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Hardpoint Mode is the most difficult and most easiest mode to play at the same time. But it all comes down to your strategies and tactics. In hardpoint, basically, you have to hold a location on a map for 60 seconds to continue racking up your team’s points. The location will change every 1 minute. The first one to reach the 150 mark wins.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the tips and tactics that’ll help you to win Hardpoint mode games on most occasions. Just to add, we also have a similar guide on playing Domination mode matches!

Hardpoint mode cod mobile

Roles of Team Players

There are mainly three roles in a game of Hardpoint. Objective player, slayer and anchor.

Objective Player

Your team must have at least two objective players. The main purpose of them is to go and contest the hardpoint, along with the help of slayers if it’s already under enemy’s control or they secure it themselves, and kill everyone from the opposite team who comes in to the hill.


A slayer is someone, who has great gunfight skills. Their role is to fight the enemies outside the hardpoint and disallow them to go into one. Slayers must hold different angles outside the point and give callouts to the players about where the enemies are coming from.


Anchor has the main role in securing spawns for the team. He has to rotate and go towards the next hardpoint when there’s 20 seconds remaining in the last one, to get his teammates to spawn near the next point. This is one of the most important aspects of this mode, if you spawn far away from the hardpoint then it’ll become very difficult to contest it.

Holding a Hardpoint

When you already have the hardpoint under control, two players should stay inside it, while the slayers can go out and kill as many enemies as they can. The players inside must use trophy systems to avoid getting killed by molotovs, grenades, war machines or predator missiles. You’ll get 1 point every second until the hardpoint is contested.

The objective players inside, should hold an angle as well behind cover, to kill anyone who tries to come in.

Breaking a Hardpoint

Breaking a hardpoint depends upon your spawns, if your anchor already rotated towards the next hardpoint then it’ll be easy for your team to go and break the hill. However, if you spawn anywhere else, then what you should do is, wait for you teammates to arrive and join you. Afterwards, all of your teammates should push together from different angles.

If you go into the hardpoint alone then it’ll be of no good, because the opposition players will kill you easily. So, you should wait for your teammates to come and only then you all should push from different positions.

Another important thing is to win your gunfights along the way. If you aren’t able to win them, then it won’t help your team very much. So, go in there and practice your skills.

Hardpoint Locations in COD Mobile Maps

COD Mobile hardpoint rotations

The foremost thing required in hardpoint mode is obviously remembering all the hardpoints of all maps. if you don’t know where the next point will be, then how are you going to rotate ? Here are the pictures of every hardpoint in every ranked map, which offers this mode.

COD Mobile hardpoint standoff rotation 1

As far as the perks, operator skills and scorestreaks are concerned, you can checkout our Domination mode guide to help yourself in this regard. There isn’t much difference between hardpoint and domination in terms of perks and co.

The main difference is the strategy. If you play according to what we have suggested, then you’ll be winning your games more often than not. Just keep in mind these tactics, and you are good to go.

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