t override the sun wing no matter what I do. I’ve completed the cauldron, got the key and the next prompt is to go to override and When I get to the cliff she says she can’t override yet. Driving me mad!

  45. I’m stuck trying to get back into the base when u have to talk to varl and beta.It won’t let me open the door to enter my base.

  46. Is anyone else nit able to catch moonfish? They highlight for me but don’t register as a moonfish with the focus and when I swim up behind them there is no triangle prompt to catch them even if I’m right on top of them. It works with every other fish except these.

    • This! But I haven’t been able to catch any fish at all! They just blip out of existence as soon as I get behind them. I really need to upgrade pouches but since the fish refuse to be caught I’m still working with 10 Sharpshot arrows at a time.

  47. Sons of Prometheus quest last job to kill the sons of Prometheus, when I go to the location marked where you loot the cache no one shows up for me to kill so I can’t finish the quest

  48. Anyone having a problem with the stillsands gauntlet run? I get to the campfire and it still showing “go to the next race track”

    • I have the solution for this issue. Just Complete Poseidon Mission and reach to the Story mission “Faro’s Tomb”. Now The Final Race should show up. Go to the Campfire, Press Triangle to Rest. And the race dialogue will start.

  49. It happened to me and I was able to go to an earlier auto save. I was able to open the door and didn’t lose any progress prior to opening the door.

  50. In the quest with Kavvoh after killing everyone I’m not able to talk with him to progress in the quest, he got stuck in some rocks and no way to fix, tried to do travel hoping he would reset bit didn’t

  51. In the mission “A Hunt to Remember”, after killing the machines, there is the task “Talk to Ikottah”. When I go to the respective location, he is not there. When I find him nearby, I cannot interact with him. So the mission is stuck.
    I play the latest version (V1.06 I think), PS5 version

    • This happened to me, im in PS4. I reloaded from last save and the mission was complete and Ikottah what where he should have been so I could speak with him.

  52. On missing gear (salvage contracts)
    Finished salvage job and returned to runda but she will not let me finish the contract even though the finish square is on her with the green tick. When I interact with her the dialogue circle does not show the completion part.

  53. Mission call and response… I killed those sunwings before Aloy said that she should do it and now the mission is stuck. I can’t examine the body…

  54. When it loads it glitches and distorts on top of screen, like the TV broke but not, It happens for a second but it happens a lot when loading up or traveling. Also it will go black screen, happened once. Thought maybe a connection issue but could be an ingame glitch

  55. It just updated but now I’m trapped in the base! Was loving the game I’m at level 33 but the damn doors won’t open to let me out and cant fast travel. I do not wish to restart..

  56. Poseiden quest. i cant get Aloy to “find” the red light. cant interact with it by just swimming to it either. im stuck any ideas guys?

  57. Possible spoilers? Will try to minimize

    In Cradle of Echoes quest, I paused the game sometime in the Prepare for Battle stage. I was busy, the PS4 shut down as I’d been away too long. Then the next morning (yesterday) there was an update when restarting. I updated, and it started me off in the base with GAIA. Next objective, Prepare for Battle… but the door to the outside won’t open as before I’d met Varl and Erend there who came with me, and Erend had opened that door. I can’t get to the battle… or ANYWHERE for that matter. Stuck in the base with previous save point bringing me to GAIA, so no help

    • Exact same scenario on PS5. Paused game, standby mode, update overnight, now stuck at GAIA. Same day, too 3/10/22.

    • I was able to find a quick save from just before Cradle of Echoes (the final stage of the Kurut which was report to GAIA). Since there is no fighting up till Prepare for Battle, I was able to run through it and skip past all the talking and get there in only a few minutes.

  58. Anyone having sound issues? Where you will have the loss of all game sound for a few seconds? Especially during and directly after dialog with a character.

    • I have left a comment to this website, but you just reminded me of a scenario that I only encountered once. It was a cut scene with Morlund in Las Vegas when we were flying in the air balloon for the mission Lofty Ambitions and while the cut scene was playing, Morlund was talking over himself with double audio. You know when you are just chatting with someone regularly. Well, that audio was doubled over the one in the cut scene and I had to read the subtitles to understand what was going. When the cut scene stopped, he just continued mumbling to himself and I left. This isn’t much of a problem for me as I know these things can happen and it’s not always something the devs can control after release.

