Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

Elden Ring features tons of weapons for the player to choose from. This time around, players feel that intelligence builds are rewarded more than strength or dexterity ones due to the sheer amount of incantations and spells in the game. Naturally, you’ll want to try out an intelligence build for yourself too. That is why this guide will take a look at the Elden Ring best intelligence weapons tier list.

Intelligence weapons are a mix between swift and heavy. Since the game has so many options to choose from, not all of them will be good. However, if you find a good one, it will carry you all the way through the end game. With that said, let’s get started and take a look at the best intelligence weapons in Elden Ring.

Best Intelligence Weapons Tier List for Elden Ring

Before we begin, we know that you might not agree with all of our picks – and that’s fine! We would love to know which weapons you are using and why you think your favorite one should have made the list. With that in mind, let’s get started and find out which intelligence weapons are the best in Elden Ring.

We have divided this Elden Ring tier list into three sections. Each section will include various weapons depending on their stats, effectiveness, scaling, and how well they perform against bosses. The S-Tier weapons are naturally the best, whereas the B-Tier weapons should be avoided in the late game.


The weapons added in the S-Tier are helpful in all situations, no matter the circumstance. They have the best stats in the game. Not only that, but some of the weapons in this tier are easy to use, even if you are a new player.

Dark Moon Greatsword

Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

This sword is present in almost all FromSoftware games. The fans were happy to know that it made its return in Elden Ring as well. However, to get it, you must complete the extremely elaborate questline of Ranni the Witch. Needless to say, a weapon of this caliber requires some hard-fought boss battles and tons of exploring.

To equip it properly, players must have 16 STR, 11 DEX, and 38 INT. Looking at the stats, you can guess that this is an INT-heavy weapon that can only be properly used in the mid to late game. Plus, its ability – Moonlight Greatsword – increases its physical and magic damage. On top of that, you can also fire moonblast waves which deal a lot of damage and have a good range.

Sword of Night and Flame

Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

The Sword of Night and Flame was my go-to weapon for the majority of my Intelligence playthrough. It is one of the best weapons for the mid-game due to its scaling and stats. This sword has three unique forms of attack, which provide variety to the user.

Wielding it requires 12 STR, 12 DEX, 24 FAI, and 24 INT. As you can see, this isn’t purely an intelligence-based sword but it requires Faith as well. Since you can get this weapon relatively in the early game, it offers STR E, DEX E, INT D, FAI D in scaling. Once upgraded, however, that’s a different story.

However, once you meet the requirements, you can use its ability depending on the stance you are using. Using a heavy attack in the Night and Flame stance will summon a wave of flames that deals an insane amount of damage. Similarly, if you use a light attack, you’ll summon a Night Comet that has decent range. Despite getting nerfed in the latest update, this weapon still holds up against all bosses.


Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

The Moonveil is an optimal weapon if you are planning to go for the DEX and INT hybrid build. Requiring STR 12, DEX 18, INT 23, this katana deals an insane amount of bleed damage that can destroy any enemy. On top of that, its weapon art allows you to slash through your enemies, dealing magic damage.

When you find it, the weapon will have STR E, DEX D, INT C scaling which will increase further if you upgrade it. Considering it has a C scaling in INT without any upgrade is great for intelligence users. You can get this weapon after defeating the Magma Wyrm that is located at the Gael Tunnel.


Weapons in the A tier have pretty valuable stats in certain situations. They are good in some cases but may lack behind in others. Plus, these weapons are a little challenging to use, especially for newer players.

Wing of Astel

Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

Starting with the first weapon in A-tier, the Wing of Astel is an amazing weapon that will prove to be useful in the mid-game. It requires 7 STR, 17 DEX, and 20 INT to wield and it has a scaling of STR E, DEX D, and INT D. On top of that, just like the next weapon in this list, it also uses the Nebula special ability. It allows you to leave a trail of smoke that explodes after a short while.

Bastard’s Stars

Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

This flail has a unique design and some incredible scaling with STR E, DEX D, and INT C. On top of that, you need to have 8 STR, 22 DEX, and 22 INT to equip it properly. Its special ability – Nebula – leaves behind a dark smoke that explodes after a while, dealing tons of gravity damage. To get this weapon, you must defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, and use its Remembrance.

Since we had nothing but good things to say about this flail, why isn’t it in the S-tier? Well, the stats on this weapon are great but not the best. There are better options available such as the Moonveil and even the Wing of Astel.


These weapons aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not the most effective in the game. Their stats are highly dependent on the situation. On top of that, they have mediocre scaling, making it almost impossible for new players to pick them up or use them in the late game.

Starscourge Greatsword

Elden Ring Intelligence Weapons Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

Before thinking that I unfairly gave this amazing weapon a B-tier, hear me out. This weapon is an extremely great strength weapon that destroys anything standing in its way. After all, it was wielded by General Radahn himself. You can get this weapon after drafting him at the festival of Radahn.

To properly use it, you must have 38 STR, 12 DEX, and 15 INT. Now, while this weapon is amazing in terms of strength, it isn’t the best intelligence weapon. That’s not to say that it isn’t good, the ability – Starcaller Cry – is absolutely phenomenal. It pulls in enemies and deals gravity damage to them.

However, if you level up your strength to 38 to wield it, at that point, you’re going for a strength build rather than an INT one. A great class to use this weapon with is the Prisoner and the Vagabond. Going for the Enchanted Knight build is ideal for this weapon.

Crystal Sword

Crystal Sword

Our final weapon on the list is the Crystal Sword. This sword deals magic damage with each attack and has an amazing ability to further enhance this. The Spinning Slash allows you to lunge forward to commence a spinning attack that can be followed up with a heavy attack.

It requires players to have 13 STR, 10 DEX, and 15 INT to equip. Plus, it has STR D, DEX E, and INT D scaling which can be boosted after upgrading it a bit. You can find this weapon in the early game in the Liurnia region. Head over to the Village of the Albinnaurics and collect it off of a corpse located at the edge of a cliff.

While this weapon isn’t the best for late or even mid-game, it is exceptional in the early game. If you find it before progressing too much into the world of Elden Ring, this weapon will be your friend throughout your journey. However, once you reach a certain level, we suggest swapping it out for something from the A-tier or ideally the S-tier.

Those are the best intelligence weapons in Elden Ring. Did your favorite weapon make the list? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to know which weapon is your favorite and why.

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