operator skill


In this guide we explain how you can unlock the Equalizer operator skill in Call of Duty: Mobile. This new skill is available as a free reward in the current Season 10 Battle Pass. One of the best features of COD Mobile is the various things the team has brought to the mobile version from its main Call of Duty franchise. The ability to load up an operator skill for classic game modes is one of them.

When you start playing COD Mobile, there are some default operator skills that are available from day one and you can use them whenever you want. However, there have been a few exclusive and limited-time skills that can only be unlocked in a specific seasonal event i.e. the Katana Operator Skill.

Here are the top five reasons why should you buy Battle Pass in COD Mobile. Most of the players in a hugely popular game like the Call of Duty: Mobile will always play for free and never spend a dime. But for those who like to collect new items and play with unique loadouts, will always go the extra mile to stay competitive and better than their opponents and purchase the battle pass. We already looked into the differences between a Battle Pass and the Premium Pass. but let’s discuss the benefits and why should you buy the battle pass in this game.

If you just started playing COD Mobile, we do not recommend getting the battle pass from day one. Instead, you should spend the next few weeks playing the game casually with friends or random people online to get a good feel of the game. Next step should be to rank up faster and improve your level so the game starts getting competitive. Only then you should consider buy the pass.