How to Contact Customer Support for Horizon Forbidden West

How To Contact Customer Support for Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has just been released on the PS4 and the PS5 and players are already reporting issues such as the game stuttering and not opening appropriately. In these cases, you might need to contact customer support in order to get your trouble sorted. As of yet, it seems like the developers are quite receptive to responding to whatever issues that you may have.

Horizon Forbidden West is shaping up to be a relatively bug-free considering the fact that it has just been released on the PS4 and PS5. However, we can expect a few bugs and issues coming around here and there due to the game’s scale and the number of different variables present that can go haywire.

Contact Horizon Forbidden West Customer Support (Guerrilla Games)

We’ve jotted down some official methodologies that you can take advantage of to contact customer support in Horizon Forbidden West:

PlayStation Support

PlayStation has officially taken up the reins of providing us with support for Horizon Forbidden West. If you have any issue with the game or on your console, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Horizon Forbidden West’s official support article.
  • The article has listed up some features that can help you out, however if they aren’t present, click on the Contact Support button
  • After doing so, you’ll be redirected to PlayStation’s official support channel.
  • Select the category of your particular issue and report accordingly!

Horizon Subreddit

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Sometimes the community will be your only aid. In those cases, The Horizon Forbidden West subreddit is your best aid. You can either scroll through the posts and find your relevant issue or simply create your own post yourself.

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Horizon Discord

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If you still haven’t gotten rid of whatever issue you are facing, the Horizon Discord might just be your best bet. You’ll be able to interact with like-minded individuals who’ll

be able to help you out. You will need to have a Discord Account in order to access the game.

That’s everything you needed to know to contact support for Horizon Forbidden West. We hope you end up getting whatever issue you had resolved!

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  1. PS5 version- When throwing a rock she automatically swings her staff instead.

  2. I am having issues with difficulty. Its set on easy/ normal but i am getting killed in 1-3 hits total. Also my mount is going in water being fully submerged walking around underwater. It gives unlimited oxygen as well. Not sure if that was intended. Also im having an issue where i ride straight through a campfire and it does not auto save any progress.

  3. In the main quest “The dying lands” there will be some leaplasher to attack when aloy enters but the are stuck in the shield door and I can’t progress?

    1. I am having the same problem have you figured out how to fix it?

  4. Alex Saverino Avatar
    Alex Saverino

    The prompt for Poseidon extract won’t pop up. I’ve reset my save 6 times. Am I just screwed and have to start the game over at level 32?

  5. It is impossible to Climber the spits. I tried for hours now. It keeps jumping in the wrong direction.

  6. Mason Howard Avatar
    Mason Howard

    During the, Eye of the Earth quest after you exit the central dome, there is a bug where you either fall through the ground or the ground isn’t there

    1. Dustin Avatar

      Had the same situation. Fell through map. Responded outside base. Since I can’t leave w/o talking to Varl first, the doors on either side don’t work. Can’t enter base. Tried reloading game. Had to go to load game way back and do a lot all over. Progressed through a second time after giving the floor time to render.

  7. I am currently doing the contract mission Colleague and Key. Everytime I Goto the weapon alot crouches and doesn’t do anything at all. I have tried powering down and manual saves. Nothing is working

  8. Gemma Olds Avatar
    Gemma Olds

    I had a clawstrider mount but when I’m trying to call for it I’ve noticed the symbol is red meaning I’ve no mount at all

  9. Having trouble with ancient relics contract bugging out and won’t get off my list even tho I have completed it

  10. Won’t let me complete a rebel camp: Devil’s Grasp.
    It says kill camp leader But no one is in the camp to kill.
    I’ve done everything to refresh this but same results.

    1. Rafael Avatar

      Same to me

  11. Tara Ahola Avatar
    Tara Ahola

    Her triple arrows aren’t working, sometimes she just uses one arrow, sometimes two or three so it isn’t working properly. I’m pressing like 25 times just to get two arrows and maybe… just maybe after 50 times three arrows 🙂

  12. During the main quest “The dying lands” there will be some leaplasher to attack when aloy enters but the are stuck in the shield door and I can’t progress? Is there a fix for this. Iv spent hours trying to move on in Tau.

  13. During the main quest “The dying lands” there will be some machines to attack when aloy enters but the are stuck in the shield door and I can’t progress? Is there a fix for this. Iv spent hours trying to move on in Tau.

  14. Silver Howdyshell Avatar
    Silver Howdyshell

    Having trouble completing some missions; blood for blood, I can’t uncover the hiding spot for Nakalla. Can’t complete lost supplies, I returned back to Runda and can’t closeout the mission. I tried reinstalling the game but that didn’t work.