  59. On Find poseidon when you swim down to the console for the holo the lettering stays red and no matter how many times I push the triangle the console will not operate. Which mean no getting poseidon.Which means wasted money , won’t be able to finish game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I’m stuck inside the base it won’t let me go out any of the exits so I can’t progress and I really hope this gets fixed!

  61. myself and at least a handful of folks on reddit/gamefaqs can’t get the wings of the ten after selling all black boxes. quest doesn’t complete and the objective log still says to find a use for the recordings

  62. I have also a Problem. Main Quest Gemini is done, but I can’t bridge this Machines. It says bridging Not aviable…

  63. When doing the first level of the arena, after killing all the enemies the challenge doesn’t complete and the time keeps running. I’ve tried turning off then back on the system and also closing the game and reopening the game. Still the same thing.

  64. Wont give me check marks for hunting grounds or melee pit its stuck saying talk to pit master on 3 of 4 and ive completed the hunting grounds too and no checks. Sad part is im on the last mission missing quite a few skill point too to max out my last skill. PS5

  65. As a person who loves Horizon Zero Dawn and the love followed Forbidden West with pride, I have noticed many many bugs that might have to be looked at. Some are not big issues as they can be fixed in game by the player, but some make the progression right down hard if not impossible. I play on the PS4.

    1. Machines (dead or alive), loot boxes and rebels can be found stuck inside walls, under ground or hovering just above ground. You could maybe kill the machines and the rebels with the exploding spear by luck, or you swing your regular spear in hopes of hitting your target. Will not always work. Some objects are not lootable in this state.

    2. The Sunwing is the most thrilling experience in the whole game (my opinion XD) but it comes with a huge defect. When perching my Sunwing and I turn for 2 seconds, he is suddenly underneath the perch and cant be moved by riding it. The solution to this is to simply go to another area and call it there. It should come scoop you up just like normal.

    3. Sometimes whether its in the main story, side quests or errands, the people that you need to speak with end up in different locations and thus wont let you speak with them. This normally happened after helping fight some machines and the people had probably been glitched with the location of the machines or stuck in coding. This is also not necessarily a problem as most of mine are fixed when I go back to previous save. But yes, the inconvenience is there.

    4. This is surprisingly the most recent issue I have, and that is the Melee Pit. Especially the Energy Surge tutorial. There seems to be a problem with the frame coding. The energy surge is a combo attack used by the spear (R1+R1+R1+Pause+R1). On so many frustrating tries, it often stated wrong combo with the first R1 or the pause is insignificant in any way. So for now, this combo is absolutely useless to me although it looks extremely fun to play with. If it’s fixed sooner or later, I will enjoy this feature to the max.

    I honestly hope this helped some players that are experiencing these things. Either how to fix it or letting them know that they aren’t the only ones who experience these things. Please be patient with the game as it has just come out and this is the time the creators use to discover all issues that needs to be fixed so please share all the bugs and wrongly featured errors in the game.

    I am only half way through the game, so if I see any more bugs of interest, then I will let you guys know.

  66. At certain climbing points I can’t drop down, making it impossible to finish some quests, also the game won’t let me boost underwater. I tried everything and the bug is still there, so I have to take a break from the game u til it’s fixed.

  67. I’m in plainsong and there is a side quest that pops up on my radar and map but there is no one there it moves around occasionally as if someone is walking but no one is there

  68. Faro’s Tomb main quest: bug in my game-scan the medical chair… I did. The next part Ceo is supposed to talk after scanning the chair. It’s just not moving on. I’m stuck… anyone having the same problem?

  69. Randomly goes to the load screen sometimes, outfits are defaulted to the Nora gear during cutscenes, glitchy armor (an entire shoulder piece just blinking in and out of existenc e), getting stuck in walls. Most of these didn’t become a problem u ntil my second playthrough.

