Call of Duty: Mobile


COD Mobile has released Season 11 Battle Pass which is its biggest update up till now. A lot of new features have made their way into the game, and obviously, like every season, we’ve got a new battle pass for season 11 as well.

The theme of this edition of battle pass is based on “Anniversary”, since the update is called “Anniversary Update“. Now, there are a lot of new character skins, weapon camos, calling cards and other rewards in the new battle pass. So, without any further delay, let’s see how you can buy one for yourself.

We are finally done with the Regional Playoffs of Western Europe, and it is KingsClan which came out on top amongst the best 8 teams of the region. They pulled off an INFLUENCE RAGE by winning the tournament from loser’s bracket. It was no way near easy, as all the teams were super competitive and there was no room for error.

Western Europe was the second last region to qualify for the stage 5 of COD Mobile World Championship 2020, after, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, Rest of the World and Garena.

The Western EU Regional Playoffs for COD Mobile World Championship will be beginning from tomorrow. 5 regions qualified already in September while Garena made it to stage 5 in October.

Now, there are only two regions remaining, that are Western Europe and North America. The qualifiers of the former will be played on 17th and 18th of October while the latter will see daylight on 23rd and 24th of the same month. Until then, here’s how you can watch the live stream of Western EU Regional Playoffs.

Here is a list of all the Ranked Series 7 rewards in COD Mobile for the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. The Series 7 Ranked mode just got reset in Call of Duty: Mobile and a new series started earlier this week to mark the launch of Season 11 Battle Pass. Ranked Series are what the Call of Duty: Mobile’s team call each round / season / iteration of their Ranked mode events. These generally run for about two months and each series has its own theme, its own rewards, and occasionally different rank adjustments.

This season, there are way more rewards to collect in Series 7 Ranked mode, than any series before. You can collect a free Kilo Bolt-Action blueprint in the Multiplayer Ranked matches or get the T.E.D.D – Where to Sir? zombie character in Battle Royale Ranked rewards among other items. We have listed below all the rewards you will be able to unlock in Series 7 Ranked mode.

To celebrate its first anniversary, COD Mobile is giving away a free M4 – Anniversary weapon camo for free! COD Mobile is known for its big collection of exclusive characters and weapon blueprints. Most of these are purchasable through the store, but some are meant to be unlocked through Seasonal and Featured events. Redeem codes are another way you can unlock exclusive camos. Today, we bring you a free redeem code that lets you unlock the M4 – Anniversary for free!

Redeem codes and coupon codes have been extensively covered by us here. This articles give you a complete step-by-step guide on how you can redeem COD Mobile voucher and coupon codes. In the following guide, we will be giving you a free exclusive M4 – Anniversary redeem code you can use right now.