Call of Duty: Mobile


Since the release of Akimbo perk in Season 12 of COD Mobile, the Fennec has become the most overpowered and most used weapon in the game. It’s fire rate is heads and shoulders above every other weapon, and it can kill before the player can even react. Today we will be looking at the best Akimbo Fennec Gunsmith loadout, which will destroy anyone at close range.

We’ve already covered a post about the Fennec loadout, that was without the Akimbo Perk. But the Akimbo is what makes the gun an absolute shredder.

Season 12 of COD Mobile is in it’s full swing and is running smoothly as ever. The new season brought many new in-game features, including, maps, modes, guns etc. With new season, the new season challenges arrived as well. One of them is the “Prime Loadout” seasonal challenge which is giving the Javier Salazar – Bronze Arrow as it’s completion reward.

Today we’ll be taking you through all the challenges you need to complete in order to get the desired character skin.

Call of Duty: Mobile is regarded as one of the best, if not the best FPS game out there, and there’s a reason behind that. Every month we receive a new update in the game with many new features, maps, modes, guns, skins, perks, operator skills along with a ton of events and seasonal challenges. The Season 12 of COD Mobile is currently running in the game, and it’s supposed to continue till the mid of December.

The new Season 13 of COD Mobile will be released once the current season ends, and there’s a good news in store for the players out there. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 will have a test server before the actual update drops, and it has been confirmed by the developers.

Light Machine Guns have never been the meta in COD Mobile. But, since the release of gunsmith, the Chopper LMG has become an absolute force to reckon with, at every range. It is the only viable Light Machine Gun in the game. It can even beat Assault Rifles and Sub Machine Guns at short/medium range, and is a laser beam at long range.

In this article, we’ll give you our best loadout for the chopper with which you can dominate in the game, once you get used to the gun.

You can now unlock and get the Shadow Blade in Call of Duty: Mobile. Remember Katana? It was a skin of the Shadow Blade sword, but now you can also get this Operator Skill from the updated Credit Store in COD Mobile. Initially, this was an exclusive item only available to the Battle Pass buyers, but it is good to see Call of Duty: Mobile bring the sword for everyone.

If you complete the Seasonal and Featured events every new season, you should know that Season 12 is running a Seasonal challenge by the name of “Thrill of the Skill”. This challenge makes use of the Shadow Blade where you have to kill 10 enemies with it.