  70. Several times in the game my melee ability stops working entirely. Out in the world, in rebel camps, and while exploring if fighting a machine or human the R1/R2 buttons stop responding. I’ve switched controllers so I know that’s not the issue. All other ranged controls work perfectly. At first I thought maybe a machine skill disabled melee attacks for a time but even after I kill the machine and continue playing melee won’t work. I have to save, shut down the game and restart and then it works again.
    Anyone else experience this and have a work around without restarting?

    • I’ve run into the same thing. Haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it, but sometimes the melee attacks just stop working. Contextual options such as stealth kills, firegleam, etc… still works, but I can’t just attack. And yeah, only way to get it back is to save & re-load.

  71. On the quest The Second Verse Zo does not appear outside of plainsong to complete the quest. The indicator is there but she is no where to be found. When I speak to her at the base she says for me to meet her at plainsong. I have tried reloading, going to older saves, closing the game and everything. She still doesn’t show up and I can’t complete the quest.

  72. On Fining frekkas armor in the First to Fly quest I make it to the top of the mountain but there is not armor anywhere. Looked on YouTube to see where they are, and they are just not there on mine! Also when I go to a machine location on the map (any of them) they don’t register as Found it always just says Undiscovered (machine name). It’s very frustrating. Any info would help! Also it’s on the PS4.

  73. Finished game (got the Plat trophy) except for 3rd/4th Gauntlet races and The Arena challenges. Now working on 100% completion (currently at 90.48%). On the 3rd Gauntlet Run, no matter what place I finish, at the finish line I get blown up into the air, crash to the ground and die. Ran the race at least a dozen times, purposely came in last a few times to see if that mattered, it didn’t. I’ve won the race at least 5-6 times and still can’t complete it and progress to the last (4th) one. Even tried a few earlier saves, no joy.

    Thoroughly pissed and frustrated.

    PS5, patch 1.08 installed.

  74. To be honest, I’ve had several “glitches” that I played through, but the one above (Gauntlet Race #3) has stopped my progression.

    Other issues I’ve encountered:
    1. Random black screens for 2-5 seconds.
    2. Game reset to last save autonomously (during play, once).
    3) During end game credits, after Aloy flys and the screen goes to black with scrolling credits, the music is drowned out by a massive waterfall or river rapids sound.
    4, Rebel camps and outposts show completed but there’s a red “X” next to “leave the area” on every one. No matter how I left the area.
    5, Can’t complete gauntlet run #3, no matter what place I finish (see above post).

    Amazing game, despite the glitches …. but I need that gauntlet run progress stoppage fixed.

  75. Having problem with the camp hive i beat the the camp 6 times all ready nothing happens now i starded the mission to do the camp there’s nobody there no ammunition to distroy i clear everything out and nothing

  76. Beat the camp hive 6 times already nothing is going on now i starded the mission again there’s no rebel no ammunition but it says to distroy like there were ammunition in there

  77. I have progression blocking bug in one of the main quest The wings of The ten..
    After the Gemini cauldron and the creation of the sunwing control I can’t continue, because there are no sunwings in the mountains above the base and you must to owerride sunwings right there..
    It doesn’t work in other places, I tried ..
    I’m really upset..

  78. I’m trying to go to a cauldron and like 5minutes into the game it decides to start downloading and I can’t play I didn’t play for a couple days but it does the same thing

  79. Ich erhalte die Daten der Flugdrohne Insel der Türme nicht. Die Drohne lässt sich runterholen, gibt aber unten keine Daten frei, sodass die Quest nicht abgeschlossen werden kann.

    • Patch: Nach Starten der PS4 heute waren die Daten (Modul) der Drohne im Menü (Sammelobjekte) vorhanden u. konnte auch in der Basis eingefügt werden. Das Problem hat sich offenbar erledigt.

