How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile – Battle Royale and Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most competitive mobile games these days and to rank up fast in its Multiplayer mode, you have to play the game regularly and level up quickly. Leveling up higher can be difficult for some, so in this guide we discuss a few tips that can help you level and rank up faster in COD Mobile.

Ideally, when you start a match, the matchmaking servers make sure you are paired with someone with the same level or equivalent skill so the game stays competitive. Once you start ranking up, you are matched with tougher players and you gradually play better with each game. This allows you to gradually level up in CODM – Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes.

At times, you will notice you are not matched with players with similar level as yours. For instance, if you are at Level 50, you are thrown into matches where most of the players are around Level 100+. This might work with matches that have mostly bots in them, but it will only dishearten a new player and will put him off from playing any further.

Play with Full Squad Team

Always Play in Squad

When you are about to start a new Multiplayer or Battle Royale match, make sure you always start with a full squad. If you play solo, chances are the game is always tough to play and win. But with a 4-person squad, you get to play with proper team work and will have support as your team members can pick up your dog tags and revive you back into the game.

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Add Friends to Play With Them

Play with Friends in COD Mobile

You can add friends from Facebook to play with you in live matches with voice on. This makes the matches more fun and easier to win because of good communication.

If you do not have friends that play COD Mobile, you can always add players as friends at the end of every match. And in a recent update, you can see a complete list of players you have played a game with and add them as a friend.

You can also send them a quick message to join you in your next match.

Play Ranked Matches to Rank Up Fast

Rank Up Fast with Ranked Matches in COD Mobile

One clear way of ranking up quickly in Call of Duty: Mobile is to play lots of ranked matches. Ranked games are definitely tough to play and there are more chances to lose the game, but you score higher XP points that helps you to level up faster.

There are some weekends where there are no deductions in points when you lose a game, so make the best use of that and play as much as you can.

Join a Clan

Join a Clan in COD Mobile

If you have lots of friends playing this game, consider starting your own clan or join another active one. Clans are one of the fastest ways to rank up higher in COD Mobile. You get to complete tasks in teams and whenever your clan members win matches, you get rewards and XP points for everyone. Clans are win-win for all the members!

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Pick Best Loadout for Ranked Matches

Pick Best Loadout for Matches

Before getting into a ranked match, make sure you set up and pick your best loadout for the game. Check your weapons, their attachments, perks, operator skills and even the secondary weapon — everything counts.

For example, if you are playing a TDM (Team Deathmatch) match in the Crossfire map, you should definitely have a sniper in your loadout. Why? Because that map is made for taking down your opponents with a sniper through the long corridor.

Similarly, in a Domination match in the Terminal map your loadout should have an AK117, M4 or a shotgun to take down opponents at short to mid-range.


These were some of the tips that we think will help you rank up and increase your level faster in Call of Duty: Mobile. If we had to pick one of these tip as the most important one, we would pick the first and last one. Try to never play solo, always play in a squad. And set up the best loadout you can so you have the most powerful weapon in every match.

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