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With humble origins, BRGeeks (Battle Royale Geeks) is a gaming publication covering games based on various platforms i.e. Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and of course, PC. Originating from a small editorial team, we’ve quickly grown to a staff ripe full of gaming enthusiasts and reviewers.

Our job is simple. To go into the nook and cranny of every popular game regardless of its platform and provide you with up-to-date fixes, guides, and everything you may need to know about it. Alongside that, we aim to keep you informed with the latest news and patch notes regarding every game, so you know what’s coming next for your favorite title. 

We hope to always provide our esteemed viewers with accurate, authentic information and to be a one-stop shop for everything related to gaming. If you have a question, query or comment, feel free to contact us!

We at BRGeeks are thankful for the support we’ve garnered from our readers so far, we’ve only been able to grow so much with your help! We love gaming, and we want to share that passion with you in the form of words.

Meet Our Team:

The following is a list of the entire team contributing to BRGeeks:

Avatar of Umer Cheema

Umer Cheema


By day, Umer loves writing about games and talking about them; by night, he is an avid gamer that loves playing League of Legends and RTS games. Being a massive fan of Metal Gear Solid, you’ll find Umer always praising the legendary Hideo Kojima.

Avatar of Saad Muzaffar

Saad Muzaffar


Saad is a Computer Sciences enthusiast who has been playing games since his childhood. A huge fan of MOBAs like Dota 2, he’s a tech geek with a love for gaming at heart!

Avatar of Haris Nadeem

Haris Nadeem


Haris is an avid mobile gamer who loves to play Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile in his free time. He is also a coffee aficionado who loves to write technology news and gadget reviews.

Avatar of Shavez Arif

Shavez Arif


Caffeine-dependant, not-so-hardcore gamer who for some reason loves every FPS game with a toxic fanbase – Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant to name a few. I love to write and when I am not doing that, you will find me bingeing anime and casually banging my head against a wall trying to fix a bug in my code because that’s what a Computer Science major does.

Avatar of Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff at BRGeeks.com is a team of gaming enthusiasts covering official announcements, press releases and patch notes, led by Saad Muzafar. To contact us, please reach out using the contact form.

Office Address:

For any business related queries, you can best reach us out using the contact form. And here is our office address:

BRGeeks, 2102 - 108 W Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC V6B0G5

How to Contact BRGeeks Team?

You can contact the team at BRGeeks by using the contact form, or by sending mail at the above address. You can also reach out the team at the following email addresses: