Brawl Stars Tier List (All Brawlers Ranked) | September 2022

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Players select from a list of various characters and their goal is to take out all enemies. The game offers different modes – competitive or casual. Since there are about 50 characters, some are clearly better than others. That is why we will take a look at the latest September 2022 Brawl Stars tier list.

This list was crafted after trying out all the characters and using their abilities. Some characters excel in certain situations whereas the rest excel in others. You might not agree with all of the selections in this list. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the new tier list for Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Tier List (September 2022)

We have divided this Brawl Stars tier list into five sections. Each section will include various characters depending on their usefulness, effectiveness, abilities, and how well they perform in competitive modes. The S-Tier characters are naturally the best whereas the D-Tier characters should be avoided.


Brawl Stars January 2022 Tier List

The Brawlers added in the S tier are helpful in all situations, no matter the circumstance. They have the best abilities and traits in Brawl Stars. Not only that, but most of the Brawlers in this tier are easy to play even if you are a new player.

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GromHe is by far the best character in the game. Grom is a great long-range brawler. He has insane damage and his accuracy is on point. It would not be surprising if he received a nerf in the coming days.
MegWhat makes Meg good is that she can charge her Super quickly. Plus, she has a long range. Not only that, her projectiles are swift.
SpikeSpike is an ideal counter to tanks and can also counter throwers thanks to his Super. He deals a lot of damage to enemies that attack from long-range.
RosaRosa is extremely good right now – mainly due to the Speed Gear. Rosa thrives when she enters the bush so you’ll want to stay around them. She is the fastest Brawler right now so make use of that.
DarrylDue to recent buffs to his Steel Hoop, Darryl has seen a rise in popularity. He can activate a shield after using his Super for a few seconds to protect himself. His damage is also extremely high; making him a 1 vs 1 machine!


Brawl Stars January 2022 Tier List

Brawlers in the A tier have dynamic abilities that are pretty effective in certain situations. They are good in some situations but may lack behind in others. Plus, these Brawlers are a little challenging to use, especially for newer players.

SandySandy has everything. She has good damage, speed, and is evasive. However, the only thing keeping her out of S-Tier is the nerf that she got to her Super.
BuzzBuzz is a strong assassin. He has good damage, tons of health, and good movement speed. Plus, his stun ability makes him the best assassin.
LeonLeon’s gadgets are quite strong right now. His Super also allows you to sneak up to squishy Brawlers. Although, it takes some skill to play as him.
RicoRico is super strong when there are narrow pathways. If there is a narrow path, you cannot get past Rico no matter what.
StuStu deals a lot of damage from a decent range. On top of that, he is quite evasive. However, it requires skill to play as him.
TaraTara can easily charge her Super. It allows you to push back enemies without any issues. However, if you do not charge your Super quickly, it can become difficult to play as her.
PamPam has a lot of HP. Plus, her Super helps her team stay alive. She is well-rounded but she doesn’t excel in any one field.
LolaDespite quite a few nerfs, Lola is still quite high in A-Tier. This is mostly thanks to her Super which helps out a lot in sticky situations.
SproutIf you are playing on a map with a lot of walls, Sprout is the way to go. His Super can seal up certain pathways making it harder for enemies to react.
BelleBelle deals tons of damage. She forces enemies to stay apart from each other.
ByronHe has an extremely long-range and can heal himself plus his team. He is great at forcing tanks to fall back.
MortisMortis is in the A-Tier due to the buffs he received. He also has a lot of gears to help him out.
PiperPiper deals an insane amount of damage, especially from a long-range.
CrowCrow is good against tanks and most healers. His ability to slow everyone on the enemy team is super useful.
FrankFrank has the most HP out of any other tanks. He also has the most range as far as tanks go. The bad part is that his speed is slow.


B Tier Brawlers

These Brawlers aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not the most effective in the game. Their abilities are highly dependent on the situation and your team. On top of that, they have a steep learning curve, making it almost impossible for new players to pick them up.

