Fastest Call of Duty: Mobile TTK Weapons (2022)

Find out the fastest killing gun in COD Mobile with this handy list of lowest CODM TTK weapons. A weapon’s TTK is an essential stat chart to keep in mind for any FPS online game, be it Apex Legends, Rainbow Six: Siege etc. or the case in point – Call of Duty Mobile. TTK stands for “Time To Kill” and is used by games to dictate exactly what the term implies: How much time it takes to kill your opponent on the other side of the screen.

COD Mobile is a fast-paced shooter where twitch reflexes prevail over strategy or tactics, and thus it is usually the best option to pick weapons that get the deed done as fast as possible instead of weapons that offer some sort of utility which can be a little daunting for some.

There are over 70 different weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile for the players to mess around with, this makes it a little difficult to ascertain which weapon is better in terms of having the fastest TTK. 2022 alone has seen a number of new weapons added to the game. Unless you have enough time to go out into the field and experiment with every single weapon present in the game, this fastest TTK weapons list will help you.

Season 8 this year includes a long list of buffs and nerfs, along with new attachments. So lucky for you we’ve compiled this handy guide that tells you which are the strongest weapons currently present in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 2022.

Fastest COD Mobile TTK Weapons:

Following you can find a comprehensive list of some of the best weapons present in Call of Duty Mobile with respect to how much time it takes to kill another player:

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons3


At the number 10th spot of our list comes the PKM Light Machine Gun. The PKM is a fantastic weapon that excels at long to medium ranges which makes an ideal choice for larger maps. The weapon has a TTK of 286ms at decent ranges which makes it an excellent pick

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons1

9) PPSH-41

An essential weapon for the franchise, this Russian-made sub-machine gun fires ballistics at unprecedented speeds. Its good damage coupled with a very high rate of fire has made this one of the best weapons in the series, and this remains the case for the Call of Duty Mobile as well.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons2

8) Type 25

On Number 8 we have The Type 25. It is an excellent assault-rifle that remains effective at all ranges, its low recoil, fast fire-rate contributes greatly to its high damage. A very consistent weapon for players of any and all skill levels.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons4

7) Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is another superb addition to your arsenal. A powerful Assault rifle that chews through opponents like butter. With appropriate modifications, the Peacekeeper can have the highest TTK of any close-ranged weapon in Call of Duty Mobile.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons6

6) CBR4

Another sub-machine gun that absolutely dominates opponents online, the CBR4 is a fast-firing, high damage sub-machine gun that can be considered borderline overpowered for Call of Duty Mobile’s current meta.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons

5) M13

A brilliant assault rifle that’s exceptional at all ranges making it a good choice for every encounter. M13 may not have the highest damage but its pinpoint accuracy makes it a worthwhile choice for many players.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons8


A very strong assault rifle with-you guessed it-a high rate of fire and absurdly high TTK. While this is a weapon that excels best at close range, its also super effective in long range duels as well which makes it a strong contender for one of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons7

3) SVD

The SVD Dragunov Semi-auto sniper rifle is one of-if not THE-best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. An exceptional weapon that becomes unmatched in the hands of a capable player. Having fantastic accuracy and able to deal some serious damage, the SVD is a perfect option for those who like to pick targets off a distance.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons5

2) SKS

The SKS is a semi-automatic beast, capable of taking down any opponent in just two body shots. This marksman rifle can be a death sentence for most opponents if you have a sharp aim and can consistently land solid hits on enemies.

call of duty mobile lowest ttk weapons9

1) KRM-262

While this list was mostly taken over by assault rifles and sub-machine guns, as a fan of old school shooters its about time I gave some love to my favorite weapon type as well. The KRM-262 is an absolute unit of a shotgun that vaporizes enemies with its absurd damage and high mobility.

What weapon has the fastest TTK in COD Mobile?

In 2022, KRM-262 has the fastest TTK of a weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile. We have come to this conclusion after carefully going though all the weapons in the game, along with their various attachments. In our tests, can take down an opponent in just 160ms which is even better than Peacekeeper with the Rapid Fire Barrel attached.

And these are all the weapons you need to know about to dominate Season 8 (2022) of Call of Duty Mobile, but remember kids, Its not the size of the weapon that matters, its how good you are at actually using it and the attachments you use. It also matters what game mode you are in as the results change in Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

Check out our Call of Duty: Mobile section for more guides, cool tips and walkthroughs.

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