5 Reasons to Buy Battle Pass in COD Mobile

Here are the top five reasons why should you buy Battle Pass in COD Mobile. Most of the players in a hugely popular game like the Call of Duty: Mobile will always play for free and never spend a dime. But for those who like to collect new items and play with unique loadouts, will always go the extra mile to stay competitive and better than their opponents and purchase the battle pass. We already looked into the differences between a Battle Pass and the Premium Pass. but let’s discuss the benefits and why should you buy the battle pass in this game.

If you just started playing COD Mobile, we do not recommend getting the battle pass from day one. Instead, you should spend the next few weeks playing the game casually with friends or random people online to get a good feel of the game. Next step should be to rank up faster and improve your level so the game starts getting competitive. Only then you should consider buy the pass.

If you plan on buying the Battle Pass, it starts at 220 COD Points for the Premium Pass and 520 COD Points for the Battle Pass Advantage. This means, you will have to spend about $5 to get enough COD Points in your account to purchase the Premium Pass.

Buy Once, Play Forever

Earn CP - COD Mobile Battle Pass

One of the main reasons why we recommend a Battle Pass is because you only have to buy it once. The way this Premium Pass works is that when you purchase it, you open up the possibilities of unlocking a long list of items which includes lots of credits and COD Points. So every season if you complete all the tiers, in the end you are left with enough COD Points to also buy another Premium Pass in the next season — and the cycle continues.

You will always be able to buy a new Premium Pass every season if you keep completing all the tiers and unlocking enough rewards.

Unlock Weapons (Gunsmith Loadouts)

Since the launch of Season 9, we have had Gunsmith in COD Mobile. That means our weapon attachments and upgrades are all the more important than ever before. One of the perks of buying a Battle Pass is that among the unlockable tiers, you will also get weapons that have already been upgraded for use in Battle Royale matches with powerful attachments.

To look for how many Gunsmith loadout weapons are available in each season, check for the Gunsmith symbol in the tier list.

Get New Characters and Outfits

Get New Characters and Outfits - COD Mobile Battle Pass

As part of every premium Battle Pass, you also get new characters and outfits to put on existing characters in the game. In most Premium Pass, you get about two new skins in the early tiers of the stream. And with Premium Pass Plus, you get the two skins instantly plus get closer to the third one which comes later in the Battle Pass tiers.

Outside of the Battle Pass tiers, you can still unlock more characters that you like with different crate packs. But again, you will have to buy these crate bundles with the COD Points you earn each season.

More Rewards for Tier 50+

More Rewards for Tier 50+ - COD Mobile Battle Pass

Once you complete the entire season’s Battle Pass tiers and unlock all the rewards, you can still get a lot more if you keep playing. You will earn new rewards for each tier passed after 50. Confirmed rewards are only shown till Tier 50, but you can expect getting more even after you cross it.

Get More XP and Rank up Faster

Buy Battle Pass and Get More XP

Once you buy the Battle Pass, you will instantly start getting more XP (experience points) which would in return help you rank up faster and eventually unlock more items. Premium Pass is all about getting rewards and new content every month in the COD Mobile. Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus will get you atleast 25% BP XP boost in each match.

Bonus: Unlock Equalizer Operator Skill

Equalizer Operator Skill - COD Mobile Battle Pass

In the current Season 10 – The Hunt, you can unlock a brand new Operator Skill called Equalizer as part of the Premium Pass. This operator skill should eventually come for free players as a challenge, event or task.

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