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Call of Duty: Mobile is known for it’s fun-to-play multiplayer modes, and domination is no exception. In domination mode basically what you have to do is, capture two of the three points A,B and C for most part of the game, to win. But there are a few tactics and tips for your team from our side, to help you win more and more domination matches.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what should be your perks, scorestreaks, lethals, tacticals and operator skills, as they will play a huge role in winning the game more often than not. For the best guns to equip this season, check out our Best Guns Guide. We also have a similar guide on how to win Hardpoint mode matches!

COD Mobile Domination mode tips

Best Perks for Domination Mode

A lot of your winning chances depends upon the perks that you are using. There are some perks which will help you in getting those big scorestreaks in the 2nd half of the game, if not in the first. Below, we’ll be discussing those perks.


You can find the Persistence perk in the red ones. And believe it or not, it is the meta right now. Almost everyone in competitive uses it. We saw it in the World Championship qualifiers even. What it basically does is, it doesn’t reset your scorestreak progression, rather it doubles the amount of points require to activate it.

Perks to use in domination mode - Persistence

For example: If you were getting Predator Missile at 600 points and you die after 500 points then you’ll have to get 600 without dying again. Whereas, in Persistence, you can activate the Predator Missile at 1200 points no matter how many times you die.

Cold Blooded / Toughness / Quick Fix

The green perk that you wanna use would be the Cold-Blooded perk. It helps you to avoid being a target of enemy’s AI-controlled scorestreaks like Shock RC, Sentry Gun and Stealth Chopper.

Perks to use in domination mode - Cold Blooded

Also you can use Toughness perk to avoid getting flinched by 60% while being shot at.

Perks to use in domination mode - Toughness

Another perk which will be very suitable for this game-mode would be the Quick Fix perk, which allows you to regenerate health after getting a kill from gun, melee or a combat axe and it also regenerates health if you were to capture a point or hold it.

Perks to use in domination mode - Quick Fix


The blue perk that you wanna use for domination mode would be the Hardline perk. It doesn’t do much, just increases the points earned from killing enemies by 25% so you can get those scorestreaks faster while using Persistence.

Perks to use in domination mode - Hardline

Best Lethal Loadout for Domination Mode

We suggest to use the following lethals in-game.

Molotov Cocktail

Well, as soon as Molotov became a lethal, it’s being used everywhere and all you see is the map on fire. It helps you to avoid the enemy from capturing points because you’ll be throwing those Molotov Cocktails on the points.

Molotov Cocktail

Trip Mine

Also, you can use Trip Mine and place it in a spot where the enemy can’t see it or even on points, to get some kills and help your team.

Trip Mine

Best Tacticals to Equip for Domination Mode

The tactical equipment discussed below will help a ton in capturing the points.

Trophy System

Since Molotovs are so overpowered, you might wanna use the Trophy System and deploy it on the point while capturing. It destroys enemy explosives, two at most. So, if you have any teammate nearby, you can ask him to deploy another one as well.

Trophy System

Smoke Grenades

Secondly, one can use Smoke Grenade and blind the vision of enemies while capturing the points, to avoid getting killed.

Smoke Grenade

Best Operator Skills for Domination Mode

You can work these Operator skills out in domination mode, which we have advised below.

Transform Shield

Well, in a world of Annihilators, don’t forget how important the Transform Shield is, it plays a huge role in capturing the points. You can simply place it on either point to capture it, and to kill enemies through the head glitch while doing so.

Transform Shield

Annihilator / War Machine

Two objective players can carry the Transform Shield, while the slayers can use Annihilators or even War Machines.

Best Scorestreaks to Equip in Domination Mode

When it comes to choosing scorestreaks, there’s a lot to choose from. What we’ve seen most professionals use however, is the XS1 Goliath, VTOL, Cluster Strike, Predator Missile and SAM Turret.

XS1 Goliath

XS1 Goliath



Cluster Strike

Cluster Strike

Predator Missile

Predator Missile

SAM Turret

SAM Turret

These scorestreaks will help a lot, especially in the second half with Persistence + Hardline combination. Most of the Domination Mode matches are decided in the second half (75 points) of the game when it gets much aggressive, so we suggest you to use these scorestreaks to help your team out in closing the game.

These were the best tips from our side to win more and more domination matches. If you have any better suggestions, do let us know in the comments below.

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