Temtem Server Down Right Now for 1.0 Update

Is Temtem down right now? Yes, it is and for the right reasons. The big server maintenance has just begun for the deployment of Temtem 1.0 and the servers will stay down for the next 30+ hours or so. We will try to keep you up-to-date with any new development and changes with this maintenance schedule below. Now, a lot of you may ask what game is this?

Temtem is a fairly popular co-op adventure title with a lenghty story campaign and has a fully online world to explore. We will do a full review of the game once the final build is out tomorrow. One of the main highlights for the big update is the launch of Temtem on Nintendo Switch and Tamer Pass, a season pass that you will be able to buy and a premium cosmetic store. Do not take this as a wrong way that Temtem will become a pay-to-win game with all these premium features. None of the items will allow you to level up faster, train your Tems better, or give you any gameplay advantage.

Temtem 1.0 New Features:

Temtem 1.0 Update

It’s been over two years since Temtem first made it to the Steam Store and since then the game has been under active development. The game has been constantly updated with new bug fixes, changes all across and new features every now and then. For a list of how updates have evolved the game, check out the Temtem section on our site.

Here are is a quickly highlight of what to expect with the upcoming Temtem 1.0 release. Rest assured, we will have a full detailed patch notes post published later tomorrow.

  • Campaign progression and Luma changes
  • Competitive Scene approach and changes
  • Novas, the Premium Shop and Tamer Pass
  • Tamer’s Paradise and Feathers
  • Economy, Kudo rewards and the last Breeder route

You can read the full extent of improvements and features coming at: Temtem Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Is Temtem Server Down?

As mentioned earlier, yes they are down for the scheduled maintenance to launch Temtem 1.0 tomorrow. You can expect the servers to come back online after approximately 31 hours on September 6, 2022 4:00 PM UTC / 6:00 PM CEST.

All those waiting for the Kickstarter backer codes, they will also be sent out later today or maximum by tomorrow.

In case you were trying to connect and get in on the game, now you know the reason behind Temtem connection issues. Temtem is now out for the PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and will be coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

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