Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass Rewards (Free and Premium)

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass

The all new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 was just pushed out for the global version, and that means there is a brand new Battle Pass now available. This new Battle Pass feature a refreshed set of rewards (free and premium) that players are going to love grinding to. If you haven’t seen what’s included in the Season 4 Wild Dogs update, you can go through the full list of patch notes.

We have compiled a list of all the cool looking rewards you can unlock as part of this Season 4 Battle Pass. Players will get to unlock 50 tiers of rewards in two categories – one for the free players, and one for the premium pass players. If you wish to get the premium one, you will have to spend 220 CP or get additional perks by spending 520 CP. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass rewards.

CODM Season 4 Battle Pass Rewards

cod mobile season 4 premium pass

This season will bring with it two new maps, a new sniper rifle, Ground War mode, Tournament mode and a long list of weapon buffs and nerfs. The new Battle Pass, with 50 Levels, will be included which will reward you with weapons, skins, and operators. This Battle Pass will be based on the Wild Dogs theme which is now out in Season 4 (2022).

With 50 levels to work through, the rewards are many and here are some of the rewards announced by Activision:

The Season 4: Wild Dogs Battle Pass is live now! Time to face the desert with operators like Farah, Ghost, and Roach. And if that wasn’t enough to brave the storm – the new Koshka sniper rifle and new Lethal Equipment – Contact Grenade are also available to acquire. Check out some of the key items below from both the free and paid sides of the Battle Pass as well as our Battle Pass trailer to see these items in action!

Free Battle Pass Rewards

The following is a list of free rewards included as part of COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass:

  • Frag Grenade – Green Rust (tier 1)
  • Clown – Green Rust (tier 4)
  • Chicom – Sand Tracks (tier 8)
  • New Lethal Equipment – Contact Grenade (tier 14)
  • Molotov Cocktail – Green Rust (Tier 16)
  • New Weapon – Koshka (tier 21)
  • AK117 – Sand Tracks (tier 26)
  • Calling Card – Desolate Pyramid (tier 31)
  • Smoke Grenade – Green Rust (tier 36)
  • J358 – Sand Tracks (Tier 38)
  • Charm – Cobra Head (tier 46)
  • Snowboard – Green Rust (tier 50)

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Premium Battle Pass Rewards

And for those who buy the premium Battle Pass, here is a list of all the rewards, characters and weapons you can unlock:

  • Ghost – Apparition (tier 1)
  • Emote – Weather the Storm (tier 1)
  • AS VAL – Heat Storm (tier 1)
  • Muscle Car – Oasis (tier 6)
  • Swordfish – Arid Shroud (tier 10)
  • Roach – (tier 12)
  • LK24 – Oasis (tier 19)
  • Roze – Sand Dune (tier 30)
  • QXR – Sandpike (tier 35)
  • Rytec AMR – Oasis (tier 39)
  • Holger 26 – Serpentine Sands (tier 40)
  • Koshka – Skiff Shot (tier 50)
  • Farah – Desert Sentinel (tier 50)

On top of everything else in the pass, there is also a Battle Pass Bundle which comes with the five epic items:

  • Shovel – Crimson Sands
  • Parachute – Crimson Sands
  • Avatar – Sheriff Bones
  • Frame – Crimson Sands
  • Calling Card – Bloodshot

And if that wasn’t enough, the bundle also comes with a BP tier earn-rate boost.

How to Buy the Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Mobile?

If you are new to COD Mobile, worry not because we will show you how to buy the Battle Pass. It is an easy process and all you need is 220 CP.

  • Open the Call of Duty: Mobile on your device.
  • On the top right side of your screen, click on Battle Pass.
  • Once you enter the Battle Pass lobby, click on the “Buy Premium Pass” button.
  • Players can choose between the standard version of the Battle Pass for 220 CP and the Battle Pass Premium for 520 CP. The BP Premium instantly unlocks Tiers 1-12. Level up to Tier 50 to get 220 CP returned.
  • Once you decide on which BP to get, click the buy button.

Make sure that you complete the Battle Pass to get all of the rewards and get your CP back. This will allow you to buy the next season’s Battle Pass for free! That is one of the best parts of COD Mobile’s BP since you technically only have to buy it once.

That’s everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass rewards. We would love to know what you think of this season’s Battle Pass. Do you like it? Let us know in the comments below which reward is your favorite.

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