Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons and Sacred Seals List

Elden Ring has so much build potential for an ARPG that it boggles the mind. It gets very confusing as to which stat to focus on and build accordingly, and for each stat, the sub choices of weapons, shields, seals, and staves are even more intimidating. Here we will discuss the Faith-specific weapons and seals in Elden Ring.

Faith is required to cast incantations in Elden Ring, a weird cousin of sorcery. And many weapons scale off Faith too. Faith characters are very flashy to play with and building properly can be devastating. We will be listing the best Seals and Faith weapons in Elden Ring. For a sorcery build check this article out.

Best Sacred Seals

Unlike sorcery staves, the choice in Seals is very limited and it is far more dependent on the type of incantations you are inclined to. Each Sacred Seal is complimentary to some particular school of incantations and the way each Seal reacts to Faith levels is very different. Below we will be listing the best seals only and the certain situation they are good in.

Erdtree Seal

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Found in the Volcano Manor, this Sacred Seal is best at higher Faith levels when you have upgraded your stats from 60 to 80 Faith. Perfect for people investing only in this particular stat.

Golden Order Seal

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A Sacred Seal for your Faith and Intelligence hybrid builds at high levels of each stat. It boosts the Fundamentalist’s Incantations. Can be found in Minor Erdtree Church in Leyndell Region. The builds that focus on the Sword of Night and Flame recommend this seal the most.

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Gravel Stone Seal


This seal is the best compared to the rest when you are using the Lightening Incantations exclusively and that too at a high Faith level i.e. 80 in our testing. It boosts Dragon Cult Incantations. A knight with a spear supported by an archer drops this seal near the West Capital Rampart grace site in the Leyndell region.

Finger Seal

Finger Seal EldenRing

An all-around consistently good seal. High or low Faith levels are both supported here, and its the earliest seals you could find in-game. It’s the starting seal for both Confessor and Prophet classes. The scaling grade gets even better with each upgrade.

Godslayer Seal

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Best seal at the 40 level Faith mark, perfect for players not invested in this particular stats. It even buffs Godlslayer incantations. Can be found relatively early on in Stormveil Castle.

Dragon Communion Seal

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal

Best for builds that have hybrid high stats allocated to Faith and Arcane and it buffs Dragon Communion incantations.

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Faith Weapons

These are some of the best scaling weapon with the Faith Stat.

Golden Halberd

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For a Faith, Strength build as the STR requirement here is 30. The Faith scaling here is enough for a weapon you could acquire at the start of the game by killing the Tree Sentinel. The Ash of War it has raises your attack and defense for a period, great for difficult encounters.

Coded Sword

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With a great Faith scaling and requires only 20 Faith to be wielded, this weapon if upgraded enough can even enhance the scaling grade it has up to S. The Ash of war it has on is crazy, it extends the reach of the weapon manyfold and can not be blocked by any shields. The only downside this weapon has is that it deals Holy damage only.

Winged Scythe

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A great Faith Scaling, to begin with, and it only gets better with each upgrade. The Ash of War it has is the best, where its initial strike staggers most enemies and the second hit does amazing damage on top of great reach. Also, this weapon has bleed buildup too and that mechanic is OP in Elden Ring.

Which Seal and Weapon you have equipped on your Faith character? Which weapon do you recommend to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Elden Ring content visit our dedicated section.

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