    • Die Interaktion mit den entsprechenden Figuren setzte kurz vor Ende der Quest in einigen Nebenquests aus. Ich musste mich wegbeamen (Reisepaket) u. wieder dahin zurückkehren. Die Figur stand noch an der gleichen Stelle u. die Interaktion funktionierte wieder. Ob das inzwischen gepatcht wurde weiß ich nicht, da ich die Quests ja abschließen konnte.
      Ich zocke auf einer PS4 slim mit Game für die PS4.

    • Patch: Auch die Bildaussetzer sind nach dem Start der PS4 heute verschwunden. Man sollte wohl nach dem Patch 1.11 die PS mehrfach starten.

  80. The Tideripper site mark and the Icon (?) mark on the southeast of Plainsong don’t show up, even after completing: SPOILER ALERT the quest “The Sea of Sands” and recover POSEIDON.

    The Tiderippers are there but the icos don’t show up to discover them and know where the machines are, and its a bit annoying.

  81. On console 4th playthrough. Can’t catch moonfish. They disappear before you are supposed to get catch prompt. Notice that the rays also disappear at same time. Can catch all other fish but moonfish. Tried restarting and reloading save but same issue. I know how to catch fish as this is my fourth playthrough. Also Dreadwings are getting stuck in environment. Noticed this in the wooded areas that machines get stuck in environment.

  82. In the mission “A Tribe Apart” I’ve gotten to the kill the machines part but when I get there there are no machines around I’ve looked all around the mission area and outside the mission area on it least 4-5 different occasions I’ve also fast traveled away numerous times and still nothing I’ve been dealing with this for over 2 weeks now and it seems like nothing can be done

  83. After Gemini mission. I’m exploring around Tilda’s Mansion and can’t melee or pull bow. Worked fine during mission but now I’m walking around like welp guess I can’t really do anything. Now if I go to my weapon wheel I can’t pull them out. But can’t use R1 and L2. Which I kinda need to.

  84. I can’t complete the mission “Eastern Lie”. When it prompts me to blow up a stockpile of blaze canisters, nothing happens.

  85. Cannot use grapple and one black box in the plane cannot retrieve. Having quite a few in game issues on things just not being able to grab or not there at all to finish missions. Love the game, but the issues have me giving up for now.

  86. On PS4 I frequently have issues with machines, items, and wildlife glitching underground, both dead and alive.

    I am stuck on the Call and Response quest because one of the Frost Glinthawks has glitched under the map and I can’t kill it to complete the quest. It’s just flying around under the map. I have tried fast traveling, switching quests, and restarting the game.

    This is not the first time. It’s extremely frusrating.

  87. Game will not allow me to call any mounts. I’ve unlocked charger, bristleback, and sunwing. When I go to call them they are showing up white, not red, on mount call but when I press the down arrow it shows I have to “craft” the mount call.

    Has not been a huge issue with charger and bristleback. I just transport from campfire to campfire. Real problem came in at wings of ten where I override the tall neck and cannot call my sunwing back to let me ride to complete quest. Can’t jump off tall neck or anything. Incredibly frustrating.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  88. I am at Faro’s tomb, and I can scan the chair, and watch the video of the Dr talking, but it won’t take me any further. I’ve had other issues. But this is the first time it’s screwed with my completion of a quest. I’m not very happy

  89. Also, on top of this… I’m a level 38 doing this quest because I try and complete most side missions n things before I finish the story. And the most bugs I’ve found are during the main quest. Jumping and grabbing things but you just go through it. Glitching to other areas, people talking but you can’t hear it. Aloy dissapears. As soon as I put on sobecs clothes I walked out as aloy in her armor out of the tent and it glitches for a bit and then continues as aloy in sobecks uniform. I cannot complete this quest, looked for updates, I’m all updated. Ps4 btw. I shut the game down, I turned my ps4 off, and back on. Every time… it saved at the part where the Dr starts talking about faro’s treatment and then I just stand there with the quest telling me to scan the device. And I do, again and again. This had got to be the worst glitch I’ve ever dealt with. I have over 60 hours in this game. And am finally on the main quest. And I can’t continue! Ugh frustrating. Can anyone help?

  90. Doing arena quest line and finished it, and now it tells me to speak to pit master at spearscalding, but nothing happens. Is there any fix to this?

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