Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Test Server APK Download (Global / Garena)

You can now download the latest global COD Mobile Season 7 test server APK for Android devices. This public test build has been released for players to test out much of the new game content expected to come out in the next two seasons, and provide feedback to the developers on what they think about it or if they encounter any major bugs. We have published the download links for Android and iOS devices, for players in the Garena and global regions. You can expect Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 to drop next month in August, and it will feature new features like a new mythic weapon gifting option (yay!), new weapon comparison system, a new scorestreak called Claw, and the introduction of C4, the new lethal equipment. You can also expect other general weapon adjustments and changes.

You will be able to download this COD Mobile Season 7 test server APK from here and it will only last for a few days at max. We suggest that you download the APK as soon as possible so you can try out the latest changes before they make their way to the live servers. Moreover, the following test server APK is only open to a limited number of players, so hurry up and get downloading right away if you want to make it into the public test build. We have listed down the download links for the global COD Mobile Season 7 test server APK below.

COD Mobile Season 7 Public Test Build Features

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Test Server
Credits: Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile Season 7 test server is going to be a major release because of all the new content it will add. We already saw some epic new rewards and game content as part of Season 6 “To The Skies”. And now with the July 12 Community Update from Activision, we have our first look at all the new content coming to CODM later this month in Season 7. The purpose of these test builds is to provide feedback of upcoming new game features. It does not disclose information about the next Battle Pass or seasonal theme.

We have an official list of all the features you can try out in this test build, so you exactly know what to expect when you install this APK.

  • New weapon comparison system
  • New mythic weapon gifting option
  • General weapon adjustments and changes
  • Some BR changes and adjustments with classes
  • New scorestreak – Claw
  • New lethal equipment – C4
  • New perk
  • Mode testing
  • Many other changes to be discovered

Download Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Test Server

COD Mobile Featured image
Credits: Call of Duty: Mobile

You can now download and install the COD Mobile Season 7 public test build APK (global test server ) on both, Android and iOS. Here’s all the official information you should know about the test server.

  • Start: July 12 (UTC)
  • End: TBA, most probably after a week
  • Download Size (APK + Resources): Initial size is around 700-800 MB
  • Player Limit: 30,000
  • Content suited for ages :16+
  • Progress Update: All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted

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Download CODM Season 7 Test Server APK (Global)

UPDATE: The final version of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 is now out and available to download for Android and iOS devices. You can download the APK here: Download COD Mobile Season 9 APK (Global and Garena)

As always, there are two different APK versions available for you to download. Usually, the 32-bit APK is for low-end Android phones while 64-bit APK is commonly for most modern phones and tablets.

How to Fix: Are you getting the following error message that says “Current Client Version is smaller than the last login. (5024)”? You can fix it by going to your internal storage of your Android phone and delete the directory “com.activision.callofduty.shhoter.codpbt”.

Download COD Mobile Season 7 Test Server APK (Garena)

The Garena version of COD Mobile Season 7 (2022) test server is now available and we have the APK download links here for you:

Download iOS CODM Season 7 2022 Test Server

The iOS version of the COD: Mobile Season 7 (2022) test server is not officially out yet. However, you can still sign up for Testflight below for the future releases of public test builds from the download link below:

What’s your favorite feature about the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 (2022) test server? We’ll be pushing out more guides as we inch closer towards the season’s eventual release! Let us know in the comments below which new feature are you most excited about.

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