Sons Of The Forest: Release Date, Price, Trailer

If you are a horror games enthusiast then you have been holding on to your seats for this one, for quite a long time. Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game set on an island with cannibals all around and you being the only human being.

Sons of Forest has teased quite a while ago, and it has been long since the fans have been waiting for it. The game has been delayed multiple times but we finally have a release date now so let’s get right into it.

What is Sons of the Forest Release Date?

Sons of the Forest is set in a fantasy world where you have gotten into a plane crash but luckily (or unluckily) you are the only survivor. Now you are stranded on a strange island where there are “Canabalistic Mutants” who are out for your blood.

Now you have to stay alive and protect yourself while keeping yourself fed. Sons of the Forest or Forest 2 is the sequel to The Forest which also had a similar concept.

Initially, the game was teased in 2019 and was set to release in 2021 but that got delayed and the release was pushed to early 2022 once again, the fans were disappointed and the game was delayed until May 2022.

When the release date got closer, the developers, Endnight Games, released a statement that the release date of the game has been again pushed forward until October 2022. Finally, when the fans finally thought they would get to play the game, another bomb was dropped.

The Forest 2’s release was once again delayed but this time they promised that this is the last delay and Sons of Forest will be released on 23rd February 2023. We can only hope this is the last time and not a fake promise much like the previous few times.

Sons of the Forest Trailer

Sons of the Forest might have been delayed a couple of times but it is for sure a cinematic masterpiece. Below we have given the trailer for Sons of Forest/ The Forest 2.

YouTube video
Credits to IGN Youtube

Is Sons of the Forest Coming to PlayStation and Xbox?

As of now, Sons of the Forest is PC exclusive and there is no news about it being released on consoles, Xbox and PlayStation. Although there is no news about it, we can still hope that game will be on consoles sometimes in the future.

Keeping in mind the trend for the previous generation, The Forest, which was released on the console a little later than its PC counterpart then we can safely assume that The Forest 2 will also be released on consoles.

The last generation The Forest was not released on Xbox so if things remain the same, our Xbox peeps will not be able to dive into the haunted world of Sons of Forest.

Sons of the Forest Price

The official word about the price of the game is out and the game will be setting us back a sweet $29.99 on Steam. If you are an enthusiast then you will probably buy it but if you are a budget gamer, there will always be a sale coming soon after the release.

Sons of the Forest System Requirements

It is still early to take a guess about the system requirements to be able to run The Forest 2. If there is any official word, we would be the first to tell you so be sure to come back again for more latest information.

If you like this article, check back again for more updated news or visit our website to learn more about the game.

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