FangFang is the best character in B-Tier. He deals a lot of damage and is fast. But, his short range is what holds him back.
MaxMax has great speed and deals a good amount of damage. However, the Speed Gear of other users has allowed everyone to match his speed.
GeneGene is fast and can get around easily. The bad part is that the nerfs lowered his damage.
EmzShe has good range and deals decent damage. However, she doesn’t do well on open maps.
PocoPoco is ideal for starters and has a lot of health. However, he doesn’t deal a lot of damage.
SurgeSurge is great against throwers and his gadgets help him out a lot.
BrockBrock is a solid pick. However, the recent nerfs to his projectile speed is why he is in B-Tier.
Colonel RuffsHe is exceptional on maps with tons of walls. Ruffs is a good support character that focuses on boosting his team.
NaniNani is a good choice since she is great against squishy targets.
BeaBea has a long range and deals a good amount of damage. However, she is extremely squishy.
GriffGriff – just like Amber – struggles against long-range characters. The good thing is that he has tons of potential to deal damage if his attacks hits.
GaleGale is great against tanks. But, that’s about it. He lacks behind other meta Brawlers.
JessieJessie deals a lot of damage with her Super if it is ignored. However, characters that can summon a turret can counter her easily.
TickTick is a good thrower and has a good area of effect damage. But, there are better options than him.
AmberShe deals tons of damage really quickly. This allows you to burst down enemies. However, she can easily get outranged by most meta Brawlers.
BibiBibi is faster than other tanks which is a great thing. She is a solid B-Tier character.
BarleyBarley has great damage and good movement speed. However, he is easy to counter. If you have the chance to pick him at the end, you will greatly benefit.


C Tier Brawlers

C-Tier Brawlers are not worth picking competitively. If you want to pick these characters in casual play, they are fine but there are tons of better options. Plus, their abilities are not the best in most situations.

8-Bit8-Bit is a great Brawler in terms of damage and speed. The only thing that leaves him behind is the new gear. Other characters benefit more than he does.
JackyJacky is a solid C-Tier pick. She would be lower if her move speed wasn’t buffed thanks to the Speed Gear update.
AshHe is a decent choice if he has full rage. Ash deals tons of damage once his rage meter goes full. However, it is quite difficult trying to fill his meter.
BullBull is a wild card. He deals an insane amount of damage. However, his short-range is why he is in C-Tier.
ColetteColette is an overall great character but she struggles against long-range targets. Any character that outranges her will give her a tough time.
NitaShe deals a good amount of damage to multiple targets. But, due to her short range, it is difficult to charge her passive.
ColtColt definitely belongs to the B-Tier, only if you know how to play him. His attacks are difficult to land. If you do not land most of his attacks, his damage is barely noticeable.
BoHe deals tons of damage if all of his abilities and arrow hit the enemy. However, it is easy to avoid his arrows.
SqueakThis character is great at controlling small areas. But, he doesn’t deal enough damage to be considered a massive threat in the long run.
ShellyShelly is a great counter to tanks. With that said, she isn’t useful in any other situations at the moment; leaving her in the C-Tier.
DynamikeDynamike is a great character. However, he lacks behind due to the Speed Gear meta. It is easy to counter him if you have a fast Brawler.
CarlDue to recent buffs, his Super deals a good amount of damage. However, his attacks feel off since they are so slow. The damage is decent though.


D Tier Brawlers

These Brawlers are the worst right now. Unless they receive a few buffs, they should not be picked – especially in competitive mode. Even if you want to play with friends or casually, it is better to ignore them unless you want to handicap yourself.

LouLou’s Super is extremely good but it is near impossible to charge.
Mr. PHe has a good range but still struggles to charge up his Super. While he is a good counter to many characters, his damage is what holds him back.
EdgarEdgar can charge up his Super relatively quickly. However, he is hard-countered by high damage dealing Brawlers so it is not worth picking him up.
El PrimoAfter the nerfs, El Primo isn’t as good as he used to be. He has a short range so it is difficult to charge up his Super.
PennyHer Super takes a long time to charge. On top of that, she is countered by a lot of Brawlers that are meta right now.

Those are all the brawlers in Brawl Stars ranked in this tier list. We would love to know which character do you like and why. Let us know if your favorite character made it to S-Tier or not.

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