How to Get Princess Heart Costume in Dead By Daylight

What is better than one horror game? Two horror games collaborating together. This is surely a treat for all the spook lovers out there. When we learned that a Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill 3 collaboration is coming, we wasted no moment to jump the bandwagon.

Dead by Daylight has been known to pay tribute to all the horror games, movies, and shows out there and this time is no exception when Dead by Daylight decided to celebrate the remake of Silent Hill 2 by releasing some limited edition Silent Hill 3 cosmetics and in this guide, we will be covering everything about how we can also get them.

Dead By Daylight x Silent Hill 3

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Yes! It is true. Something is happening in the Silent Hill franchise and the horror games fans couldn’t have been any happier. Konami Studio hasn’t released any Silent Hill game since 2012 and on October 19th, 2022, they revealed that they will be releasing a remake of the popular installment of Silent Hill – Silent Hill 2.

This news caught everyone off guard but everyone who loves the horror game genre knows how amazing Silent Hill games are. In tribute to the revival of the Silent Hill franchise, Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behaviour Interactive decided to release limited edition items.

Dead by Daylight in collaboration with Silent Hill 3 has released limited edition cosmetic items for everyone to grab and add to their inventory.

Dead by Daylight has a preexisting library of Silent Hill cosmetics and these will be an addition to it. This time DBD is releasing two new cosmetic sets.

  • Princess Heart Costume (For Cheryl Mason)
  • Princess Heart Cosplay Costume (For Feng Min)

Princess Heart Costume

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The first item is the Princess Heart Costume from Silent Hill 3. Further details are given below.

  • Survivor Name: Cheryl Mason
  • Price: 1080 Auric Cell
  • Items Included: Danger Sensitive Antenna, Cozy Headpiece, Princess Top, and Boots.
  • Rarity: Very Rare

This outfit has been tied to the alter-ego of Cheryl in Silent Hill 3 where she has seemingly a split personality and this costume depicts that particular trait. (No further spoiler)

Princess Heart Cosplay Costume

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The second item is the Princess Heart Cosplay Costume from Silent Hill 3. Further details are given below.

  • Survivor Name: Feng Min
  • Price: 1080 Auric Cell
  • Items Included: DIY Princess EarMuffs, Replica Princess Top, and Homemade Boots
  • Rarity: Very Rare

This outfit is a depiction of the backstory of Feng Min, who is a gamer and loves to do cosplays of other characters and this outfit is a representation of that hobby.

How to Unlock Princess Heart Costume in Dead by Daylight

To unlock the Princess Heart costume, you will need to first unlock Cheryl Mason, who is not a free character and is a part of the “Silent Hill” chapter of Dead by Daylight.

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The Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, chapter costs $ 2.49 USD, and once you have bought the expansion pack, Cheryl Mason will come with it, and then you can buy the Princess Heart Costume set for 1080 Auric Cells.

Feng Min is a free character and all you have to do to unlock the DIY Princess Heart costume is buy it from the in-game store for 1080 Auric Cells.

This was all about the Princess Heart Costume, Silent Hill x Dead by Daylight, and much more. If you want to read more about Dead by Daylight, head to our DBD section.

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