Best Skills in Sonic Frontiers: All Skills Ranked

Skills in any game decide how you will play the game. Some games like to call them perks, some call them power-ups and Sonic Frontiers call them skills. Anti-Climatic but it is what it is.

What isn’t anti-climatic is the help that comes form the skills in Sonic Frontiera and that is why you should pick wisely that which skills you wanna unlock first. This guide will tell you all about the best skills in Sonic Frontiers.

Skills in Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic Frontiers isn’t just about running like a crazy blue alien but it is much more than that. There are tons of interesting enemies and you will be taking most of them on and you need to be prepared for it.

You won’t just be needing your gaming skills but you will be additional skills for Sonic himself to help him easily take down the foes he is going to be facing.

Sonic Frontiers features a skill tree with unlockable skills that give Sonic all sorts of interesting abilities to use and play with. There aren’t a lot of skills but the 12 available skills are more than enough to bring spice to combat.

Though you will be able to unlock all 12 skills before reaching the second island in the meantime let us look at which ones you should be prioritizing so it makes the whole process much smoother.

Best Skills in Sonic Frontier

Below we have tried to objectively rank all 12 skills in Sonic Frontier. You may disagree with it because it all comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

1. Cyclops

Cost: 1 Skill Point

This is the first and probably one of the most versatile skills in the whole game. What it does is that it will leave a trail of light behind you when you are running and when you create an enclosed space with the trail of light, different types of effects can appear.

These effects can include digging out coins and other collectibles from the ground, interacting with objects, lowering the shield of enemies, chucking them into the air, and much more. The possibilities are endless, you just have to use your brain.

2. Air Tricks

Cost: 5 Skill Points

If you want to quickly unlock the full skill tree then this skill will help you do that and do it as fast as possible. What happens with this trick is that it will allow you to launch yourself into the air and then perform tricks.

Every trick that you perform, will give you a chance to unlock Skill Pieces, the item used to unlock skills in the skill tree. So it is best to unlock this skill early on so that you can unlock the rest of skills as quickly as possible.

3. Sonic Boom

Cost: 5 Skill Points

It is a skill where Sonic will launch himself into the air then mid-air he will do a high speed kick that will send out shockwaves. These shockwaves will travel a good distance and will damage anything it hits.

As you progress through the game, you will find it falling in your favor that you attack the enemies from a distance because going close will lower you chance of winning. Sonic Boom will allow you to do that.

This attack also possesses the ability to stun/slow the enemy down which is also greatly helpful because that tiny window of opportunity will help take down an enemy with relative easy.

4. Spin Slash

Cost: 40 Skill Points

This attack without a doubt the best damage dealing skill in the game. This skill will allow Sonic to start flying around the enemy in form of ball and while he is circling the enemy, he will continuously hit the enemy. Sonic will land 20 hits during this attack.

Spin Slash deals lot of damage and on top of that he will fill your combo meter all the way allowing you to go into Phantom Rush state. It might cost 40 skill points to unlock but it is well worth the effort.

5. Quick Cycloop

Cost: 20 Skill Point

Qucick Cycloop is the evolved version of the Cycloop. You can perform the quick Cycloop when your cycloop meter is filled. Basically this skill is the same as cycloop but it allows you to do it by pressing a single button.

It does everything the Cycloop will do but the shortcoming of this skill is that it is limited to a single target while Cycloop gives you the liberty to target as many enemies as possible. Cycloop has control and Quick Cycloop has quick execution.

6. Phantom Rush

Cost: 3 Skill Points

Phantom Rush can be defined as the trophy for playing good and landing combos but this trophy is not just for show. Phantom Rush activates when the meter on the right-hand side fills up.

Once Phantom Rush is activated, you will start glowing and look cool but on top of all of that, every attack that you will launch, will be 1.2x more affective than normal.

It is more of a temporary boost but it stays on until you keep landing constant hits. If your combo meter has combo lefts in it, the mode will stay activated. The better you play, the longer it will help you.

7. Recovery Smash

Cost: 50 Skill Points

This is the last and the most expensive skill on the skill tree and probably one of the most rewarding skill. What this skill does is that once you have unlock this, whenever an enemy through you back, a prompt will show on screen.

If you complete the prompt before you eat dirt, you will instantly bounce back and land a recovery hit on the enemy which will be a guaranteed hit. This hit also deals decent amount of damage.

Recovery Smash doesn’t only land a single shot but a series of attacks that deals so much damage that it leaves the enemy confused about where you got all that energy even after getting knocked out. We can safely say that the cost justifies the advantages.

8. Loop Kick

Cost: 30 Skill Points

This is another combat skill that allows you to perform kick mid-air and it deals a great deal of damage. It allows you to launch yourself in the air and when you are in the air, Sonic will perform kick attack towards the enemy. It will be a combo of attack so it also helps you fill up the combo meter.

9. Auto Combo

Cost: 20 Skill Points

This combo is particularly useful when you have unlocked most of the other skills in the skill tree. This skill will automatically start activating other skills that you have unlocked.

When you are performing combos, Auto Combo will be activated and all the other skills that you have unlocked, will be activated one by one which is really handy. The only downside is that the damage will be reduced.

10. Wild Rush

Cost: 10 Skill Points

This is another skill that helps you deal damage in a combo attack and the special thing about this one is that it goes in a zigzag direction so it is really hard for the enemy to track and the it is better for us because it helps us build combos faster.

11. Stomp Attack

Cost: 10 Skill Points

Another skill that allows Sonic to jump in the air and then land a hit on the enemy from the top. Basically come down like a bomb dropped from the plane.

12. Homing Attack

Cost: 30 Skill Points

This is the second ranged attack in Sonic’s arsenal. This is where Sonic will launch energy balls towards the enemy. These energy balls deals great amounts of damage so they are worth the 30 skill points investment.

This was our take on the skills in Sonic Frontiers, let us know your thoughts on it.

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