  15. Joshua Hess Avatar
    Joshua Hess

    Why can’t I pick up a moderate valuables caches On top of the mountain there’s a tree blocking it… this happens countless of times there’s always something in front of it and I can’t grab these valuables…. And the HDR on my Brand New Tv Something Not right I’ve tried countless times to make the graphics look better now the first Horizon game looks great but the new one something isn’t right I’ve tried Numerous times to fix this HDR something is not right…

  16. Matthew Dale Avatar
    Matthew Dale

    One camp I can’t use my spear at all and on the broken sky quest the game will not let me talk to Dekka

  17. No armor shows up in the first to fly quest. I go to where the first piece should be and nothing.

  18. Airconverter Avatar

    Horizon forbidden West ist genial, dennoch nicht frei von vielen kleinen ungereimtheiten.

    1) Die Steuerung Tauchen, braucht unbedingt einen Feinschliff – ist einfach ungenau und nicht flüssig.
    2) Umgebungsgeräusche sind teilweise zu laut, bei entfernten Kämpfen, genau so bei Dialogen von Feinden in großer Entfernung
    3) Bei Kämpfen mit mehreren Gegnern sehr unübersichtlich, verliert unter umständen total die Orientierung wenn man weggeschleudert wird.
    4) Landet man im Gestrüpp wird Aloy total vom Gestrüpp verdeckt, verliert die Orientierung.
    5) Gegner(Krieger) sind zu hellhörig und sehen Aloy, obwohl sie im Schleichmodus im Gras ist, oder hinter einem Felsen auch aus sehr großer Entfernung.
    6) Wenn ein gegnerischer Krieger Aloy sieht, wissen alle Krieger auch aus großer Entfernung wo sie ist und schießen von allen Seiten treffsicher aus zu großer Entfernung. Das ist so nicht möglich.

  19. Airconverter Avatar

    Horizon Forbidden West is brilliant, but not free from many small inconsistencies.

    1) The dive controls definitely need some tweaking – it’s just imprecise and not fluid.
    2) Ambient sounds are sometimes too loud in distant battles, as well as dialogue from enemies at a great distance
    3) Very confusing in fights with several opponents, you may lose your orientation completely if you are thrown away.
    4) If you land in the undergrowth, Aloy is completely covered by the undergrowth and loses orientation.
    5) Opponents (warriors) are too sensitive to hearing and see Aloy even though she is in stealth mode in the grass or behind a rock from a very long distance.
    6) If an enemy warrior sees Aloy, all warriors will know where she is even from a great distance and will shoot accurately from all sides from too great a distance. That’s not possible.

  20. Hi
    I have two weird issues.

    I can’t finish the salvge contract in the northern ancient ruins. I got everything but the game won’t let me finish the mission

    I also have an issue with the hive rebel post. Did everything it asked me, but I’m not able to finish it.

  21. Having issues with “What Was Lost” side mission. I’ve gather the parts but Kotallo isn’t were he should be. He is stuck in a room and can’t follow. Im unable to move in and out the facility. Reloading puts us both in the same room.

  22. Faunn Archie Avatar
    Faunn Archie

    I started the mission shadow in the west. I completed all the missions until I came to kill Vezreh and his machine. I died the first try, then I came back to open the door and it won’t let me back in the fighting area. Now I have the “competing music” playing allllll the time!! On everything! And it’s just annoying. Now I can’t complete the mission and I’m stuck with the racey music throughout the game 😩 PLEASE HELP! I have it on the PS5 disc

    1. And the “active conflict music” is preventing me from calling a ride Avatar
      And the “active conflict music” is preventing me from calling a ride

      Commenting to my first comment

  23. I’m doing the side quest the deluge and I go to use the crane and I go right through it p.s the website is glitching

  24. Since last game update i can’t finish fights in the arena, after I have killed all the enemies nothing happens and the timers just keep on ticking

  25. Camille Beaudet Avatar
    Camille Beaudet

    I have had three glitches now in this game. A carja camp character in the Tremortusk mission was stuck inside a large boulder and I couldn’t finish the mission. On two other missions, it still says kill all the machines as part of my mission even when I have cleared all of them out and then the main character I am supposed to talk to is locked out of talking to. I was able to figure out one by re-doing the mission entirely but the other still has a glitch.

  26. Siddar Arrazola Avatar
    Siddar Arrazola

    Im bugged on kappa calderone. I cant play any more because this bug. Please help

  27. This game has MAJOR bugs. I just completed the first hunting trials, and got GOLD on all 3 for the level 5. Its still showing as an active quest, even though all trials are checked, and I received the rewards. This is beyond frustrating after paying 70 to 80 dollars for a game!

  28. The tideripper site mark and ? Mark in the southeast of Plainsong don’t show up even after I complete The Sea of Sands quest. The Tiderippers are there but the logo/site mark don’t show up and its a bit annoying.

  29. I’m at latopolaris an pullcaster not working in order to progress.what are you guys doing to fix this issue.what can I do?

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